Mango has NOT RTM’d, probably won’t until September

I suppose the phrase “don’t believe everything you read on the Internet” goes without saying. Until it doesn’t.

Moronic bloggers far and wide, accustomed to simply printing, reprinting, and re-reprinting every single bit of information that crosses Twitter, their RSS feeds, or their email inboxes, were bit this week by a pretty obvious hoax: Windows Phone 7.5, codenamed “Mango,” has been released to manufacturing (RTM), they boldly reported, and is heading out to the wireless carriers.

What a wonderful little bit of fiction, confirmed by Microsoft’s Bill Cox in a twitter post.

Here’s what’s really happening. Windows Phone “Mango” hasn’t yet hit the RC (release candidate) stage. It will do so in late August, about one month from now actually. Then, Microsoft will RTM Mango, probably in September, and then release it to the carriers. The first shipping Mango hardware should appear in October, exactly one year after the initial release of Windows Phone 7.

But then, this has always been the case. Nothing has changed. This schedule is the one I’ve been reporting all year.

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10 Responses to Mango has NOT RTM’d, probably won’t until September

  1. Paul, do you anticipate new hardware shipping before Mango is released to existing handsets?

  2. So just to start the next round of inept blog reporting ;-), what your saying is, being a Samsung Focus v1.3 owner I’ll probably see Mango sometime in 2012 once AT&T, MSFT, and Samsung finish screwing around and get all the quirks worked out just like the last set of updates (including the certificate issue which I have yet to get, although my wife’s LG Quantum already has it)

  3. Rob Keiser says:

    I was suprised about the report of RTM since the SDK is still in beta and won’t go to RC until sometime in August. Thanks for clearing that up.

  4. eeezyweezy says:

    If they were smart, they would have tried to get this thing out before September once everyone new the Iphone 5 wasn’t coming till September. You straight up against the Iphone your going to get slaughtered. I say this being a Microsoft fan!

  5. Shane Nokes says:

    Paul, Paul, Paul.

    You keep touting inside sources to me all the time, but your information is always so far off. I can’t say more at the moment, but keep your eyes peeled this week for some news.

  6. Aditya says:

    For a change you seem to be wrong Paul.. and by the way Moronic is a bit harsh..

  7. the prayer says:

    Who is the moronic now?? And you don’t even apologize even thoug you’re wrong, what a Jerk!!!

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      You are, I guess.

      Mango did not RTM when these people said it did. The moronic comment was because these people kept reporting this even after Microsoft had tweeted that it wasn’t done.

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