Microsoft helps iPhone developers transition to Windows Phone

Today, Microsoft announced a new tool called API Mapping that helps developers migrate their iPhone applications to Windows Phone. In addition to the tool, there’s a 90+ page Windows Phone 7 Guide for iPhone Application Developers and a multi-part video series in which developers share their Windows Phone success story.

Here’s more info from the Windows Phone developer blog:

Even if you have a solid expertise on a particular platform/language, I think it is essential to be a “polyglot” developer. In other words, you might have a native or preferred language, but opening your mind to others can be very stimulating and will bring considerable value to your abilities and your resume.

Jumping from one platform or language to another can introduce breaking changes in your habits, but ultimately change is very stimulating and will expand your opportunities.

If you are a .NET developer, learning Windows Phone development is not really “change.” Instead, it is more of a continuum, where you just add new features to what you already know. If you are an iPhone developer, new to Windows Phone (and .NET), yes this is different. But don’t worry. The learning curve is not as steep as you would imagine.

And before you ask, yes we are planning to provide similar guidance and tools for Android.

And don’t forget to visit the Windows Phone 7 Interoperability site too.

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9 Responses to Microsoft helps iPhone developers transition to Windows Phone

  1. eschneider001 says:

    If I can’t get a phone why would I develop for one? I’m a .NET programmer and a customer.

    Also why is VB.NET support so crappy?

    • mrmckeb says:

      C# is more powerful and easaier to work with.

      Also, why can’t you get a phone?

    • glonq says:

      Because VB.NET is so crappy ;)

      “Real” programmers do not use VB. Software written by “not real” programmers is terrible. Unfit for public consumption, but somehow finds a home in enterprise.

      IMO is was a big mistake for MS to create VB.NET. It’s so different from VB6 (and so close to C#) that they should have forced VB6 uses to evolve and migrate to proper C#.

  2. aaltayeb says:

    This is very good for WP, but I am worried about ported apps/games performance, will they be buggy and have bad response. I don’t want to use them felling they don’t belong to the WP OS.

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  6. weiterer says:


    What do you mean you cant get a phone?

    I’m in a third world country currently and I got one. I bought it from Ebay and you can buy one from Amazon as well. I then just paid an extra 39$ for the unblock code for AT&T and that’s it.

    If im thousands of miles away from the US and on a market where Microsoft did not even released the Windows Phone and probably will not for at least 1 year then I suppose anyone can get a WP7 phone if he really wants to.

  7. ironhalik says:

    Hmm, is this API supposed to more or less port apps from iPhone with some hacks or is it more of a guide “Where to find this function in .NET”.

    If its supposed to port glued apps then It would be a shame to see metro UI feel (that is quite supported by devs for now) broken with flood of desktop-wannabe-bot-not-enough-screen-space UI apps ;>

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