Mango caught in the wild?

Now that NoDo is finally being slowly oozed out in the world, we can turn our attention to more pressing matters: The next Windows Phone update!!

OK, just kidding. Actually, my intention is start discussing some more pragmatic (“pragmaticer”?) issues in the days ahead, such as how we can work around some of Windows Phone’s more irritating limitations.

But let’s put that on hold for one moment. Because there’s a YouTube video out, featuring NoDo running on an HD2 (lame!). Which wouldn’t be interesting at all except that another phone, apparently running what appears to be an early developer build of Mango, appears toward the end of the video. (Jump to about 2:45) Mango, of course, is the “RTM +1” version of Windows Phone that Microsoft intends to ship later this year. (It will most likely be called Windows Phone 7.1 or 7.5.) Here is the full video. But here is a shot that shows off this alleged Mango device:


Is it Mango?

I’m not sure, as I’ve not heard or seen of that little Search button. But for those of you still dazzled by the NoDo feature set (ahem), Mango will come as a bit of a shock: This release will actually include many new features, including of course some that have been publicly discussed, like Internet Explorer 9 (with hardware acceleration and partial HTML 5 standards support), support for more languages, and better enterprise support (today’s Windows Phone offers only a portion of the EAS/enterprise functionality provided by, say, Windows Mobile). There are also unannounced features coming, including background downloading, third party audio enhancements, third party multitasking, and so on.

But the big question around Mango, I think, is whether (or how) this release will change because of Nokia’s input. You have to think both Microsoft and Nokia are racing to add Nokia features that will first debut in Mango, and that could impact both the product and, of course, its schedule.

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23 Responses to Mango caught in the wild?

  1. blkballoon925 says:

    Background downloading? Don’t we already have that? I know I can already close the Marketplace and continue downloading apps and music in the background. Though I do have to wonder what those third-party audio enhancements might be.

  2. nightryder21 says:

    HD2 NoDo Lame? Lame for people with and HD2 and WP7 or Lame on Microsoft for for not letting users upgrade to WP7?

  3. nightryder21 says:

    I wish you could edit posts. Or do you mean that the HD2 has NoDo while the Focus doesn’t?

  4. lsobrado says:

    what I am hoping nikia will bring from navteq is turn by turn navigation as well as better locaiton services. bing maps, while very cool, is is so lackluster in wp7 compared to even the iphone version that’s not even funny. where is all the side-stree view stuff being demoed on iphones?

    I’m also worried mcirosoft just doesn’t take map and location services as seriously as google. yeah they added maps of some malls, but the amount of map info google has is ridiculousy better. google even has maps of hiking trails. how crazy is that! bing barrely has maps of actual roads much less walking trails.

    It’s little things like these that worry me about microsoft. they seem to be napping while the googlepoly maps, scans, photographs, organizes and categorizes every location on the globe…. Does microsoft realize this isn’t something they’ll be able to do overnight and they better get serious now? The planet is a big place last I checked. Microsoft seems to worry only about seattle, redmond and the sourrounding areas. During the japan tsunami and all the emphasis made on maps pre-post disaster, it was clear to me bing maps of japan is lightyears behind google. While google had names of streets and even bus stops and train routes, bing just had a generic unlabeled roads without even areal shots not to metnion not even street view.

    Hopefully nokia will fill up the gap, although I find it unbelivable that such a rich company like microsoft can’t afford a bigger fleet of photo mapping vans like google has. they really just don’t care.

    • Aditya says:

      Bing Maps is horrible. Keep aside Japanese maps (not that they are not important, just mean MS currently has more market in US than elsewhere) … US maps itself are way old. No kidding, it shows a plain piece of land at my office. From my understanding this facility is 4 years old so that means Bing maps are at least 4 years behind (at least for certain parts of USA (California).
      I suppose Nokia will full up the gap on the European landmass.

  5. russelldavidson says:

    Considering the rule that carriers can block (sorry, “temporarily withhold”) one update, I wonder how many folks will actually see Mango when it is eventually released. Maybe MS will drop another “test” update before Mango to ensure carriers are required to push it out? Not to seem cynical, but I suspect that last “test” update is the only reason many of us are (eventually) seeing NoDo.

  6. sk says:

    The big question (and this has been asked before) is if existing customers will even get the Mango update. I think the answer to that question is, “no,” at least in 2011. I hope I’m wrong, but from what I’ve seen so far, I expect MS and the carriers to mess this up once again.

    In any case, I’m not sure if they will have the time to add/test the Nokia features before the end of the year. It took MS four months after release to get NoDo out and the only new feature that NoDo adds is Cut and Paste.

  7. Why would there be a software search button when there is a hardware search button on every WP7 device? I’d rather see them use the alphabetized jump letters like in contacts and the music hub with the ability to press the search hardware button while in the programs list to run a search.

  8. Ian says:

    I hope Nokia will mainly provide Microsoft with more motivation to get updates out, especially this Mango update, seeing as they don’t want to release a phone without this Mango update being ready first.

    I wouldn’t mind Nokia influencing Windows Phone at all, so long as they don’t try adding useless Nokia crap.

  9. gfunk84 says:

    Is there any possibility that Microsoft will change its update strategy in the wake of the NoDo backlash? I don’t see why Mango can’t be delivered piece-by-piece or at the very least, some bug fixes rolled out in the interim. I find it appalling that NoDo could be the last update I receive in 2011. The “we’re sorry” posts are nice and all, but they still read like PR and there’s no mention of how they are going to improve the experience going forward.

    My carrier (Rogers) started rolling out NoDo yesterday. I did not receive an update notification. I received the pre-NoDo update immediately upon release (I waited to apply it due to the Samsung debacle) and again received the revised pre-NoDo update immediately. Given the vague explanation offered by Microsoft (“it might take several weeks before you receive notice that an update is available for you”), I have no idea when I can expect my update. If I didn’t get a notification yesterday, can I expect to receive one any time over the next few weeks? Will they add more devices to my carrier’s roll-out at random intervals? Daily? Weekly? Why can’t I manually check for an update and apply it at will once it is carrier-approved?

    I’m going to MIX11 and the thought that I’ll get a peek at Mango while still not personally having NoDo is mildly infuriating. I love my phone, but hate that it falls far short of its potential.

  10. tinod says:

    Wow. It is amazing how one little icon of an magnifying glass can have such an impact on the publicity of an boring video!

    And nobody seems to ask the interesting questions: Why don’t they show the Mango updated phone? Why do they zoom out and show that screen? Why is that phone not in stand-by after the whole video was shot? Or: why is there even that icon if you have a hardware search button?

    It is so easy to get attention. Maybe I should “reveal” a hint of a Windows 8 feature in every comment?


  11. eeezyweezy says:

    Is this post a shot at you Paul?

    Its like a soup opera with this update.

  12. weiterer says:

    I really hope Microsoft doesn’t call it WP 7.5

    That will be just more material for Windows haters, that will ridicule the phone if Microsoft is calling it a whole new version when fixing bugs and implemented new but no revolutionary new features.

    The should just call it 7.1 to keep promoting the name Windows Phone 7 name and not jump just because some features right away to Windows Phone 7.5, if they do, people are not going to take them seriously anymore, specially when Windows Phone 8 comes out someday. I think the Windows approach is just right. They could call it a service pack or similar but I would not expect it so see as a new version unless if really has killer features not available on Android or the iPhone. I prefer MS to release a middle update before Mango, to fix other stuff needed first. Once the phone is stable regarding features and bugs, I would start working on new features. Get it right with what we have first!

    Even if Mango is a major update, it will probably bring stuff that other competitors already have so I would be very careful calling it a major version.

    As for the Nokia deal, I suppose hardware gets better with time, so I hope Windows Phone OS is not affected by this, that means, they should not reduce features or performance to make it fit on a Nokia, Nokia should fit their hardware to the OS. Its pretty clear current low Symbian phones will not be able to run it. If they plan to keep releasing low end devices with WP7, then they should release a lite version like Windows Phone Lite, Start, or something similar, or just brand it under a Nokia name. Of course if that is Nokia’s approach, but my guess is that its easier just to fit the hardware to it instead of render the software to less.

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  16. nicholas1029 says:

    Well, us users on the “premier wait” plan just took a baby step. Looks like Microsoft has an AT&T competion time of early April for NoDo. They just update the page here:

    Which leaves the thought, how long will they take to test mango?

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