Ballmer: “500” new features in Mango

Looks like Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is attempting some Apple-style promotion (and, it should be noted, Apple-style math). He said at a Japanese event this morning that Microsoft would unveil “over 500 new features” coming in Windows Phone 7.5 (“Mango”), as well as new hardware makers. (Presumably not just Nokia.)

Very interesting.

Don’t forget: This is all being announced tomorrow at a special Windows Phone event in New York City. If allowed to do so, I will live blog the event on this blog. My expectations and hopes are still unreasonably high for Mango. I’ll never learn, I guess.

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25 Responses to Ballmer: “500” new features in Mango

  1. woodg says:

    Gee, that’s going to be a long post when you list all 500+ new features! And Microsoft-speak means that you will probably have to describe what many of them actually mean.

  2. jameselmer1 says:

    “over 500 new features lines of code”

  3. brandonlpierce says:

    Given the original UI, I think that new features added to WP7 are more interesting than other phones. I just see more potential. Guess I’ll never learn either.

  4. ardentra says:


    Knowing that Mango is going to be a MASSIVE update are you more happy about Microsoft’s chosen development path? I know you complained about them being too slow and wanted more smaller functional improvements.

    Personally I prefer the big update once a year (maybe twice) than having an update to install every quarter. Security updates and stuff like that should happen quickly but new functionality improvements I am ok with once or twice a year.

    I for one am really excited about Windows Phone and think it has a bright bright feature. When our contracts are up for renewal on Sprint at the end of the year I am upgrading the whole family (5 phones).

    Love your blog! Thanks for writing!

    • Paul Thurrott says:


      No, this is too slow. There should have been new features and fixes every single month during this product’s first year on the market. That would have been breathtaking, and appropriate given the state of WP7 at launch. Remember, this was launched as a consumer phone “that you could bring to work,” not the reverse. The people who early adopted this thing would have been all over frequent updates.

      That said, Mango looks solid. I suspect after tomorrow it will look even more solid.

      • chrispauly says:

        I wholeheartedly agree. Every time I hear about another Mango feature… I am happy and sad at the same time. Waiting 8+ months to use a new feature that they announce today is just irritating. But, maybe that is because I have already been spoiled by other products that are successful at releasing new features often (e.g. Google sites and iOS).

        Although at this moment, I have a Samsung Focus that won’t even take the 7392 update, so who knows if I’ll ever be able to get an update on my phone again.

    • Aditya says:

      I think Paul is correct. They should have feature updates once every 2 months at least. You would understand why if you were an early adopter. It lacked too many features to compete with Apple and Google, it would have been okay if they wanted to compete with Symbian or even RIM for that matter.
      I believe Microsoft still thinks OEMs and Carriers are its customers.

  5. sk says:

    Hopefully, the “500 new features” will at least bring it on par with Android and iOS.

  6. vhaakmat says:

    Knowing Balmer, he probable meant Apps :)
    But no matter how much we need to cut that number by, the resultant set of features should still be enough to put a smile on my face.
    But really, API to the Contacts list is of paramount importance to get programs like WhatsApp working properly.

  7. johnwbaxter says:

    In Apple math, over 20% of the “new features” would be differently-shaped keys in the various virtual keyboards. One “feature” per key of course.

    It will be interesting to see what Mr. B really means, as that isn’t it.

  8. Ian says:

    I hope they don’t pull an Apple when “counting” these features…

    I am all for little enhancements and such, but not if it is itty-bitty.

    Have you ever looked at Apple’s list of new features? I remember when Safari 4 came out, they claimed some 200-300 new features, and the list was pathetic. It included such things as fonts every other browser had forever, and they even repeated the same exact features, just worded differently. Like look at this:, under “More New Features”: Tabs Setting – Safari 5 helps you clean up your desktop. A simple setting lets you open new web pages in tabs — instead of separate windows. No more screen clutter, and no more clicking across multiple browser windows to find what you want. Haha! You mean something every browser has been capable of doing forever?

    But I don’t really see Microsoft pull that kind of bologna, though they might try to this time.

  9. techESC says:

    I agree with vhaakmat;

    Balmer probably meant 500 new apps and they’ve all been accounted for with the “My MP” and the “Famous Quotes” apps. ;-)

    Just teasing the marketplace a little. I hope that one improvement is putting similar apps in a folder or separate directory so I don’t have to scroll through all of them.

    By the way, Paul. Just for future reference, in the list of new apps, your app’s release occurred somewhere in between “My MP – Erith and Thamesmead” and “My MP – Blackpool North and Cleveleys.”

    I love me some House of Commons news.

    One bit of good news. Your app has 4.5 stars while “My MP – Blackpool North and Cleveleys” only has one. Go USA!

    Enjoy your trip to the lion’s den, and I hope the train has connectivity to the outside world.

    – Mike

    • Aditya says:

      “I hope that one improvement is putting similar apps in a folder or separate directory so I don’t have to scroll through all of them.”
      They have hubs as a similar feature. And as far as Scroll to get to an App is concerned they are adding a “search” icon on that vertical list of apps to search for an app along with that alphabet icon (similar to the option in People/contacts Hub now).
      However, I think they should have made the dedicated search button on the phone to search for apps when on the vertical apps list screen instead of adding a new search icon.

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  11. ross138 says:

    Is there going to be a live stream or blog of the event?

  12. teemark1 says:

    I don’t know, I just have this bad feeling that they’re going to fall really short on this update. I really, really hope the don’t, I want Windows Phone to succeed, and be comparable to iOS and Android. I just feel like they’re over-promising on this, and that they won’t be able to deliver on all the hype they’re building.

  13. teemark1 says:

    I’ve gotten so tired of waiting for features, I’ve even priced what I can get for my WP7 on Gazelle so I could by and Android device, at least until AT&T swallows T-Mobile and/or we get Mango, whichever comes first.

  14. tspaw says:

    500, huh? It’s the few big ones that matter. Rumor is Flash will not be considered. That’s huge for me – there’s a ton of Flash content on the web. I’m caustiously optimistic about 4G support…

  15. rich682 says:

    I hope one of the “500 new features” is going to be a better deal with the wireless carriers about deploying updates. I still have not received Update 7.0.7392.0 “Fix for fraudulent third-party digital certificates”.

  16. roberthleeii says:

    i wonder if we will get a date?!?!?!?!?!

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