Nokia Windows Phone “Sea Ray”

Get excited, people. Get very excited.

Based on a supposedly leaked video—evidence suggest this was instead a masterful bit of media manipulation—we now know what the first Nokia Windows Phone device, codenamed “Sea Ray,” will look like. And it is beautiful.

Here’s a mockup I created in Photoshop (no comments on the quality, please):


Look familiar? It should: This is simply the recently announced (and Meego-based) Nokia N9 handset hardware, with added Windows Phone-centric buttons and of course the Windows Phone OS. And the reason we know that this is what the Nokia Sea Ray will look like is that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop allowed a “leaked” internal video to make its way online this week, giving us all our first glimpse of this wonderful, wonderful hardware. Here it is:

The N9 has excellent hardware specs, and I think we can expect the same or better for Sea Ray: A masterfully made, single-piece body that comes in multiple, scratch-resistant colors; a 3.9-inch AMOLED screen with curved Gorilla Glass; an 8 megapixel, wide-angle, 16:9 HD auto-focus camera with Carl Zeiss optics, superior low-light performance, and 720p HD video at 30 FPS capabilities; 1 GB of RAM; 16 or 64 GB of storage; a 1 GHz dual-core ARM processor; and up to 11 hours of talk time, 450 hours of standby time, and 50 hours of music playback time. Also included are turn-by-turn navigation and NFC capabilities.

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46 Responses to Nokia Windows Phone “Sea Ray”

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  2. EJ says:


    • Paul Thurrott says:


    • I have a HTC Arrive from Sprint, which I believe is just a HTC Pro rebranded, and it “just works”. I have yet to have to reboot the phone due to an error, slowness, bugs or anything. My Android phone was a complete mess – although it was an older Samsung, so…

      And btw, 7/16ths on an inch in how far you’d have to move your left pinky to not look like a complete tool.

  3. ngreader says:

    I’m sure that it’s one of the Windows Phone device that Nokia plans to launch this year.
    Also Paul, I didn’t expected that you such good skills in Photoshop.

    – NextGen Reader
    (a google reader client for windows phone 7)

  4. I really hope they will bring dual core,a front side camera, NFC and FM-transmittor to the WP! This would really make an iPhone killer!

    And I hope they can even put a little bit more of battery life into it, I love a heavy phone ;-) And increasing the screen size to 4.3 inch shouldn’t be a problem either.

    Am waiting for this phone…it’s a pitty that I still have to wait till november before I can get my hands on one……I want a new phone!!!!

  5. vesolis says:

    @Paul Do you have a guess as to when it will be available and to which carriers?

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      October, I bet. Not sure on carriers, but I’m guessing AT&T is a lock for the US.

    • Mike Cerm says:

      It will probably be timed to launch whenever Mango does. Also, since the N9 has a pentaband radio, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nokia release a phone which works with T-Mobile (in addition to AT&T).

  6. Dhan says:

    I hope they add a front camera for Sea Ray. My first cell phone every was a nokia and I always liked the hardware (software was never their strong point). This phone looks amazing and will be replacing my Focus next year. The only reason I won’t buy this is if Nokia launches another by the time I get around to buying one.

  7. Robert Klee says:

    Any idea on whether or not the Sea Ray has the same front-facing camera on the bottom right, below the screen? It’s hard to tell from the pictures and video. I’m really starting to wonder whether or not any Windows Phones will be released with front-facing cameras this year.

  8. Dhan says:

    I also saw a better mock up somewhere else :p I know you and Leo struggled to find the appropriate clip in WW, it was first few minutes of the long version of the video (and not last as you thought). That video was clearly a setup for the blogosphere – generated huge echo. :)

  9. smover says:

    I can’t fait for the first batch of “Microkia” phones to come out ! Mango + a good camera is all my geekiest-side need!

  10. smover says:

    I can’t fait for the first batch of “Microkia” phones to come out ! Mango a good camera is all my geekiest-side need!

  11. I, for one, welcome our Dual Core overlords. As these platforms become more full featured, a more powerful platform is required. Photo manipulation, music, gaming and fast internet access all require platforms to evolve and become more powerful.

    If you want a phone that’s smooth and fast and pretty much bug-free, buy a Nokia feature phone.

    I’ve been an iPhone user since the 3G and really looking forward to jumping onto the Windows Phone platform. Always been a Nokia fan so this seems like a good marriage!

  12. Tim Smith says:

    If it comes with 64gb I am pretty much sold. Will be tough for anyone else to top that.

    • unndunn says:

      Same here. I currently own a Samsung Focus largely because of the SD card support. This phone will need either SD card support or at least 64GB onboard storage. If it has either of those, I’m buying one, guaranteed.

  13. thebigm72 says:

    Looks to me like a Samsung Omnia v2

  14. danielsussex says:

    Nice photoshop job, except you missed a few buttons on the side and also spy shots reveal it to have soft nav buttons. ;)

  15. John Ellis says:

    If you had told me a year ago that my most wanted phone of today would be a Nokia I’d have looked at you with pity and laughed… suddenly Nokia isn’t just be pointed to success by Elop, they’re racing there faster than any other manufacturer I can think of.

    Day one purchase if the rumours are true.

  16. I was under the impression that the N9 is only single core.To be fair, one would expect a brand new 1GHz CPU equipped phone in the middle of to late 2011 to be dual core but it’s a Cortex A8 on an OMAP 3630 chipset and I don’t think you can get that with more than a single core. I looked at the hardware spec sheet you linked to but didn’t find any mention of dual cores.

  17. This is the type of device that I was looking for when I bought my Focus on AT&T. Windows Phone combined with this type of hardware: Single-piece scratch-resistent body, AMOLED screen with Gorilla Glass, 8MP camera with Karl Zeiss optics and superior low light performace, 64GB of storage… I am genuinely excited for Nokia’s entry into the WP7 market, and will be looking forward to purchasing one as soon as I can. Too bad I’m only 6 months into my 2-year contract.

  18. Paul, I’ve been scouring for information since both the N9 and this “Sea Ray” device came to public light, but never once have I’ve seen anything about dual cores. In fact the only information we can guess about is from the from the N9 which is using a last generation single core TI cpu/soc.

    Then if you couple that with what Brandon Watson said on the most recent WP Dev Podcast, when he was ask about having dual cores on Windows Phones, he replied that the only people who buy dual cores are the geeks who care about specs, try telling a mother from any random town about why they should have dual cores. That sounds like they aren’t going to have any phones for Mango with dual cores (and frankly even though I want a dual core phone myself for the future, Windows Phones don’t need them, they run great on 2 years old cpu’s).

    Furthermore, I forget if it was Brandon or Joe Belfiore who said this (maybe both?), but I’m leaning towards Brandon that at one of the dev conferences when a dev asked about it, but Mango will not have NFC support. Period. He was sorry but he said when focusing on other things, the realitively new NFC was just not going to be there. So unless something changes before Mango, which is obviously could, there would just be no NFC support in the Mango time frame. Now, I guess that doesn’t stop from OEMs putting those chips into devices and just not having them be able to be used by the system, such as the magnetometer before mango, and something Nokia could very well do themselves, and then I guess have support in their own apps. The issue there is even if these devices have NFC, if it’s not supported by the OS, 3rd parties will not be able to use them, and therefore they are basically useless.

    So… besides the Nokia information on the N9 which wouldn’t be exactly accurated for a Windows Phone, where are your getting information from? I too would love to speculate about dual cores, 4g, laserbeams, and a mini thermal nuclear reactor, but I would rather have a source then just whatever my mind can come up with. I have heard rumors of Nokia releasing a dual core Windows Phone, but those rumors also had the added condition of… later in 2012. So if there is a little birdie telling you about dual cores, I’d love to hear about that, because I’m looking for a dual core 4g windows phone with a large amoled (preferably super amoled plus) screen, and a front facing camera. :D

  19. roberthleeii says:


    What are your thoughts on the reported soft buttons on the front of the phone?

  20. The Sea Ray is nice, but what happened to the original concept phones from earlier in the year? The ones that engadget first post?

  21. nicholas1029 says:

    I had doubts about the Microkia alliance, but now I’m a believer. The Nokia hardware (which is definitely good enough to compete w/Apple) and the wonderful WP7 OS (which beats iOS IMO), should be enough to propel Microsoft forward. Since I had renewed my contract last November for my current Windows Phone, I would go ahead and pay the non subsidized price for this phone if it was out today. That’s how good this is sounding.

    • unndunn says:

      I think the key for Microsoft will not be Nokia hardware. There are already some very good hardware choices for WP7 buyers and besides, people don’t buy phones for the hardware; they buy them for the value, apps and capabilities.

      Rather, I think the key will be Nokia’s global presence and cellphone-centric retail network, exclusively dedicated to Windows Phone.

  22. gpsarakis says:

    All those who want a front facing camera, I think it’s a given in the next batch of phones. Skype is coming to WP so you really can’t have one without the other at this point.

  23. David Hicks says:

    I have been preparing my Windows Live ID per Paul’s book in anticipation of buying a Samsung Focus this coming week. Now I wonder, should I wait???

  24. Gary Russo says:

    Will the Nokia Sea Ray hardware be eclipsed by the new iPhone 5 that’s coming in September?

    My guess is that the iPhone 5 will beat the Sea Ray for the following reasons: slimmer, dual core and better battery life.

  25. I am excited about this phone. I switched from an iPhone4 to the Samsung Focus and I love the OS but I am not crazy about the hardware. I didn’t truly realize this until our family trip to Disney because they have several excellent iPhone apps. I’ve seriously been considering going back to the iPhone when the new one comes out strictly because of hardware but I will actually wait now.

  26. Alex Wilks says:

    My Pre’s contract runs out in September, and I can’t see anything coming out before then that will stop me getting a 64gb Sea-Ray in blue.

  27. Coleco ADAM says:

    Well, pretty happy with my single-core Dell Venue Pro. However, “Sea Ray” looks like a sexy phone, perhaps too sexy for me. Want to see what the Dell Wrigley is all about.

  28. If you watch the new Transformers movie, they all use the Nokia N9. What you could NOT tell, however, was whether or not it was a Windows based N9 (Sea-Ray) or just a regular N9. I would assume regular N9, but it would have been awesome to see WP7 on there, even if it was just product placement.

    I mean, the rest of the movie was just terrible product placement, so why not? (I liked the Lowes NASCAR Transformer. It had guns everywhere except where it said “Lowes”. Classy.

  29. Any idea if this thing will in fact have 64 GBs of space? The small amount of space in the first wave of Windows Phones has me concerned. I also don’t want to have another Samsung Focus issue with memory cards if I can help it.

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