Triple Flip, the Windows Phone concept handset

SchultzeWORKS designstudio has released an intriguing concept smart phone design featuring Windows Phone 7.

The research for the “Triple Flip” was driven by the notion that the static smart-phone-with-touch-screen may be reaching the limit of their usefulness. Lead designer Dave Schultze explains, “We looked at the areas where smart phones were falling short and then delivered seven innovations to make them truly better. We had a few more, but seven was a good place to stop.”

Be sure to check out the YouTube video, which shows off 7 (of course) innovative new feature ideas:

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33 Responses to Triple Flip, the Windows Phone concept handset

  1. fearthed0nut says:

    Looks nice – I know it’s a concept, but like most concepts, I’m skeptical whether or not it will ever make it into the wild…

  2. brandonlpierce says:

    Looks like a pain in the ass as a phone but a cool concept for mobile gaming. The keypads on either side might be better suited coming from the back so the touch screen is always available.

  3. John Jobst says:

    How many of us broke our flip phone by flipping it too far, or closing it too hard? This one has twice the flips, and both of them swivel. There are too many ways to break it for my taste.

    • schultzeworks says:

      Well, it is from the future, so maybe they used some really strong stuff that we can’t yet understand. Maybe.

  4. thebigm72 says:

    The one major problem I see with several of the innovations in the video is the need for common interfaces across all devices. i.e. Apps will be written for the lowest common denominator i.e. a pure touchscreen device like the HTC HD7 so any phone wanting to innovate e.g. with programmable hardware buttons would not be able to do so except where the hardware buttons replicate software buttons/controls.

    Whilst we’re on the topic of hardware innovation, we know Google was unhappy with the rate of progress on the hardware front so it made the Google Nexus phone with HTC to set a standard. HTC put that work into their own-brand phone the HTC Desire and the rest is history. (In the UK at least, Android only really exploded around the time HTC Desire was released). Now Google has chosen Samsung, the other premier android handset maker for the next nexus phone. (Perhaps so no favouritism?)

    I think it’s not unreasonable to say that whilst Microsoft won’t put out an own-brand phone, they expect their close collaboration with Nokia to have the same “Nexus effect”. How will this affect other manufacturers I wonder? I expect Android will probably keep leading the way in terms of hardware innovation.

    • jameselmer1 says:

      actually, a hardware button or two would do WP7 a lot of good. I use my phone to listen to music most of the day and in the car. It’s almost impossible to skip a song while driving. You have to turn on the phone, look at it to find the correct touch screen button, and do it fast enough that the mini-music controls don’t slide up and disappear. They could really use a couple of hardware buttons to skip forward/backward.

      • AusTxSteve says:

        You hit the nail on the head. I’ve done this a bazillion times. It would sure be helpful to extend the time the media menu is on the screen. 3.5 seconds is waaayyyy to fast.

  5. Geeky Skippy says:

    I like the solar cells. The flip aspect of it seems a little wonky to me but the many ways that could be customized is a nice touch.

  6. Info Dave says:

    Behind the Mac vs. PC alliances seems to be a fundamental hardware and software preference. The hardware types tend to gravitate towards Microsoft and the software types tend to gravitate towards Apple.

    As a software type, I see the Triple Flip as an accident (or 3 (or even 7)), waiting to happen. How soon will all these hinges start breaking off? How long before I jam a solar cell back in wrong? What engineer designed a screen resolution that doesn’t exit anywhere, on any platform? Will the games come with stickers I can paste on the keys?

    I put this in the category of the Courier. It will never see the light of day.

    If they could get it to make the Star Trek transponder sound when I click the open button, I might change my mind…

  7. Greg Edwards says:

    I officially hate this. It’s the polar opposite of what an elegant smart device should be; instead it looks like something Doc Brown cooked up in his garage alongside the flux capacitor. This kind of device just exemplifies the old engineering mentality of “let’s see how many extra buttons and doodads we can cram in there.” Devices need to be simpler and more streamlined, not laden with more twisty facets and buttons that can break. Just makes me sad that someone wasted several hours prototyping this into a video. Fail.

  8. dkb1898 says:

    Pretty concept, but I don’t think a lot of it would have much use in the real world. I DO like the hot swappable batteries though…that is a great idea!

  9. Ian says:

    Certainly interesting, definitely confusing ;) A lot going on, that’s for sure.

  10. thebigm72 says:

    The solar cell one was a bad idea – phones are either being used – against face, in hand with back facing ground or in a pocket. Barely anytime to pick up sunlight. Solar cell photoelectric effect is weak. Research on trickle-charging from ambient RF energy (which Nokia has invested in researching!) seems more practical and plausible.

    So far, I think most practical response to lack of battery innovation is replacement with super-capacitors. They might only last couple of hours but charge up in seconds or minutes.

    Info Dave – not stickers on buttons, little oled screens on buttons ftw.

    • Ian says:

      Either way, didn’t Apple apply (don’t know if they got it yet) for a patent for solar panels on things like iPod’s, iPhone’s, etc? Apple would not allow this type of thing…

  11. ballmertruffleshuffle says:

    I’ve seen another concept — it’s called a Windows Phone 7 software update. But seemingly, this concept is still far away from reality.

  12. ejlee2006 says:

    Nope…. This is ugly, remove the wings, with solar battery. That’s a concept phone for me.

  13. Blakes7 says:

    There’s a few interesting iseas in there (I like the way the keyboard slides out for example) but the dual flips are just silly. Good to see some innovative thinking around the WP7 platform though.

  14. aaltayeb says:

    I don’t think a flip phone will work, and this one shouldn’t be tried in WP7, as I doubt Microsoft will agree on creating a separate OS with those additional buttons.
    I think if they are actually serious in doing this they should try it with Android, because of its open nature they will be able to do any tests they want with no problems, and if it actually works then they could do a version that would work with WP7.

  15. schultzeworks says:

    Paul : thanks for the post! I wasn’t expecting that, but it was very cool to see.

    Others: it’s a conceptual design, so much of the engineering may be 5 years out … or never. Who knows? With a conceptual research project, you try to address user needs (and make it look cool) in order to experiment and generate feedback.

    Dave Schultze, SchultzeWORKS
    Triple Flip designer

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  17. Gary Russo says:

    I want to switch to WP7 from iPhone 4 but I love iPhone 4’s facetime feature.

    When will there be a WP7 device with a front facing camera?

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  19. thebigm72 says:

    Gary – really? I’m quite surprised. We’ve had 3G video calling in the UK for ten years now. It was one of the original selling points for 3G. It never took off here or in the rest of Europe despite using a standard adopted by all the networks of the UK. Is Apple facetime still WiFi only?

    It seems something that would be more fun on a tablet or a laptop than a phone with a 4″ screen.

    • Gary Russo says:

      Yes. it’s still Wifi only but works well. I turn on iPhone’s Wifi when I am home or at my office. I use it mostly to chat with my iPhone4 friends and family. I love the front to back camera flip while talking and the convenience from the mobility.

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  23. weiterer says:

    Well I do really like it. People want to own something different and original. Why does a phone still have to look like a phone this days when its hardly not only a phone but allot more stuff.
    Microsoft or Nokia should come with this ideas. Innovate. Build something someone never did.

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