Get a Windows Phone for your Xbox LIVE avatard

avatard_w_phoneOK, I’m no fan of the Mii-rip-off avatards that Microsoft added to the Xbox 360 and Windows Phone last year, and wish they’d add the one crucial missing feature: A way to turn this thing off. But since that’s not going to happen, we’re going to have to learn to live with it.

And maybe have some fun with it. Now, there’s a way to add a Windows Phone to your avatard, for free. To do so, turn on your Xbox 360, click on the link “Join Laura Foy on Hot Apps” in the Spotlight section. Sit through the silly bit where Laura interacts with your avatard until it “jumps” into the tile and the demo starts. You’ll be presented with a virtual version of the Windows Phone UI that you can interact with using the Xbox 360 controller. Click on the “Keep the phone!” tile and then the “Tap here” message in the Messaging screen that pops up. Click Confirm Download.

When the download is complete, exit the demo and then navigate to My Xbox and then the profile card (mine reads Paul Thurrott); it has a picture of your avatard superimposed over it. Select that (click A on the controller) and then Customize Avatar. This launches the Avatar Editor, which I was hoping to never, ever, ever see again. Click on Change My Style and then Props. You should see the Windows Phone in there. Select it and a little Windows Phone will drop into your avatard’s hand. Click “B” for Back and then Select Save and Exit.

Or just do it from the web.

Since I spend literally no time editing my little character, I’m not even clear what role these props play or where, if ever, they surface.

Update: And just in case you didn’t think this was avatarded enough, apparently this is US-ony. Sigh. :)

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22 Responses to Get a Windows Phone for your Xbox LIVE avatard

  1. Shame it’s US only atm :-(

  2. stebet says:

    Any way to get the phone prop without having to go through the Xbox 360 stuff.. I don’t have a 360 anymore, but I do have a WP7.

  3. Aren’t they called Avatars? Not AvatarDs? Or was there a pun intended

  4. I can’t help to leave a tard comment: “But Paul it’s avatar, not avatard”

    lol sorry but i have to do it

  5. Sheeds says:

    Must be me – can’t find the website version… Avatars can be fun I guess (my kids enjoy them) – however I always wondered why MS don’t cross-market better. To promote and cross-seed XBOX and WP brands – I would have had a website from day 1 of WP where new WP7 customers could redeem a code and get the matching brand handset as an avatar prop…simple cross promotion really, that costs them next to nothing, and is a neat added oomph for WP7 owners without XBL to look into it.

  6. korn1699 says:

    How you do you do this through the site?

  7. ejlee2006 says:

    I would love it if I could save my avatar as my wallpaper that would be so COOL!!!

    • mystictrust says:

      Well, you can still get an image of your avatar and do whatever you want with it, like repeat it all over your desktop or put it on top of a background or something, whatever you want. The top URL is for your avatar, the bottom two are for your avatar picture (gamerpic):

      In a browser, type these URLs, replacing [gamertag] with your actual gamertag.[gamertag]/avatar-body.png[gamertag]/avatarpic-l.png[gamertag]/avatarpic-s.png

  8. Shane says:

    Is there a way to get this without an Xbox 360?

  9. moonshadow101 says:

    Avatard? Seriously?

    It wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have a habit of criticizing immaturity whenever you see it coming from other places, but you do, and that makes this kinda disappointing. Someone who refers to gadget websites as “The Kids” doesn’t get a type “avatard” over and over.

  10. banstyle says:

    As an advertisement I think it’s pretty brilliant. At least the most interesting advert they’ve had on the dashboard so far.

  11. banodyne says:

    The props are just a further pay to personalize your avatar. They’re usually just decoration.

    There is one game coming up that’s going to use the props in gameplay: Fire Pro Wrestling. So I imagine we can smack people with our Windows Phones. And don’t we all dream of doing that to iPhone fanboys?

  12. Rick Taylor says:

    OK, so I didnt know about props until this post. Couldn’t find anything and realized it is because my XBox 360 is set to “Family Mode”. You won’t be able to get the prop unless you are in “Standard Mode” because the link in the Spotlight will not appear in “Family Mode”.

    You can change the setting in My XBox in the Spotlight area.

  13. Travis Pope says:

    Seriously Paul, do you really hate the idea of people having digital versions of themselves that much? Come on lighten up.

  14. Removing (or disabling) the Avatar is like removing the Live Tiles, dumbass.

    Maybe that way Sony can make a Windows Phone based Xperia Play(station), right?

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