Dell Venue Pro reportedly coming to AT&T in 8, 16, and, yes, 32 GB versions

ZD’s Matthew Miller reports that Dell’s highly-regarded Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone is now available at AT&T Wireless. And it comes with an interesting bonus: It is, I believe, the first Windows Phone to ship in a stock 32 GB configuration. (Other Windows Phone handsets come with 8 or 16 GB of storage only, and even the Dell Venue Pro, which is available on T-Mobile too, only ships in these versions on other carriers.)


I searched the AT&T Wireless web site but couldn’t find the Dell Venue Pro. I won’t assume this is just a rumor, but rather will take Mr. Miller at his word and guess that it’s just not popping up yet.

Update: As several people have mentioned in the comments, the phone is available only at for some reason.

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9 Responses to Dell Venue Pro reportedly coming to AT&T in 8, 16, and, yes, 32 GB versions

  1. mcrommert says:

    It shows up on the Dell website…it may be you can only buy it there like with t-mobile

  2. markuslaff says:

    Hey Paul…

    It’s available on Dell’s website for $99 with an AT&T contract.

  3. whyldknight says:

    Paul, I found the info on Dell’s website. It shows the three configurations.

  4. lyalindotcom says:

    Actually the story itself on ZD links to another story on PocketNow, that talks about finding it on the DELL Website.

    Sure enough, its there! A Dell Venu Pro with AT&T option listed.

  5. gkcarpenter says:

    Paul I had an online discussion with a dell representative yesterday asking about the AT&T version and out of the blue he told me this is an entirely different hardware build and said that post “mango” this would be HSPA+ compatable. Is that possible?

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      I don’t know, sorry. I have not heard of any WP devices having any wireless hardware beyond standard 3G.

  6. huhman1 says:

    too bad the Focus didn’t come with storage options. I would have been happy to pay a little extra for 16gb/32gb to avoid the SD card issues. The Patriot 16gb I purchased failed to sync with Zune once the phone’s storage limit was met.

  7. drummerboygreg says:

    Too bad Dell doesn’t sell it in Canada. My wife would like that one.

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