First Windows Phone update only going out to unlocked phones

Days after quietly starting the process of distributing its first real software update for Windows Phone, Microsoft has finally communicated what’s happening. Let’s just say it’s bad news packaged in the positive possible light.

This week we’re sending out the new update only to “open market” Windows Phones around the world. If you own one of these phones, you probably already know it: these are unbranded devices that aren’t customized for a specific mobile operator.

So …. if you bought a phone like a normal person, that is, from a mobile carrier, you’re not getting the update. So stop checking.

In next phase of the rollout process, we’ll start making the update available to a broader range of customers.

Nice and vague there. 

And as someone mentioned in the comments, those who were dumb enough to buy the premier Windows Phone (the Focus) from Microsoft’s “premier” wireless partner (AT&T) will apparently have the longest wait of all. Or the “premier” wait, as I’ll now call it.

As I explained in my last post, we intentionally deliver updates in batches, ramping up gradually to help ensure the process is as problem-free as possible.

So this is intentional. Good to know. :)

And so far, the copy and paste update is proceeding smoothly.

And yet you list AT&T as still still testing both of the Windows Phones updates??? That seems slow, not smooth. Especially for your premier partner. This, according to Microsoft’s “new online resource called Where’s my phone update? that provides some insight into where we are, and where your phone is, in the multi-stage update process.”

Most people who bet on this platform are at the same stage they were at last week: Waiting, with no real idea when the update will be delivered to their phone.

Much like when you buy a PC online, you’ll be able to see when the update is being tested and packaged, when it’s about to ship, and when it’s “left the warehouse.” We’ll update the site once a week with the latest status changes.

What a weird comparison. We’re not buying a new PC. We’re getting an update, something that should be a regular and innocuous event.

And not to be a jerk about this, but this process is nothing like the thing it should be compared to: The process of getting a Windows software update from Microsoft on a PC: Then, everyone gets it at the same time, and the update is simply “released.” With Windows Phone, Microsoft is claiming to have “released” this update. But it hasn’t been released, not the majority of users, not to the people who should be considered the “premier” users.

I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about copy and paste.

And we’re looking forward to actually getting the update, yes. Looking forward to you actually describing the schedule and not just providing an empty table with no dates. And looking forward to you understanding, really understanding, that this is not OK.

/end soapbox

I’m flying home from Europe today, so there will be a huge chunk of time where I can’t OK comments. Sorry about that in advance.

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  1. vmaxf1 says:

    >if you bought a phone like a normal person, that is, from a mobile carrier
    I used to think like that. Carriers have screwed me often and badly enough that I will no longer purchase a phone through them, though – now it’s “if you bought a phone like a sensible person, that is, from a store unaffiliated with a carrier”.

  2. lzandman says:

    Yeah, really weird they release the update at such a slow pace, even for unlocked phones in Europe. I have an open market (carrier free; unlocked) HTC 7 Trophy and I live in Europe (The Netherlands). But still I haven’t seen NoDo. I wonder when my device will be included in The Wave.

    I guess for owners of all those carrier-locked phones it’s even worse. These carriers just spent ages testing (which IS effectively the same as blocking) NoDo and now that it finally has been released they have to test it again? I really don’t get it.

  3. exmsft says:

    I used to work at Microsoft, and this state of affairs makes me sad – but doesn’t surprise me in the least bit. In fact, knowing this kind of thing would happen is the main reason I left Microsoft. Culturally, Microsoft simply isn’t capable of competing with companies such as Google and Apple anymore. The culture there can be summed up as “CYA” (cover your ass) as opposed to rapid innovation and strong technical skills. It seems like the Windows Phone team is so politically charged right now, everyone’s just trying to keep from getting screwed on their annual reviews or blamed for the latest mess. There simply isn’t any sense of accountability or personal responsibility. Look at Eric’s post. It’s full of vague, “can’t blame me”, cover your ass language with no real information. And this is exactly how people communicate within Microsoft in their status emails. No one gets blamed for anything, no one gets in trouble, everything is fluid, and this attitude of “oops, oh well!” is ingrained in everyone. Ship date slipped? “Oh well!” Had to cut an important feature? “HAHA…so did we! here have a donut!” Can’t complete the feature that your team committed to and our team was desperately depending on? “Oh who cares? I’ll just cut my feature too and let my manager know!”

    This is the kind of culture that existed on so many teams I worked on, and in the end I just got sick of it and left. Folks, don’t be fooled by the flashy new UI in Windows Phone – it’s just a hollow shell above a dieing platform. Microsoft got lucky to have a few great designers who built Metro for WM7, but luck doesn’t last forever (I’m pretty sure those designers also got fed up and have probably left by now). Ultimately you have to back a great product with innovation.

    There is no innovation happening at Microsoft. I remember how innovation was driven at Microsoft when I worked there. Every few months the team’s GM would tell the managers below him to organize an “innovation day” (presumably to show his leaders that he was doing something useful). So the middle managers would tell their minions to prepare 5-minute speeches about an imaginary, innovative new feature for 5 years in the future. Now this CAN’T under any circumstances be something *useful* or what customers need right now…or you would be laughed at! It had to be some crazy sci-fi thing so far into the future that people just go wtf. Extra credit for stuff that has no logical way of ever being implemented. Everyone who attended these meetings knew that nothing would come out of them, so people basically started thinking about them the night before. Then they played their part, did a little dog and pony show, and went back to their jobs. Those presentations would never be discussed again until said GM needed some more ammo for his VP.

    Ask yourself — is this how Google or Apple work? Every revision of iOS and Android evolves the platforms in ways people actually use! For example, Apple recently added improvements for AirPlay streaming, which is something people can make practical use of everyday on their Apple TVs. Google improves maps, adds Priority Inbox to Gmail, and so much stuff that makes perfect sense…it’s what people WANT! Microsoft, on the other hand, is always trying to play catch up, and even has trouble doing that with simple crap like copy and paste! The culture at Microsoft simply doesn’t allow simple or innovative ideas to come to fruition – it’s all about covering your ass, getting promoted, gloating over the smallest wins, and never taking responsibility for failure.

    The only places Microsoft is going to succeed for now are where they have their monopolies. Anything that has an innovative competitor like Google, Apple, Mozilla, Salesforce, etc – Microsoft is destined to fail, unless the internal culture changes radically.

    Take it from me, a 5 year Microsoft veteran, all the innovation is happening elsewhere. By betting on Windows Phone, you’re keeping yourself from enjoying all the great innovation that’s happening on the Android and iOS side. For a sampling of what you’re missing, take a look at this article from today’s WSJ: Cut your losses with Windows Phone now, and get back to enjoying a beautiful, cutting edge smartphone experience.


    • Mindi B says:

      Wow. You’ve clearly not learned much in your working life. Ever heard of confidentiality agreements? HR departments? Even, better, “lawsuits”?

      While your point is noted, it’s a pretty daft post. The internet is not a big place anymore.

      Keep posting stuff like that, and I’m sure you’ll smell a summons notice coming your way from your ex-employer faster than you can blink.

    • cernajose says:

      I agree with you to some point, yes your right Microsoft is not considered a consumer innovation leader. Perhaps they may never be, but where Microsoft business is and will continue, the enterprise they are not only innovative they are the leaders. They are ages ahead to any competitor and their push to the cloud is paying off and will pay off. Now as a consumer I do wish they spend more resources and took it more seriously. I was told that windows phone is a very serious category that they want to tackle but not because of consumers, but because other consumer devices are taking over their business license sales. But because exchange is so popular in the enterprise every mobile phone has to pay licensing fees to Microsoft. Now even OS X has exchange built in to all its apps. You are in business to make money and at this point Microsoft is making a lot of money.

    • mrmcguire says:

      WP7 is innovative. That’s why we bought it. The original iPhone was innovative. Android is a copy cat. Microsoft brought something actually different from the competition that works extremely well. I’m still very happy overall with my Focus, and every time I pick up my wife’s inspire 4g, I want to puke.

    • fanfoot says:

      Thanks. Cracked me up a few times. Sad though.

  4. Blakes7 says:

    UK > Hutchinson Group [Orange in my case]
    Feb Update: Delivering update
    Mar Update: Scheduling

    Phone says: No Update

    Funny, and it’s not April 1st yet (nearly though).

    • Jamie Olney says:

      Thats because Hutchinson ~Group is actually 3.
      Orange UK is not on the list, so have to take the Global Orange which is only scheduling :(
      come on orange, or ill have to debrand my mozart!

    • Geeky Skippy says:

      I hope our update comes on April 1st. That would just seal the deal on this whole mess.

    • Hal says:

      No I havent got any updates either. And funily they made a type and put Hutchison Group.

  5. dorianmuthig says:

    OK, so I bought my phone from a carrier, but I don’t have the carrier customizations on my phone, since I purposely flashed the factory ROM on my device. How does the Zune software tell what type of device I have (carrier retail device, OEM device or factory retail device)? If I don’t get this update soon, I’m seriously considering to wipe my device again and flash the factory ROM that already includes the update. I could’ve done this weeks ago, I’d just rather keep my settings (since there’s no way to make a backup).
    I really feel like kicking several people working for certain carriers to the curb right about now… what is the f***ing point of delaying the update anyway?

    • cernajose says:

      There is a way to go in to the registry if you unlock your phone and delete the carrier setting. This will tell zune that your device does not have a carrier and will give you an update. However you will get a generic software with out your carriers setting for Data and MMS. So depending on your carrier that could just be fine or it will not work at all. I did this with one of my focus and I was fine, however now on the new update there is nounlock for it. So because of this I wont be able to change the settings back to carrier. No big deal my phone works great, however I rather MSFT stop playing games and just delivered the update. If the carriers have to look at it they should have no more than a week to respond not a month or two or three.

  6. jj1075 says:

    Well, being an early adapter didn’t seem to work out. Anyone know when the 5th version of the iphone comes out? It seems “hand” belongs to Apple rather than the carriers in the iphone scenario-which seems really smart after watching the Android and now WP7 updating fiasco unfold. Maybe in a “walled garden” situation I can have some simple things like being able to save camera settings and the like. WP7 is really nice and innovative but it’s not worth waiting for so long for features/standards that should have been included in the first place.

  7. kindfors says:

    Hmmmmmm this feels just how Google does it with Android. They release it to a few phones the first day and then a few more the next day and so on. But with Android I can update manually and I don’t have to wait.
    I’m also wondering about “This Months Updates” and then listing the updates as February and March! Will there be an April and May update? Maybe they heard you shout Paul :-)

  8. jabtano says:

    I’m done with MS wp7 HAS BEEN A CUSTER BANG. MS no longer knows what’s doing. they are being leas by a clown. and it’s reflecting on the company as a whole. this fall when I update my desktop and laptop it’s not going to be with anything that has MS on it. in November I can do this phone it will not be on WP7 I mean after all we may still be waiting for NoDo and MS will still be saying “coming soon”.

  9. dkb1898 says:

    The “premier” wait – LMFAO – keep the jokes coming, it’s the only way we can keep our sanity at this point

  10. hawkeyejoes says:

    I am using a unlocked (but AT&T branded) Samsung Focus on the Vodafone UK network. Where do I fall in this list?

    I am just out of luck?

  11. billbunce says:

    As they say in the Marine Corps, slow is smooth, smooth is fast. : /

  12. Jake says:

    This makes me really sad. Guaranteed updates that were applied to all WP7 phones simultaneously were one of the reasons I thought WP7 could make it in a world where Android users have to beg, plead, wait, or hack for any sort of patch.

    Knowing that the carriers have this much control over what patches make it onto what phones makes me extremely wary. There’s no guarantee at this point that AT&T, for instance, will deem the Quantum or Surround worthy of getting Mango. They could arbitrarily release it only for the Focus or reserve it only for new phones.


  13. intelliex says:

    What’s with that slow roll out for unbranded devices anyway? It’s likely that the update has been tested ad nauseam Why not just release like Windows Updates?

  14. Edward says:

    So the majority of phones are still under “Testing” mode for the February update, after which there is a “Scheduling” delay by Microsoft, after which “it can take several weeks” for you to actually get the update.

    In summary, the February update will take several weeks to receive IF the carriers ever finish testing it.

    Mr Ballmer… it’s time… replace all WP7 managers from the VP’s involved down to anybody with the title “Program Manager”. Their incompetence has been proven again and again. And make it known that you did this. Trust in the capability of your company to operate with any semblance of skill has eroded to the point of being non-existent.

    Is it any wonder that Microsoft stock has gone nowhere for 10 years? Wall Street sees the company for what is, a bloated has-been, and has priced the stock accordingly.

  15. Edward says:

    As an addendum to my above… did anybody listen the the “official” Windows Phone Podcast this week? In the words of the Microsoft WP7 employees themselves, they spend most of their time putting together PowerPoint presentations to show each other instead of doing any real work. They actually said that. And then they talked a lot about some guys friend that is in a band that might play on a street corner at South-by-SouthWest, That is their idea of a Windows Phone 7 Podcast… can you imagine how useless their PowerPoint presentations must be???

    • dkb1898 says:

      What was even more disturbing was before that he was talking about there plans for the “great next things” in media and how they are talking about these pie in the sky ideas where nobody knows what they want to do yet, but management is saying they can’t do that. Matt Akers pretty much said it all, all they do is talk about impossible ideas that will never happen! No sense of urgency!

  16. ejlee2006 says:

    Another lie from msft…
    Its better fir this guys nit to say anything… Its getting worst everytime they say something.
    Copy n paste????? Its ugly, confusing POS,, I dont know who designed this POS, THEY should hire people from Google, young, smart, smart, msft wake up….

  17. captobie says:

    I’ve been patient. Very, very patient. I’ve defended Microsoft, I’ve said I’d rather have them take their time and get it right. But when I saw “Testing” and “Testing” on the Samsung Focus I lost it. WTF? Testing? Hasn’t this update been ready to ship since December? My faith in Microsoft and the carriers to deliver updates has been badly shaken. Hopefully they can regain it before I’m eligible for a new phone, because if I could choose today I’d choose Android. I love my Focus, but I’m seeing the same behaviors that killed Windows Mobile in play with Windows Phone. I don’t want to be on a sinking ship again.

  18. roberthleeii says:

    ok so how do we uncarrier lock our phones and only buy phones that are unlocked in the future?

  19. This is fairly depressing to me. I was very seriously considering buying a WP7 device for my next phone but the platform just keeps coming up short.

    I was willing to give Microsoft a break even when I realized that basically none of the big feature services would be supported or sometimes even plain available in Sweden (Zune, Marketplace, Bing, basic language support, you’ve all seen the table of services offered in the US compared to the rest of the world) but then there didn’t seem to be much of a plan to introduce them. I could very much live without Copy/Cut and Paste, a feature I very rarely if ever use on my phone today and I was fine with the notion that I’d have to give up on multitasking for some sort of hibernation model.

    Of course, a huge part of the reason why I would have been OK with making any of those sacrifices in 2010/2011 was the promise that it would be temporary. It’s becoming ever more clear that Microsoft isn’t terribly bothered to actually fix these shortcomings, at least not in a timely manner. As it stands even Android comes off as being a more reliable option. Sure, with Android, you might accidentally buy a device that the manufacturer decides never to update again but with WP7 it seems that you can’t not buy one. And there isn’t a huge community of hackers out there to build their own updates.

    It’s really pretty frustrating. These shouldn’t be issues! They update Windows all the [expletive deleted] time! Everything in NoDo and Mango should be on these phones if not now then at least by mid-year. They’re basic features. Perhaps they’ll be done especially elegant on WP7 but right now they’re not done at all.

    I would love, absolutely love, to talk about bringing relatively new features to the platform like remote accessing your Windows PC or something like the remote media streaming stuff that’s built into Win 7. Maybe the Xbox integration they demoed as some sort of concept recently with the ball game on the Kinect. Just ship it already! It’s depressing to have to talk about table stakes in March of 2011 and know that we’ll still be on the same topic by the end of the year at least.

    It’s Android FTW if you ask me. A win by default. The two sweetest words in the English language: de-fault.

  20. SEV says:

    From here:

    As an added bonus, as Microsoft’s official Windows Phone 7 support Twitter account admitted earlier today, there’s no guarantee that the firmware will ever leave the “testing” state. Updates will be cumulative, but if a network operator never signs off on the testing, that cumulative nature counts for nothing, and it means that in practice carriers can indeed block updates forever.

    Which is exactly what I suspected. And hence, I sincerely hope that Nokia sells WP7 phones unlocked and in the open market the way they do their other phones.

  21. aaltayeb says:

    I live in Saudi Arabia, the only phone-carrier here are iPhone & HTC Hero,. My phone is HTC HD7 Unlocked of course and till now its not updated, my Father and 2 of my friends have the same phone and they didn’t get the update also.
    On the other hand my brother has a Samsung Omnia 7 he bought from UK on O2 carrier, as I remember some time ago he put the WP7 unlocked version of Omnia 7, and he got the update so early yesterday.
    I just checked and the first SMS from him saying he installed the update was 31 hours ago, I don’t maybe he was lucky and got it as soon as it was released.

    What concern me is that I’ve yet to see anyone other than my brother who say they got it, I’ve been checking the comments and no one said they did.

  22. Hi Paul,
    I have been following your blog from the beginning and i also bought your book (Windows phone 7 secrets) and read it fully. Today for the first time i wanted to comment.

    Microsoft doesnt have more control over carriers or OEMS as Apple does. This could be because of their market share. We, early adopters / supporters should be little more patient and support MS at this difficult time. Having said that, i am disappointed / feeling sad about this windows phone 7 for 2 reasons

    1. No transparency on whats going on with the updates. The recent blog with different stages is little first step in right direction. But still long ways to go.
    2. No marketing for this good platform. This phone has been used only by tech people so far i guess. Normal / ordinary users are not aware of this phone at all. The only thing they remember is windows mobile which they hate. Being very vocal, i suggest you to empasize this point to Microsoft and they have to start doing that. This is more important than the update process because normal users wont bother about these updates as we technical people do. And this is absolutely critical for this platform to succeed.

    Note: I am using Samsung Focus (AT &T) from day 1 (Nov 8, 2010) and i am pretty happy about the phone.

  23. Looking at the Microsoft page:
    Stage 1: Testing
    The software update is undergoing mobile operator network and quality tests.

    Stage 2: Scheduling
    Operator testing is complete, and Microsoft is scheduling the update for delivery. This phase typically lasts 10 days or less.

    Stage 3: Delivering update
    Microsoft has started to send out the update. Because updates are typically delivered to customers in batches, it might take several weeks before you receive notice that an update is available for you.

    It looks like we may not see it on Samsung Focus till June or later.
    I am so disapointed by all this, and I am stuck in a 2 year contract with ATT that I got specifically to get the Focus as recommended by Paul.

    I went back and read the article from four months ago from ArsTechnica that Quotes Paul. I should have seen this coming and waited for the Service Pack like Windows taught me.

  24. GB330033 says:

    After being gung-ho about WP7 since purchasing a Focus at launch, I’m now starting to sour on the platform a bit.

    I can’t imagine what this whole fiasco has done to the 90+% of “satisfied” users out there. Do you think Microsoft will be sharing that metric anytime soon?

    I’m seriously contemplating unbranding my phone just to get the pre-update and see where I can go from there.

  25. Paul,

    When you said that the carriers were evil and if Microsoft let them have their way with updates we’d be screwed, I was hoping you were just being cynical. I realize now that you were just forseeing the future. As an At&t (Samsung Focus) customer, I have come to the realization that I won’t be seeing the update for a long time. I’m frustrated because I like the platform so much, but feel like I need to dump it to relieve myself of the frustration over this screwed up update mess. I hope MS see’s that their losing customers because of this.


    An Increasingly-frustrated Windows Phone Owner

  26. Geeky Skippy says:

    I like the fact that all the T-Mobile phones are scheduled along with 90% of the international phones. Its not very hard Microsoft, you have been doing seamless updaates for years now. Screw the carriers, its not like the update is delivered wirelessly anyway. You have to hook up to your computer. Of all my concerns with getting a Windows Phone 7 updates was one of my lower concerns. I just can’t believe this is an issue for a company like Microsoft.

  27. mareekmm says:

    @Blakes7: you read the wrong line:
    Global | Orange Group | Scheduling | Scheduling

  28. Ian says:

    I left a comment on that post already, and I will mention it here again…

    Why is this taking so long? Why does the update need to go out slowly? I understand that they would want to do that for a little bit to ensure the update is going fine and no issues are occurring — understandable. However, they said themselves that the copy & paste update is going great, why is it not going out at full speed now? If there are no issues, why continue to “take it slow”?

    I mean, it is not as if Microsoft’s data centers will be overloaded, the update cannot be anywhere near the size of SP1 that Microsoft recently released for Windows 7, which can range anywhere from 20MB to 1GB if I remember correctly. Yet what’s that? Windows 7 must be running on 400+ million computers, so their data centers can handle that load, but not some 2+ million Windows Phones?

    Hopefully this update is taking so long because this is the very first update they have done for Windows Phone, and they are still working out issues and what not, and that come the next update it goes rather quickly. If not, Windows Phone is doomed :-\

  29. mikea311 says:

    anyone else care to join my protest? I’m not paying ATT until i get my update. I called an told them to mark notes on my account. when i get the update, i will resume payment.

    • cpdjoe says:

      I sent a nasty email and got the typical corporate response for taking interest in their product blah blah blah and they’re still conducting extensive tests blah blah blah

    • cernajose says:

      I would do the same but I need my phone Im going out to mexico and ATT is the only company that works great there. However I have called and I have also ranted on their user forums. But thanks for doing that, If its not on my phone by the time I get back I will do the same.

  30. pergrill says:

    I have an unlocked Samsung Omnia 7 and haven’t gotten the update yet.

    • pergrill says:

      I was a bit fast here. My phone didn’t tell me that an update was available but when I connected it to my PC and started Zune I was told the update was available (March update). I have just made the update without problems. Great!!!! Now, can we get Mango :-)

      • jmzed says:

        Hello, great ! I have a question (maybe stupid): did you install the february update on your omnia 7 before upgrade with nodo or not ? Thx.

  31. curtkessler says:

    Ah, I hadn’t though of this all as some sorry April Fools joke! There really is no upgrade. PSYCH! This has somehow become major daily reading for me, not sure what I would drink coffee to without the comments here and on the microsoft windows phone blog:

    At this point, MS will need to execute flawlessly to stay in this market…and I’m not sure they know how. I really still like my Focus, don’t like Android, but iPhone 5 (whatever that may be) may make me look back again. Hate that. Wanted this to succeed. It’s still cooler than the other platforms, but how long before we start seeing live tiles, hubs, animations on the other platforms? MS has burned its lead in innovation here. You can absolutely be Apple and Google are picking over the cool ideas in Metro to see what they can appropriate. I guess MS could go retro and have a UI lawsuit, the lawyers seem to be the only thing at MS these days that works quickly.

  32. dockeul says:

    Hi there,
    I “un-branded” my T-mobile WP7 (Germany HTC Mozart) yesterday and got the NoDo update right away.
    The process is pretty simple, there are most versions of ROM updates available on the net (also this upgrades the radio version, etc to the latest version).
    Just a tip for all that can’t wait, like me :-)

  33. aakke says:

    Hi all. I HAVE MY HTC MOZART UP TO DATE. I’m in Norway, my serviceprovider is Telenor and I have a HTC Mozart that is unbranded/unlocked or whatever you call it. Notification and install of the february update went smoothly for me.

    I have been checking for update like 50 times a day for the last month, and disappointed 50 times a day. My mainissue with my Mozart has been and still is; it doesn’t handle countrycodes in front of phonenumbers.

    I have been talking with both HTC support (one sorry non-worthy support) and Microsoft phone 7 support. HTC has for several months kept on telling me they are working with the issue in cooperation with MS. I called MS win phone 7 support again yesterday, and now they told me that this problem was sent back to HTC’s engineers to get them to fix it. I called HTC to day, and was told that the countrycode-issue most likely wouldn’t be solved with the march-update that I was waiting for. I got pissed, and thought; what the heck, I’ll try to update by getting a leaked ROM from a well known resourcesite with a x in their url. The upgrade went smoothly. Then the funny part; when I connected my Mozart now running with a OS-version 7.0.7389 to my computer: BOOM; Zune told me “there’s an update available for your phone”. I accepted the update, and now my Mozart is running on 7.0.7390.

    Still; I guess I have to dich my Mozart and return to my HTC HD2, I simply can’t live with a phone that doesn’t resolve numbers with a countrycode. I really hate to do this, I love WP7. I couldn’t care less about copy/paste, the mac-adress issue wasn’t a big deal either, basically nothing of the things they have fixed caused much trouble for me. But that damn countrycode-issue surely is a pain in the ass – it’s to unconvinient having to memorize every contact, to be able knowing who’s calling me. Damn HTC or MS or whoever made such a rookiemistake. This migt off course be because the phone isn’t released with a Norwegian OS. I just took the risk buying a phone with english OS, but it’s still a stupid mistake by someone.

    Too bad, the ease of use, the size of the phone, the responsiveness of the phone, the UI…I have simply fallen in love with this OS – in spite of the lacks I as a corporate user experience. Nevertheless, very much by this OS is excellent, and promising – not everything is perfect but still; *siiighhh* – I used to love my HD 2, now I don’t know….

  34. secondruntv says:

    Its funny… I thought that the testing was the holdup since December… you know when they said the update was done and sent to the carriers. I just don’t understand the delay… this is, in the grand scheme of things a small update for a small group of people… many many more people use iPhones and they can push updates out left and right without any problem and they go out to ALL users at the same time. This “phased rollout” is just stupid and makes no sense… it’s like they are making up stuff to try to cover up the fact that they don’t have a clue what they are doing here. “To ensure the quailty of the update… blah… blah…” like they sat down and planned a crazy stupid update rollout like this… something had to have gone wrong with the carriers and now they are just trying to play CYA.

    At this rate they better release MANGO to the carriers tomorrow or we wont see that until next summer… we are already 4 months late and will probably be 5 months late with NoDo by the time it hits AT&T…

    It is really a shame… there are some many great and innovative things about this platform that I just love. But I came here from an iPhone and I am starting to wish I put my money on a new iPhone in October and not a Samsung Focus.

    The worst part about this whole mess is that I have NO confidence that future updates will be handled any differently. By the time I (AT&T user) get this update I will have already had this phone for a year and will probably be in the market for a new phone… but then again… I guess that’s the idea…

  35. braumin says:

    Well, not sure what to say here. I think Microsoft is trying to offload some of the blame to the carriers (who are obviously holding everything up). Hard to believe that AT&T is still testing these updates. Seriously.

    I guess I am glad I am in Canada on Telus. They updated their support page yesterday to let us know that March 29th would be the earliest we would get this update.

    One one hand, I am glad that at least there is something finally being said about these updates. On the other hand, I just can’t believe that carriers have to be involved in this process at all. I mean, Dell doesn’t block updates to Windows PCs. Apple obviously has so much clout now that they can just avoid all this.

    At the end of the day, Microsoft needs to wrestle this out of the carriers hands if they want it to succeed.

    I love my phone, and I don’t even really need this update (not sure if I have ever needed copy and paste yet) but they just need to get the platform up to par. I want things like Remote Desktop, but that is not even possible yet. How about a Windows Live Messenger client?

    It was a very vague blog post, but I think that says a lot about just how little power Microsoft has over the carriers.

    I also found it very interesting that Internationally, updates were broken down by carrier, but USA, they were broken down by phone type. They just can NOT say anything bad about AT&T at this point or I think they would be afraid of AT&T just dropping support.

  36. rargator says:

    Brings new meaning to ‘March Madness’

  37. glonq says:

    Poor Eric Hautala. Remember “Baghdad Bob”? He was the Iraqi Information Minister that appeared on TV declaring outlandish statements about how the US was losing the war and how the Iraq regime was intact and in control. He could stand in front of a burning, bombed-out building and tell you that it was undamaged.

    That’s Eric’s job now.

  38. fanfoot says:

    Wow, read thru the comments on Eric’s post. Looks like you’re not the only one who’s pissed off/paying attention Paul.

    I think Google can get away with this cuz they were first, and they’ve exploded already and are doing well. So people are putting up with the stupid delays and lack of updates when they have to.

    But Microsoft isn’t in the same position. Hardly any users yet and many of them are already pissed off about their purchase. Not a good situation.

    Personally I think this is their waterloo and the platform is going down the tubes before their eyes. Interesting that its all going to happen due to the semantic interpretation of ‘carrier blocking’ means…

  39. vhaakmat says:

    I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I just can’t believe that 4 months after the initial release (7004) all we get are these updates. How many devs does WP7 have? and all we get are these 4 specific updates? I just returned from CTIA Orlando, and one of the WP7 guys actually told me that I shouldn’t complain because I shouldn’t have the phone anyway, since I live in the Caribbean, and it is not released for that region yet. I almost lost it… I told him in no uncertain terms that even though we in the Caribbean represent a small amount of users, Android and Blackberry are kicking their a** in the handset space and that they’re loosing the most important market segment.. the next generation of users!! I made sure I wrote down his name, and I’ll fire up an email to my Microsoft regional Manager and ask him if this is the way they’re planning to treat my region, they might as well close up shop, because that’s just plain stupid!!.

  40. alexissun says:

    I bought my wp7 when it was released, and was realy excited about the technics.
    Now MS screw it up in tiny steps….
    Next phone will be android i guess…

  41. markmox says:

    This is beyond frustrating. I left the android platform, based off the promises of updates being delivered directly to the customer through the zune software and that the carriers could not block updates. This was never the case, I am so upset at Microsoft right now. I can’t jump ship since I am on my contract for another 20 months with Tmobile, maybe i will get mango update before att completes buy out, or just maybe ATT will hold it back so i have to buy a new phone.

  42. darrickwest says:

    Sounds to me like a plan by AT&T to prolong update release cycles of the first run hardware in the hopes that people will purchase new hardware (with preinstalled updates) when their 2-year commitments are nearing their end. I paid full price for the AT&T branded Samsung Focus – no commitment contract.

    I bought into the METRO-Windows Phone 7 idea and promise, but it’s not looking good. I’ll hang on to the idea/promise for a while, but I don’t know if Windows Phone can.

  43. mplovan says:

    I think MS should from this experience, go back to the carriers with the following ultimatum.

    If we are not changing the radio or other network interface software, you simply get notified but cannot test the update.

    What is the point of carrier testing if the radio and other network interface software is not touched?

  44. chestwill says:

    I could care less about copy and paste. There are to thing I want on my windows phone an Audible app and custom ringtones. Is this to much to ask for?

  45. rich682 says:

    I wonder if the Nokia executives are asking the lawyers to go over the contracts for a way out of the Microsoft agreement. Everyday that passes without updates for the US market is making more and more Windows Phone customers disgruntled. By the time Nokia puts out a phone with the Windows Phone OS on it the user base will be a fraction of what it is today. Nokia must be thinking that they might have picked a phone OS that is rapidly becoming DOA.
    Then again Nokia does not pump out the updates as frequent as modern smartphone users want.

  46. Paul Thurrott says:

    I don’t know anything about this update other than what’s public. According to Microsoft, they have briefed no press about this update. (MVPs have been told about it, apparently.)

  47. gmfeld says:

    I share the frustration about the handling of the updates, but I’m directing that more to AT&T than MS at this point. To say they are still testing after all this time has to be crap, despite the difficulties with the first update attempt.

    I’ve had the Focus since day 1. Despite all this upset over the update, I remain extremely happy with the device and WP7. I think it’s great (other than the bluetooth in my car), and have no problems. I never had an iPhone (been Windows Mobile for years), but I know some who switched to the Focus and think it has it all over the iPhone. To read that others are going to drop it and go to iPhone or some Android phone because of the update delay seems to me to be a little like cutting off your nose to spite your face, but that’s just my view.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      Sure. But then Microsoft was naive enough to believe that AT&T (and others) wouldn’t block updates and then told people this as if it were a fact. Look, we *knew* AT&T was evil. But there’s plenty of blame to go around.

  48. gfunk84 says:

    Microsoft sure is making themselves sound foolish by naming these updates “February Update” and “March Update”.

    What I don’t understand in this mess is that it can take weeks to get to everyone once an update starts going out for a carrier/device. I can’t imagine Microsoft ever trying to roll out Windows Update updates in this fashion.

    If they’re doing it to limit the impact in case of an issue, why not also offer the option to manually check for updates? That way — once an update is available — it might take days or weeks for Joe User to be notified but a more knowledgeable user who opts to do so can get the update as soon as it is released.

    Are we really not to expect anything more until Mango? Even if no new major features are added, they should at least be fixing bugs or making minor improvements on a monthly basis at the very least.

    I’m not even sure if it was ever explicitly mentioned that Mango will even be coming to all existing devices or if they will reserve it for new devices only (especially if they brand it as 7.5). At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised. And even if they did state that everyone would be getting it, their word is becoming more and more meaningless as they continue to release PR spin and pseudo-transparency.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      To be fair, Microsoft did say that Mango would be a free update for all Windows Phone users.

      And I now await the day where they proclaim such talk as “speculation on the blogs” and insinuate that anyone claiming that is lying. :)

      • ptrkjnssn says:

        Peter Wissing (Microsoft Sweden) has actually gone as far as claiming that there will never be a Windows Phone 8, they will just continue(?) to release updates to WP7. For all. Of course, that is not possible, some day they will have to release a completely new OS with a new set of hardware requirements.

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        Maybe he’s right. Maybe the next one is just “Windows 8.”

      • Ian says:

        Intel has said they will make Windows 8 phones, and you know, for all we know it could be true. If Windows 8 is modular (which would hopefully mean it would use a lot less resources depending upon the configuration) then there is no reason it can’t be put on a phone.

        Supposedly there will be multiple UI’s for Windows 8, for desktops and tablets, if true, it wouldn’t be out of the question for a phone UI, which would likely be that of Windows Phone 7’s.

        This would make it much easier for developing applications cross-platforms, seeing as the underpinnings would all be the same, it’s the UI itself that is different. Would also make it very easy to keep other Microsoft products in-sync across platforms as well (like IE, for example).

        Of course, this is just all rumor stuff, and things I am just dreaming would occur as well…

      • dkb1898 says:

        Welcome to the club, you are now so miffed and flabbergasted, you have begun talking to yourself.

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        Or WordPress happened.

      • dkb1898 says:

        Sure blame it on WordPress! Have you been getting briefed by the WP PR team ;)

  49. mrtimsmith says:

    We also can’t forget that in January Balmer talked about how fast paced they were with Windows Phone. I’m curious to see how this is talked about at Mix, if it is talked about at all.

    • Ian says:

      I bet it will be talked about, they will probably do the same thing they did at CES, and show off Windows Phone again and pretend that Windows Phone is going at a great pace and other lies.

      After they did that CES demo, everyone was like “What? Was there a point to that?”

      • Edward says:

        I get the impression that Ballmer is living in a bubble and has no clue how disgruntled the initial WP7 user base actually feels.

        Does this remind anybody of the way that the nuclear meltdown “official” news is being promoted?
        Day 1 – “We have it under control” (no radiation)
        Day 3 – “We have it under control”
        Day 7 – “We have it under control” (a little radiation)
        Day 15 – “We have it under control”
        Day 25 – “We have it under control” (ignore the people with radiation burns in the hospital)

        I know! In the famous words of Donald Rumsfeld: “We know where the WP7 updates are… they are north and south and east and west of Redmond!”

  50. hellerbrewing says:

    Paul, has there been anything said by MSFT about wether the current phones will be able to handle the mango update or are they going to force everyone to get new phones to stay current? Sorry this is off topic.

  51. mcraine says:

    Paul, do you know if all the Samsung Focus phones that are pre February update have the same OS, firmware, and radio version numbers? I’m trying to figure out why some people seem to have more trouble with bugs than others. The Bluetooth issue is killing me as I am on the phone all day with my business. If I’m correct, you stated that your phone’s Bluetooth works fine and you also haven’t had any issues with the additional memory installed. I’m wondering if Samsung had more than one version of the firmware or radio software. This could explain why some have certain problems while others don’t. Here are my numbers OS 7.0.7004.0, Firmware, Hardware, Radio Software 2103.10.10.1, Radio Hardware

  52. dcavina says:

    Paul, I share everyone’s severe disappointment and frustration with MS and AT&T’s inability to get simple updates to their customers.

    According to information I see, it seems to me that it’s in AT&T’s hands now to give the OK. I am curios to know when did MS actually release the software for testing? Did the recent pre-update issues cause MS to go back and make changes, which caused a reset on the testing cycle? Being in software development myself, I can see testing for a complex system like this taking a few weeks or more for each release (if testing is not fully automated). But a few months seems to indicate that they reset the release testing cycle several times.

    On the other hand, according to appleinsider, Apple on Friday released iOS 4.3.1. If they have to go through the same process as MS, does this mean that Apple actually completed and released this for carrier approval/testing several months ago but because they have so many updates in the pipeline, people don’t notice how long the carriers take to test it?

  53. PoliTech says:

    Paul, While I really do appreciate your enthusiasm over the WP7 update problems, I must take issue with calling the buyer of the Samsung Focus “Stupid”.

    I got two of them for 40 bucks each at the ATT store, (after some rebates) and there is nothing else that remotely provides a slicker set of smartphone functionality at that price — along with a shiny new OS. Sure the memory upgrade problem is a bit of a disappointment, but “cut-n-paste” has never meant a rats rootie tootie to me.

    I would like to see them incorporate connection to non-broadcast SSID for wireless, but again, it’s just not that big of a deal, and early adopters generally experience issues like this with new tech regularly.

    I loved the Nokia N900, but the maemo OS was just too clunky, oddly enough it looks a lot like the WP7 UI but WP7 does it without the clunkiness. (an N900 loaded with WP7 could be a treat compared to the same phone on maemo!)

    So for my forty dollar phone, I will patiently wait for an OS update that I really don’t care about. The phone does nearly everything I want from it now – as is – right out of the box, and any new functionality is simply gravy.

    Once Samsung gets an official list of approved SD memory I’ll soon have a 40 gig smart phone on the cheap.

  54. dkb1898 says:

    Get a load of this BS from Joe Belfiore

    I dub thee “The Windows Phone Black Box Scandal starring Clueless Joe”…in which the input into the Black Box is actual customer feedback and the output is Grade A Baloney from the Program Manager Joe Belfiore

  55. curtkessler says:

    Joe does seem to be a good guy–I basically went on the WP7 bandwagon after watching several of his presentations. But he is caught up in a customer relationship nightmare with this. I feel a little bad for the guys I liked at the beginning, but still I wonder where is the leadership and the brains I know they have to get themselves out of this mess. It gets worse by the hour. And for a smart guy, he really shouldn’t do sugar coated ‘rah-rah’ videos while the villagers are rampaging.

  56. dkb1898 says:

    Paul, I’d love a status update, maybe even a bar chart on how your email inbox has blown up over the course of Windows Phone 7…maybe you could compare it to your WP7 data usage, which BTW you haven’t updated us on in long time. I’m guessing that is also proportional to your inbox blowing up with angry WP customer complaining to you! :)

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      The data usage thing doesn’t seem very important these days, I guess. I was originally tracking it to see whether the usage would be dramatically higher than it was for the iPhone.

  57. mrtimsmith says:

    Have you seen Joe Belfiore’s mind numbing and frustrating appearance on Channel 9?
    I almost threw my laptop across the room when he said “it’s only been 4 months”. Oh and his great line about the pre-update problems that they “hadn’t anticipated the way that OEM phones would be configured.” So they appear to not know anything about their devices. You would think they’d be obsessed about every detail of every device they put their OS on. Guess not.

  58. aaltayeb says:

    Still no “NoDo” with four unbranded HD7

  59. aaltayeb says:

    Question: in the “Where’s my phone update?” USA, why is only 6 models are available, where is Samsung Omnia 7? Is it a non-US model.

  60. And Apple just issued an update to iOS 4.3… 4.3.1… The bug fixes keep coming from them. Windows Phone 7 is in a sad place.

  61. smoothdouglas says:

    What a bunch of cry babies we have in here. Whining over an update that brings cut and paste and few other minor fixes. Most people in the “real” world could care less about “NoDo” and probably have “NoClue” that there is even an update available. However, we propeller heads get constantly worked up over an update that brings only a few features.

    MS is trying to get this update right. They got egg on their face by sending the update and bricking some phones. They got thrashed by the propeller heads, once again, and are trying to take a more caustious approach to getting it right.

    MS is taking baby steps with WP7. It isn’t going to be easy at first and a few misgivings will occur. Apple, on the other hand, has the carriers by the “tail” and can pretty much demand whatever they want. MS is in a tough predicament trying to please the carriers (because if they don’t they won’t carry their phones or do updates) the manufactures (because if they don’t the won’t make devices) and customers. Apple has the luxury to do whatever they please and they’ve earned that. MS, on the other hand, has to make everyone happy….and that’s difficult to do.

    Quite your complaining, get over this minor update problem and enjoy your phone….because in reality, it’s a great phone even in its current state.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      No offense, but that’s idiotic.

      Actually, do take offense. You’re trolling.

      Windows Phone is wonderful … But horribly buggy and incomplete. That, sir, is “its current state.”

      • smoothdouglas says:

        Apparantly you took offense. I don’t.

        WP7 incomplete…True. As is, it’s a wonderful phone.

        Buggy….Depends on what angle you want to take. Does it crash constantly? No. Does it have issues with the Zune marketplace, and the camera settings not sticking, for example, Yes.

        Am I disappointed with some of the things MS has done with this product. You bet. To the point that it sickens me. They definately have a ways to go in improving their marketing, getting devices on carriers, communication and streamlining their update process. The NoDo update will definately improve the OS and make it even better.

        Am I mad that they haven’t gotten the update out right and in a timely manner, you bet. If MS continues on missing deadlines and putting out updates that brick the phone, I’ll be the first to put their feet to the fire.

        My main point is that this update IMO isn’t worth the trouble to get worked up over (Mango is worth the trouble). My second point is that most WP7 users aren’t even aware of the update and don’t even have an inkling that it’s out there with these issues. Does that make it right, no. Tech users (maybe using the term propeller heads was a bit much :0) ), will be upset about it because they keep their ear to the ground listening for any tremors.

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        Does Windows Phone crash constantly? No, it’s not an Xbox 360. Does it have to be rebooted regularly, as when you try to enter an app and it just quits (Marketplace, constantly)? Yes. Yes, it does. That’s buggy. That’s the definition of buggy.

        The “incomplete” I don’t even have to defend. There are lists 100s of items long detailing the missing features. Again, WP competes with the iPhone of today, not the iPhone of 2007. Obviously.

        But sure, this thing we’re agreeing on here is, in both of our words, “wonderful.” It’s amazing how otherwise smart people can be swept up with technology. You’d never accept a car with three tires, a toaster oven that could cook but not make toast, or a shirt with a pocket sewn shut. But for some reason, with Windows Phone, arriving three long years after the iPhone, yes, this is OK.

        And yes, *this* update is not worth getting worked over, because this update is a minor thing that addresses virtually none of the missing features I allude to above and absolutely zero of the bugs in this system. Exactly right. But this isn’t about “an” update. It’s about the need to continually update a product that is, yes, buggy and incomplete, and about the missed opportunity of not doing this during the crucial first year when the overall user base is both very small and yet very dedicated, and thus able to handle it. And the lack of alacrity over at Microsoft, which publicly and regularly confesses only to being thrilled by its “progress.” During a time in which, amazingly, it’s only lost market share.

        If you don’t think this is stuff worth getting worked up over, sorry, then you’re just not feeling it and maybe shouldn’t even be discussing this stuff. And to those who describe my reactions to this situation as “whining,” you know, whatever. I care. Sorry. Being an evangelist of Windows Phone, or anything else, doesn’t mean being a mindless cheerleader for Microsoft, as you can see on many other blogs. It means wanting the best for the two most important entities here: The platform itself and its users. *That* is what I rally around, what I care about, and where my own focus lies.

        That I have to actually explain this to anyone is a measure of how ridiculous the state of discourse is in this industry.

      • dkb1898 says:

        Well said Paul, the whole idea is that we AREN’T the mindless drones that follow an Apple product because of Grade A marketing and really outright manipulation and lies. We ARE the marketing for this product, we ARE the grass roots effort that will get this product off the ground! If we are starting to have serious doubts, something is very wrong!

      • Ian says:

        Paul has repeatedly said on Windows Weekly that his disappointment and frustration is not because he wants copy & paste so bad, but if every update takes this long and has this much trouble, Windows Phone 7 will never be able to compete.

        Imagine if every update took anywhere near the time to ship as this one, and this update it small. “Mango” is supposed to come out later this year, and will likely be much much bigger, if these issues continue it would take years before we got it…

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        Right. If they can’t ship a small update like this quickly, what hope do we have for real needs, like multiple calendars from the same source, filtering in the People hub (with “favorites), Outlook-style tasks, and so on? None.

    • microforever says:

      Apologize all you want for Microsoft and calling us named if that make you feel better but the truth is they are behind , way behind the others. Only people they have to make happy is end user, but Microsoft apparently doesn’t see it that way. They care more about preserving their partner relationships. We all know the update is being block and have nothing to do with they are taking it slow. It’s trying to stretch out the whole process so that carrier don’t have to deal with us and they can deny that the platform is fragmented since the update is technically in “testing”. If you feel that this is great step Microsoft is doing then great but I can tell you mobile market won’t be waiting for them to get it right. In April it will be 6 months since the phone release to public and not one bug fix will have happen, to me that’s not moving very fast if at all.

  62. dkb1898 says:

    Joe Belfiore comments at the bottom (not the video and not the user comments), extremely important first step to repairing what has been going on!

  63. Dixon Ticonderoga says:

    I really, really, really want to get worked up about this and, in fact I was worked up about this for about ten minutes, then I remembered….

    I remembered how when MS announced WP7 they also announced that it would have a fraction of the functionality of WM6.1 which is what I was using at the time.
    I remembered how a two for one sale and positive early reviews made me give WP7 a shot and on the day I bought my Focus being told “Oh yeah, remember that expandable memory thing which was the reason you bought this one over the other one, don’t do that we’re working on it.”
    No one worked on it.
    I remembered how I backed up my last phone to Microsoft’s own cloud back up solution in order to smoothly transition to my new phone. I mean, I basically set up my last phone on my way home from work using this method. Sorry, that worked for Windows Mobile, Windows Phone is a cloud based paradigm shift which doesn’t work with, uh, the cloud that you were using. sorry, that one was cumulus. You need cirrus power, or something.
    I remember the day I realized that the really good turn by turn Bing navigation was nowhere to be found in WP7. Because I got lost.
    I remembered how there is, as far as I know, no way to actually back up my phone so if something happens to it I can use the image to build a new phone (which, you know, that’s how I upgraded from WM 61. to WM 6.5 and they even did that VIA THE INTERNET)

    There’s more, but basically WP7 has been one disappointment after another all wrapped up in a very pretty, innovative bow. I wish I could get all bent out of shape about this, but this is how Microsoft’s mobile side works (and as someone who still has a functioning, occasionally used WM 5 device I’ve been dealing with these folks for a good long while to know). No sharp pain, just a dull throb that never goes away.

  64. darrickwest says:

    I wonder what contractual agreement (money paid) Apple made with AT&T to bypass or expedite the approval process to deliver updates to their iPhone? Based on what Microsoft stated, NO hardware/software phone vendor is immune from carrier approval processes: except, it appears, Apple.

    An Apple a day…

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      To be clear, Microsoft simply said that no hardware/software phone vendor is immune from carrier approval processes. They didn’t call out Apple as an exception. But I agree that clearly they are, which is my point: In the post-iPhone world, you do what they did right, not just part of it.

  65. briandarroch says:

    Paul, I remember you saying that the telcos can only block (or whatever MS want to call it) a single update. If this was true does that not mean that AT&T would have to release the February update as the March update is now available?

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      Right. What has come to light recently, however, is the notion that a carrier could effectively leave any update in a perpetual “testing” phase, which is what appears to have happened with AT&T at least.

      If only Microsoft would be more transparent about this…

  66. hloakes says:

    I have given up. I have resisted going to the iPhone but I am about to surrender. I have been a T-Mobile customer for over 9 years. Last year we got Android phones. It took several months pass the release of the 2.2 update to get it and my wife still does not have it. My contact comes up this summer and my intention was to get a Windows phone, but not now.

    I don’t always like the way Apple treats its customers, but at least I can get updates when they are released. I will probably move to Verizon with the new phone and get the iPhone 5 when it comes out.

    I believe Paul is right when he says the carriers are evil; they care nothing about the customer. Android 2.3 is out and I think 2.4 is coming soon. I have a phone that is less than a year old and it is constantly out of date. I know I can get the update and install it myself, but why should I have to do that. Give me the updates when they are available! I wonder if the carriers and manufacturers fail to realize that the device I carry around with me is more of a computer than a phone.

    Microsoft has screwed up big time and may have killed their phone OS before it is out of the chute. They need to stop trying to appease the carriers and take care of the customer.

    • darrickwest says:

      As annoying as this situation is, don’t give up. I will be around until Microsoft throws in the towel on Windows Phone. I believe in the platform and hope it doesn’t get killed off because of Microsoft’s weak partnership agreements with carriers and the carriers greed to move us to purchase new hardware to get new capabilities: Holding up TIMELY, if any updates to 1st-gen hardware/early adopters.

  67. dkb1898 says:

    Paul, what do you think the chances are that some of the higher ups down to those in the testing group, have a vested interest in Apple stock doing well! A strong MS in the consumer market could put a hurting on the killing people have been making with Apple stock…just a thought!

  68. aaltayeb says:

    This is ridiculous, the update was released 6 days ago I am part of the “Open market phones” and nothing yet, everyday I open my Zune go to update and my phone is up to date on version 7008. Anyone here have a Open market phones and got the update?

    Did Microsoft pull the update back, its hard for me to believe that those update servers are busy when only very few people actually owns a Open market phones.

    Maybe I should reset my phone to the previous version maybe it will update it then.

  69. Telstra Australia have today FINALLY announced they’ve finished testing the February Pre-Update and expect Microsoft will make it available to customers late this week or early next week.

    Soooo, it took Telstra 1 month to test and approve the tiny February Pre-Update. Ummm, what does that mean for the March Update with actual new functionality……. 3 months??

    They say NoDo updates will follow in April, but we’ll see about that.
    Microsoft better update their “Where’s My Phone Update?” chart now.

    Here’s their tiny comment, tacked onto the end of an announcement about the HD7 (which comes with NoDo preinstalled)

  70. Not Sure Where The End Of My Last Post Went, But Here’s The Quote From Telstra:

    “We know our Windows Phone 7 customers want the latest, best-performing software for their smartphones. We’re working with Microsoft and phone makers to deliver OS updates as quickly as possible. The Windows Phone 7 ‘pre-update’ has passed Telstra’s test program and we expect Microsoft to make it available to our 7 Mozart and LG Optimus 7Q customers late this week or early next week. Additional software updates for both devices will follow in April.”

  71. mrtimsmith says:

    Did the Hungary VPN/Unbranding hack to get the update on my Focus last night and it was worth it. Some noticeable performance improvements. Text messaging, people hub, marketplace are snappier. Marketplace overall is A LOT faster and smoother. Apps overall open quicker and perform better. No lag or stuttering in twitter apps or the facebook app. Copy and paste works great too. The best part about this is not having to wait on AT&T. That being said the fact I had to spend 6 hours last night trying to trick my phone into getting an update is disturbing. I felt like I was back on Android again. I hope Microsoft sorts this out before the next update but if not it’s good to know there’s a work around.

  72. garyritchie says:

    Just received the Feb. update (7008) on my T-Mobile HD7 (USA). Installed without any issues. I got the notice after plugging into PC and doing the check in Zune client. Fingers crossed that the March update is not far behind.

    Microsoft hasn’t updated the “where’s my update” page; it still says the Feb. update is “Scheduling” for HD7 on T-Mobile USA.

  73. marhopper says:

    I have the LG e900 on Telus Canada. I have the March update as of today morning.
    Things looking good so far (having some issues with wireless, could be the wireless at work).

    it seems like Telus is one of the first carriers to push the update/allow it :-)

    I am disappointed that the update didn’t fix the notification channels errors I am getting in some apps (and only a hard reset will do)…o

  74. vhaakmat says:

    Wow, both my unlocked T-mobile HD7 and my non-contract Samsung Omnia 7 just got the February update .

  75. Dale Nix says:

    I just got “A” update on my Dell Venue Pro. It now says the phone is running 7.0 7008 but no copy & paste. Is this “NoDo”? I look forward to seeing what you have on your Focus since you indicated in your tweet; you also received an update.

  76. jonahu says:

    Not for the feint of heart.. shows you how to get NoDo on your Samsung Focus right now. It’s tricky..

    It’s unfortunate WP7 fans are forced to go this route.. but I have to admit there’s something quite satisfying flipping the bird at AT&T.. and MS to some degree.

    • jonahu says:

      Success!!! It was a pain in the arse to say the least but well worth it…
      Kudos to and to Chevron wp7!

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        Developers can skip the Chevron stuff and use the Windows Phone deployment tools to make the necessary changes to the phone as well, btw.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      I did use a modified version of these instructions to get February update (pre-update) and March update (NoDo) installed. (I have the Windows Phone developer tools and am paying for the developer program, so I didn’t need to use the Chevron stuff to load something on the phone.)

      Anyway, it did work. I hope to write this up today, but on the SuperSite.

      • mlethbridge says:

        I stumbled across this way to force the update. Fortunately there is no hacking involved, and the timing can be a bit tricky, but I was able to get it to work on a HTC Surround on the Telus network in Canada. Thanks to the xda-developers website for this trick:
        1. Start Zune
        2. Turn off Data connection and Wifi on the Phone
        3. Connect the Phone with the PC (USB)
        4. Start the update search in Zune
        5. About 3 seconds later, disconnect your PC from the internet (Turn WLAN off).
        6. Zune finds NoDo-Update. Press OK.
        7. Connect to the internet again and install the update.

  77. Blakes7 says:

    Feb Update has landed here (Orange UK).

  78. wombleza says:

    Just got my NoDo update – in South Africa, on Vodacom – I guess I’d be “All Other Operators (Global)” in the Where’s my Phone table, which still has “Scheduling” for the March update for me.

    Because phones can’t, by law, be networked locked in this country, I’d hoped it’d fall into the “Open market phones” category… but alas, apparently not.

  79. drummerboygreg says:

    MS has updated their delivery schedule site. Most of the international carriers are now delivering apparently and they have an estimated time frame for the AT&T customers as well.

  80. luxsphinx says:

    The “Where is my update?” page has been updated with more information about AT&T’s status. Asterisks have been added to the Testing label indicating “**Estimated testing completion date is early April 2011”.

    So I guess AT&T has told Microsoft that they will be done within the next two weeks (since I assume most people would agree that after the halfway point, you are no longer in the ‘early’ part of the month). If we’re lucky, AT&T will get things done in a couple of days and scheduling will only take a couple more.

  81. aaltayeb says:

    I know that Paul used a somewhat lengthy process to update your phone, but this is just strange. I found this method to update WP7 which is the simplest and easiest out there. Its basically 2 steps:
    1. Turn off Data Connection and WLan.
    2. Click on update button in Zune and disconnect your internet after 3 seconds.
    Actually it doesn’t always work after 3 seconds, I’ve tested it 3 times and every time it was different, 1st was 3 seconds 2nd was 7 seconds 3rd was 6 seconds, and every time I don’t install the update it will tell me there is no update for me. I did the update after the 3rd time and it worked with no problems.

  82. braumin says:

    Just saw a post on another site, you can install the update with no hacks at all! Worked for me. The timing is tricky but I got it in about 10 tries.

  83. luiscamino says:

    not sure if this is still of interest, but i just got NoDo on a spanish Vodafone-locked (then unlocked) HTC Trophy.

  84. jptbay says:

    Just got the update for my Focus. Rogers network in Canada. Install went smoothly.

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