AT&T’s NoDo update will include a few additional apps

Microsoft’s Eric Hautala confirms the internal emails I and others have received stating that AT&T will deliver the Windows Phone 7 pre-update and NoDo to two of its three phones starting this week. But he also has some additional news:

The LG Quantum and Samsung Focus are now scheduling both the February update and the March “copy and paste” update.

The HTC Surround won’t be joining the update party just yet [because] one of the third-party software “packages” earmarked for the HTC Surround needs additional testing by both Microsoft and AT&T.

The update we’ll be shipping to AT&T customers also includes support for two special AT&T features. The first is “WISPr” protocol support, which makes it possible for your phone’s data connection to automatically switch over to AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots when in range. The update also includes support for AT&T Address Book.

So this is good news, I guess. But I wish that AT&T would just ship these apps separately. After all, they have their own special place in the Windows Phone Marketplace for this kind of stuff and could send everyone a free MMS announcing the. And doing it that way would mean that the software update to which they’re attached (NoDo in this case) wouldn’t be delayed longer than otherwise required.

But if I were forced to guess, I’d say that they’re being included because AT&T intends to include them as part of their stock OS image going forward.

Anyway, progress is progress.

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30 Responses to AT&T’s NoDo update will include a few additional apps

  1. Ian says:

    Does the AT&T app (WISPr) require deeper integration into the phone? That could cause it to need to be bundled directly into the build of the phone, and not just some app that can be installed.

  2. steveymacjr says:

    This is very weird. You would think they would be able to do what Dell did with the Venue Pro. They sent out the Microsoft produced OS update, and in a later update will send out the Dell produced firmware fixes. This is just another reason why people should have gotten the Dell Venue is by far the best Windows Phone 7 device. Gorgeous 4.1″ AMOLED display with scratch proof glass..Best Network at launch(until the Arrive, um, arrived)…woohoo! :-)

    • efjay1 says:

      You mean the Dell Venue Pro that crashes at the drop of a hat, the Dell Venue Pro that Dell hardly recognises even exists, the Dell Venue Pro that has not seen the alleged firmware update to fix issues its had since launch in November 2010? Or maybe you’re thinking about another WP7 device that actually works.

  3. soniclooking says:

    It all makes sense now. I was at sam’s club the other day and got my wife’s iPhone connected to their WiFi, no problem. Able to stream some Netflix for the little one. I tried to get connected and it said I had no internet. Not until I launched my browser and noticed I had to accept their terms before I was allowed on to the web. The WiFi network was att hotspot. So I for one will be happy about this. Glad they didn’t waste time for, you know, making sure it made calls and stuff.

    I surely hope they don’t screw up the timing for mango. I just want Skype on my windows phone. Well and the other stuff is nice too.

    Paul, will mango or nodo bring mms so I can send video messages? As you know, currently if I take video it is trapped until I transfer to PC.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      Not sure if this will be in Mango, as Microsoft hasn’t publicly disclosed most of the new/improved consumer features, sorry.

  4. unndunn says:

    The WISPr thing will benefit me; I work in Times Square NYC where AT&T 3G data is basically useless. Thankfully there’s also an AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot (in fact there are several of them). If my AT&T Samsung Focus will automatically switch to the AT&T hotspots, that’s a good thing.

    This makes me glad I waited for the official update.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      Yeah, I think that one in particular is interesting. I think it should have been released as a standalone app, and detached from NoDo, however.

  5. S. D. Ahmad says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how this update gets delivered to phones running NoDo with the Chevron Updater. I have a Focus in that state – I would love it if the update got pushed out regardless!

  6. pir0zhki says:

    wow, that’s incredibly lame. I don’t need either of the mentioned features. I’ll uninstall them immediately. WTF, just give us NoDo and leave your shit out of it, AT&T.

    • Aditya says:

      Agreed, I uninstalled the other AT&T crap that came pre installed when I first got focus. But the wifi hotspot is a hard feature to uninstall, it should be quite useful.
      However, I agree with Paul that should have gone out as a separate update even if its just not an App and involves a firmware upgrade I am sure AT&T had means to do it separately.
      The worst part of all this updategate this is the lack of clear communication to customers both from MS and AT&T. Though its stupid on AT&T part to include it with NoDo they should have at least communicated that ur waiting for so and so shit. Not even the AT&T reps over email and phone are trained to answer these questions from customers frustrated with not getting the update.

  7. luxsphinx says:

    While the AT&T Address Book is a good idea (cloud backup of your contacts sure couldn’t hurt), it seems like a dumb reason to hold up things up. That and it has little use as far as I can see. You can already save contacts to the phone, a backup on your computer, and another cloud service (MS MyPhone).

    The other benefits it has are even that great. Being able to navigate to the contacts’ addresses is worthless unless you pay $10 a month for AT&T Navigator. Bing already lets you search local business, map directions, visit their website, or call the store – albeit not for the local area of a contact, but I cannot think of too many times when I wanted to get directions to a store not near me.

    On the upside, the Address Book is a free service (surprising that AT&T charge $4.99/month for the luxury of letting them hold onto data).

    WISPr, on the other hand, sounds as if it is very useful and I’ll be glad to have it. But that still shouldn’t have been something to hold up an already heavily delayed update. If it happened to be ready in time, great add it in, but if it wasn’t ready then just release another update or wait for Mango. AT&T’s poor time management on when they can finish making an app should not hinder everyone’s update.

  8. vhaakmat says:

    If NoDo with so few lines of codes, compared to Mango took this long for AT&T to test their deep interaction of their apps with the phone, I really feel sorry for you guys when Mango comes out. You might as well get a new phone with Mango built in. As a developer I am still scratching my head about this… Aren’t their apps run in Silverlight?? So what deep integration are we talking about that was so ‘deep’ that it couldn’t ship as a separate update in the AT&T marketplace hub?

    • Ian says:

      Well… Don’t you think the WISPr support would require some sort of deeper integration? Wouldn’t it need to run in the background to monitor for AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots and then switch when necessary?

      I doubt the next update will take as long to ship because WISPr is now integrated and tested… This certainly could have been what took so long, they needed to be sure that the new feature worked correctly.

      Though, I could certainly be wrong, and we shall see how long it takes with Mango. But hey, there is still a couple cellular providers in Europe (Telefonica in Spain, and Deutsche Telekom in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Macedonia, Netherlands, UK) which are *still* testing. So while this does NOT excuse AT&T, at least AT&T wasn’t dead last.

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        That could be. I’ll need to see how it works before I can really be sure, of course.

  9. lippidp says:

    The WISPr is not a separate download because it will be hugely beneficial to AT&T. They will save 3G bandwidth with this and it doesn’t require the user to do anything. It will benefit users also in that the coverage will seem better and the speed faster. Remember, most users have almost no idea how things work. The more that can be automated and transparent for them the better. If AT&T made this an optional download then the adoption rate would probably be close to zero.

    I imagine the address book backup benefits AT&T as well in that they are protecting people from themselves by automatically backing up data for the clueless masses (assuming the masses ever start buying WP7). Additionally, when they go to get a new phone there will be no compatibility problems if the new phone’s OS or model is different.

    As an IT admin one of the first things I learned long ago was to automate as much as possible for end users. It makes everyone happy.

    Despite Paul’s belief, AT&T is not stupid. They plan ahead, think things through and understand that most American consumers are clueless about everything, let alone how their phone works. They understand that, for your average consumer, waiting an extra month or two for an update that they didn’t even know was coming in the first place is no big deal. Most consumers buy phones that have the features they want when they buy it, not what it might have someday. They’ve never heard of Joe Belifore or Paul Thurrott and aren’t on these forums.

    We must remember that WP7 is for consumers. If you wanted something that you can tinker with endlessly and update regularly, this ain’t it. If you wanted an enterprise device, this ain’t it. Maybe 7.5 will better appeal to everyone.

  10. captiosus says:

    Sorry but how is it progress when Microsoft is allowing AT&T to cause WP7 to be fragmented like Android. They were trying to avoid this by disallowing carriers to get hands-on with the core OS integration, but now Microsoft is purposely allowing AT&T to force a special version of the OS just for AT&T devices because WISPr protocol support has to be added at the core networking functions.

    That is not progress. That is the direct opposite of what WP7 was promised to be: A unified OS across devices that avoids the pitfalls of fragmentation. A polar opposite to Android. Except, now, it’s making a turn just like Android. AT&T users, including myself, are going to now have a version of NoDo that no other WP7 carrier in the world uses. And that will eventually impact updates all over again.

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  12. riceboyler says:

    So for those of us that jumped the proverbial gun and forced an early NoDo, any word from AT&T as to whether we’ll still get the WISPr lovin’? I’m kind of feeling a little sick now for having forced the update, and I’m frankly worried that my phone may be stuck without future updatability…

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  14. korn1699 says:

    Looks like the AT&T update is out.

  15. danmaan says:

    It’d be nice to get the att address book on my focus…

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  18. Just out of curiosity? How does an ATT Focus user with NoDo access this ATT Address book? I don’t see it.

    • Ian says:

      I am just guessing, but I would assume that there is nothing to access, it just utilizes the built in contact manager in Windows Phone 7, and it just syncs changes.

      • So you’re thinking that ATT (which regularly complies with government requests for its customers’ information) is just uploading our address book (which also contains our Facebook Friends) without our asking? Given that most Windows Phone users already have their address book synced to the cloud, you have to wonder why.

      • Ian says:

        That is true… That’s why I was simply guessing ;-)

        Have you checked Settings under the phone perhaps?

  19. Yes, thanks…can’t find it.

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