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Live from New York: Windows Phone “Mango” press conference

Hi! I’m in New York this morning to learn more about the next version of Windows Phone, codenamed “Mango.” Microsoft is hosting a live press conference starting at 10 am ET (7 am PT), so stay tuned for live updates … Continue reading

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Windows Phone press conference

Microsoft announced today that the Windows Phone press conference—being held live tomorrow, Tuesday, May 24, 2011 in New York City—will be broadcast live. I’ll be covering this event live from NYC, as it turns out, but you can watch along, … Continue reading

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Ballmer: “500” new features in Mango

Looks like Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is attempting some Apple-style promotion (and, it should be noted, Apple-style math). He said at a Japanese event this morning that Microsoft would unveil “over 500 new features” coming in Windows Phone 7.5 (“Mango”), … Continue reading

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HTC HD7S coming to AT&T on June 5

And speaking of delayed hardware, while AT&T had previously promised to begin selling the HTC HD7S Windows Phone handset in May, the device is now due on June 5: And the hits just keep on coming. Moments ago HTC said … Continue reading

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Windows Phone finally coming to Verizon

We’ll never know what the delays were all about—my sources have suggested at various times that this thing was going to happen in January, March, April, and then early this month—but Verizon’s first Windows Phone is finally happening. It goes … Continue reading

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Gartner: 1.6 million Windows Phones sold in Q1 2011

Hopefully this will put the “160,000” baloney to bed for good: The credible analysts at Gartner this week published its market share figures for the smart phone market in Q1 2011. And according to this estimate, Microsoft’s wireless carrier partners … Continue reading

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Paul Thurrott: PocketTech

My official app for Windows Phone 7 is now available! I wanted to call it Pocket Paul (“Is that a Paul in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?) but more prudent voices at Penton won that … Continue reading

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Mango features for businesses

Microsoft announced a couple of new business-oriented features for Mango at the TechEd 2011 keynote as expected (though a few were only revealed on a related blog post). Here’s the list I provided for my news story today, along with … Continue reading

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More new Mango features revealed!

Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk from the Windows Phone Dev Podcast have once again revealed some new consumer-oriented features that will appear in the next major release of Windows Phone (version 7.5), codenamed Mango. (You may recall that their previous revelation … Continue reading

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Chris Walsh releases fix tool for “Walshed” phones

As promised, Chris Walsh has released a tool that will fix any Windows Phone that used his previous tool to update “early” to NoDo. Here’s the news: A while ago I created an updater to avert the normal update procedures … Continue reading

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