New Windows Live SkyDrive features coming in Mango

Another day, another post from Microsoft about another new feature in Mango: Windows Live SkyDrive integration. You may recall that the original shipping version of Windows Phone supports nice SharePoint integration in the Office hub, but nothing around the consumer-oriented SkyDrive. Well, Mango is going to correct that omission.

There are some sweet SkyDrive-related changes in store for Mango, our next release arriving this fall. In Mango, for example, you’ll be able to:

  • Share photos stored on SkyDrive via email, text, or IM
  • Share your video on SkyDrive
  • Browse your documents stored on SkyDrive
  • Search your SkyDrive documents

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There’s also a separate, related post from the Windows Live blog with more info:

Share photos stored on SkyDrive via email, text, or IM
SkyDrive lets you store thousands of pictures in the cloud. You can show them off to friends on your phone in the Pictures hub, and now you can share SkyDrive photos with anyone over email, text, or Messenger/Facebook.

Share your video on SkyDrive
With Mango, all the goodness you had with photos has been extended to videos. Once you’re finished shooting your video, you can caption it and share immediately on SkyDrive, and the upload will happen in the background while you move on to other things.

Browse your documents stored on SkyDrive
Windows Phone lets you view folders and files directly on your phone, so when you group things on SkyDrive, you know they’ll be available with the same folder structure on your phone.

See what’s been shared with you
More than 70% of the folders created on SkyDrive are shared with other people, which makes it all the more important to see everything shared with you on your phone. This pivot view will show you the complete list of documents shared with you, letting you open and edit in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Search your SkyDrive documents
If you store a lot of stuff on SkyDrive, being able to do a quick search is important. In the Office hub, you can easily search across your SkyDrive for the document you need without having to wade through your folders and other files.

And two videos!

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11 Responses to New Windows Live SkyDrive features coming in Mango

  1. donavon70 says:

    Mango is really looking good. I”m back to being happy I went with WP7. Now if we can only get an audible app.

  2. brunohorvat says:

    Nice but when you record HD movies they quickly exceed 50 MB, which is the current limit for files on Skydrive. Do we have any information if this file size limit will be changed when Mango gets released?

  3. what about access to live mesh, is this included?

  4. gpsarakis says:

    Did anyone notice the new skydrive page in the video, the first one that is, new UI finally.

  5. vhaakmat says:

    One Feature I would love to see Paul, is a way to auto hide the keyboard. Too many times it is in he way nd would like to to disappear. Unless there is already a way that you know of.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      Hit the Back button.

      • vhaakmat says:

        That was easy [FacePalm]… You sure you mentioned that in your book? :)

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        Mention what?

      • vhaakmat says:

        What I meant Paul, is throught the Windows Phone interface, the back button mostly means to exit the program. So when you’re typing, and later want to hide the keyboard to get more screen real estate, the last thing you want to do is hit the back button. Once this is understood, then of course it is not a problem. Personally, I wish they used the unused black space on top of the keyboard for a swipe downward action

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