Windows Phone 7 online services availability matrix for Mango

You may recall that Andrew Birch earlier this year took up my call for a Windows Phone 7 table in which the available Windows Phone services would be matched up against the countries in which the platform was available. My supposition at the time—which was quickly borne out by the chart Andrew made—was that such a table would look like a particularly airy form of Swiss cheese, with far more holes than available features.

Well, Andrew is back, this time with a Mango version of the chart that will be filled in over time as it becomes more obvious which features are available where. I’ll make the prediction that the Mango chart will ultimately be “better” than the original one—in that more features will be available in more places—but that it will still be pretty mixed outside of the US. I’m happy to eventually be proven wrong on this one, believe me.

As before, thanks to Andrew for doing the hard work on this one. And when you think about people who actually contribute to the Windows Phone community, it is efforts like this one that should come immediately to mind. I wish Microsoft would recognize people like him, though of course I don’t expect it to.

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8 Responses to Windows Phone 7 online services availability matrix for Mango

  1. Sheeds says:

    Concur completely with Paul on this one. Great work Andrew. Now we just need to get the MSAU WP team behind our calls for greater equality of services in AUS…. :)

    • mcakins says:

      In AUS? Are you kidding me? We are here in Europe that is closer-by, we don’t dare to dream of half the feature in US. This is ridiculous Microsoft, for a company that is suffering image problem in US, you’d think MS will focus on World domination of Windows Phone; if I am not mistaken there are say 500Mil US citizens, while there are at least 6.5Bil poeple in the rest of the world. I know, the rest of the world may not be so rich as US, but there is power in number. That is how PC outsold competition, why are they abandoning us with other products? I thank God for Nokia’s foot in the door of the stupid US only policy of Microsoft, hope they’ll break the whole door open for the rest of the world.

  2. Sheeds says:

    Yeah – but if you add Kangaroos and Koala’s, both natural WP users, then Australia is a massive market. Almost as large as NZ when you count sheep ! :P

    We all speak from our local perspective is what I’m saying…

  3. intelliex says:

    For the love of God, Paul, please ask someone from the Zune or Windows Phone team why podcasts are limited to the US. It doesn’t make any sense at all and I never saw them commenting this issue.

  4. thebigm72 says:

    Aus and New Zealand aren’t that far from the US mcakins, just on other side. Also they’re both english speaking countries so translation worries.

    The madness of it all is that I’d say that Zune is the one feature where they’re ahead of the competition. It’s the cheapest music subscription service for a phone you can get, has a nicely comprehensive library, they’ve already got the 3 screens going – (PC, phone, Xbox). You can download AND stream music. It’s a much more compelling reason to get a WP in my opinion than office and xbox live. It’s also the one feature they’re not pushing AT ALL.

    Madness I say.

  5. hvakrg says:

    Earlier this year it was said that we here in Norway would get Marketplace with Music, but no Zune pass, but after the last Mango show it’s being reported that we’ll only get Marketplace and no music what so ever.

    It’s almost as if Apple is blocking Zune in other markets with their Itunes re-negotiations.

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