Windows Home Server 2011 Connector for Windows Phone 7

Last month, I highlighted the near-final, RC version of the Windows Phone 7 Connector apps for both Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials. Since then, Microsoft has quietly released the final version of the Windows Home Server 2011 version of the app and its corresponding server add-in. (No word on the SBS Essentials version, sorry This may work with SBS Essentials and Windows Storage Server Essentials 2011 too. I’ll need to test that.)

Here’s some info about the app from the generally quiet Windows Home Server Blog:

Today I am pleased to announce the Release of the Windows Server Solutions Phone Connector for Windows Home Server 2011 (aka Integrating Windows Phone 7 with your WHS 2011 Server).

The Windows Server Solutions Phone Connector add-in enables you to connect to your home, business, or storage server by using your Windows Phone 7 phone. This document provides help for the integration of Windows Phone 7 into Windows Home Server 2011, Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials.

After completing the integration of your Windows Phone 7 phone into a WHS 2011 server, you can use your phone to perform remote server management tasks (such as view alerts, manage users, and start and stop backups). In addition, with appropriate permissions, you can use your phone to view or access media files that are stored on the server.

The Phone connecter requires both a server sided add-in which you can download from , and a Windows Phone 7 Application which can be downloaded through the Zune Market place on your phone or via your PC.  You can simply search for My Home Server to find the application.

For further information you can access the Windows 7 Phone Connector help site on TechNet at

Thanks to everyone who wrote in about this.

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7 Responses to Windows Home Server 2011 Connector for Windows Phone 7

  1. ptrkjnssn says:

    A great app if you have Home Server but I hope they plan on adding more features soon. At the moment you can’t view playlist, queue songs or leave the current song without it stopping. You should also be able to create accounts and stream more file types than it currently supports (I think even .wmv is unsupported).

    At first, I had difficulties streaming videos even when I was connected to my WLAN at home. After having installed MyMovies ( for Home Server it seems to work much better. Probably not due to MyMovies but the fact that it also installed Microsoft Media Encoder 9. Now I can even watch full length movies (in .avi format) over my 3G connection although it takes a while until it starts.

  2. Paul… It seems microsoft released 3 apps, each specific to each product… In zune they are listed as my home server, my business server, and my storage server…


  3. glonq says:

    Is MS going to consider the 99% of smartphones that don’t run WP7? Maybe something for Android or iOS?

  4. Hey Paul, does this work with other home servers?

    I have a WD my book world edition at home, and I have been searching for an app like this.
    The my book uses Twonky media server though. Is there anyway to get this app (or another one) to do this.



  5. Love Windows Phone 7 and Home server so seeing this application come out and using it I have been very happy. Another feature/function I feel is missing however is the ability to view your documents, or even natively on the phone itself if you happen to have both a WP7 and WHS2011. The addition of this functionality would really be great.

    Another nice to have in general would be direct skydrive integration so the OneNote pages I am creating on my laptop and syncing online are in the same place as the OneNote pages I create locally on my phone. These are just stored on the phone with no real means to have then saved elsewhere (at least that I have been able to find)

    Perhaps some of this will be answered in Mango, or in a later update.
    Love the site and your podcasts and I am a big fan.

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