Miracle in March? Microsoft apparently delivers NoDo

I’m still getting the “Your phone is up to date” message, but I’ve heard from a few readers that Microsoft has begun delivering NoDo (“No Donuts,” or what is now officially called the March 2011 Windows Phone Update) to customers.

I await official confirmation, but I’ve learned not to hold my breath.

And if you missed it, I just posted a complete list of the improvements added by this update.

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77 Responses to Miracle in March? Microsoft apparently delivers NoDo

  1. romit says:

    Does it mean we (the ones who skipped Feb update) get NoDo with “inferior software update mechanism”? Oh no! :-)

  2. sbrown23 says:

    Tom Warren says unbranded devices only. I get nothing on my Samsung Focus.

    • dkb1898 says:

      Makes sense, since the carriers won’t need to field questions if the update fails, or bricks a phone. Makes me really wish I didn’t buy my phone through AT&T, I hate them having any power over me!

  3. nateb2 says:

    Yeah, you might pass out if you hold your breath, judging by how slowly Microsoft has moved as of late with WP7 updates…

    I *still* haven’t received the update to the update for the updater on my AT&T Samsung Focus – maybe I’ll get both, one right after the other…

  4. roberthleeii says:

    well i just checked my phone. no update here. i bet the pre update will come for the att focus and the nodo will come for all other phones. that will be my luck for going with the premier partner.

  5. Did anyone in the US actually receive the update yet? I’m wondering if the US will get it later. Remember, the US did not get WP7 when it launched. Europe got it first then the US a week or so later.

  6. AusTxSteve says:

    Please all… As you receive the updates… please let the rest of us know which provider you are using. AT&T, T-Mobile, etc..

  7. mrtimsmith says:

    My zune software itself had an update (which is weird since I just installed it here at work) but no NoDo yet. :(

  8. Stephen Dougherty says:

    Just upgraded from an unofficial 7389 released rom to 7390 final March update on my HTC HD7.

    • daimenh says:

      Same here, but on a HTC Mozart. That’s on the Vodafone NZ network, but the phone was a German T-Mobile before I removed the branded ROM it came with.

      Update process was pretty smooth, and I like the Restore feature in Zune. Plenty of information on screen during the update too.

      Let’s hope now they have the update process technically sorted out that they can deliver these more often *crosses fingers for IE9*

  9. jonahu says:

    Hey Paul, you mentioned you upgraded your Focus with an additional 16GB of memory. When you do get around to applying the update can you give details on how much free memory you had before the update? I’m curious if the update will choke trying to write to the “new memory” instead of the original memory block that came with the phone.

    There have been some reports of users needing to remove all content and apps before applying the update…


    • Paul Thurrott says:


      • cpdjoe says:

        Which micro sd card did u use Paul?

      • wqwalter says:

        Paul have you seen any updates or comments from Microsoft on KB2518812 which describes the Samsung Focus Flush and reload fix!!

        “When attempting to update Windows Phone 7 you receive error code 800705B4”

        It sounds like the backup does not work and you are directed to start deleting things until the update works. Since there is no backup the Zune content restores but you have to go back one app at a time fund it again in the market place and repurchase it. If you have purchased it you will be prompted to buy it again, but when you say yes you want to buy it again the system comes back and says you have already purchased and does not recharge. That seem real backwards to me. plus I have a 32 GB MicroSD that is almost full so I am going to be spending several days relocating and redownloading apps.

        I have 4 Samsung Focus with no indication of an update. I was at a Microsoft .Net user group meeting and 20 people there indicated they had Windows Phone 7 phones and no updates except one developer that had gotten a development phone from Microsoft with the update side loaded.

        Bill Walter

      • cpdjoe says:

        Hey bill, what kind of micro sd card did u buy? Where’d u get it and did u have any problems after putting it in?

      • wqwalter says:


        I am using a Kingston Class 4 32 Gb microSD. I have had great luck with it since the end of December. I transfered most of my Zune HD content to my phone through the Zune software on my laptop. This includes 22 GB of songs, 9000 Photos, and 2 – 8 GB of podcasts that i listen to each week. I ran for two months without the extra 32GB and other than having everything in one place I have not had any noticable slowdowns or problems after adding the 32 GB the correct way.

        I had a terrible initial start however. I brought the 32 Gb MicroSd into the AT&T store on Nov 19 when i purchased my phone. The salesman did not tell me he had no clue on how to install it he simply took the card from my hand opened the Samsung Focus box inserted my old sim, the MicroSd and the battery and handed it back to me. I had terrible problems with crashes lost data and finally ended up in a continuous reboot. It got so bad that event the hard reset and reformat with the MicroSD removed would not show any more than about 500 MB of memory total. I took it back and got a new phone and by that time the word was out that it was bad news to try it. I used the replacement phone for the next month without trying again. In the mean time AT&T came out with a 2 phone for 199 deal so I talked them into giving me 3 more phones for 199 since I had already paid 199 for one phone 2 weeks before. One of those three phones had the microphone die just before Chistmas. It was going to require sending it back to AT&T to get a replacement so I decided to try the MicroSD again on the broken phone. This time I did the correct procedure of formatting before the first use and it worked perfectly. So I decided to give it a try on my phone again and it has been perfect ever since.

        Bill Walter

  10. ddtackett says:

    So what will the updates mean to the ‘Windows Phone 7 Secrets” book? Will there be an online supplement as new features are added?

  11. blashley says:

    Paul, I was starting to get worried about you because your picture has a Blue-ish tint to it! No breath holding my friend!

  12. mikethomson says:

    It looks like if you plug this into the computer you have Zune installed on you get prompted for the update immediately.


    • Paul Thurrott says:

      Well, that didn’t happen to me, or many others. It’s not exactly universal, as that post suggests.

  13. julianapena says:

    LG Optimus 7 E900h in Telcel, Mexico here. We got the pre-NoDo update last week, and Microsoft Mexico has said in their Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/windowsphonemx , that we will get NoDo this week, in a few days. Let’s hope they’re right :)

  14. dexterously says:

    Seriously? Why can’t they just release an update the way the competitors do? What’s so hard about sending an email to all registered users at the same time and have it available for everyone.

    • I do not mind the staggered release as long as it is timely. The staggered release allows them to limit problems to a small portion if/when they come up.
      Spreading theworldwidee user base across a 7 day period would be fine, or a carrierevery otherr day could even be understandable. However thishaphazardd you might get the update in the next few weeks is a little to loose if you ask me.

      And can I please get the phone to remember my camera state, pretty please.

  15. mrtimsmith says:

    Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t get the point of a phased roll out. It’s stupid and only going to piss people off more. If their servers can handle Windows Update for computers it shouldn’t even flinch for this.

  16. mrtimsmith says:

    According to the Windows Phone Support twitter page all phones are eligible for this update but carriers are controlling the update schedule.

  17. ejlee2006 says:

    Another bs from msft, most of the updated brand is the HTC Mozart.
    They lied again, I doubt we will get the nodo, we didn’t even get the pre nodo, what makes u jump off the bed and plug ur phone to check. I didnt bother to check cuz I already know there’s nothing there, plus how come they won’t send us a notification?????

  18. drummerboygreg says:

    I just got the February update (so I’m now at version 7008). It’s awesome that they’re still calling it that! I guess, I’ll get the March (or is it December) update in April.

  19. mikea311 says:

    Read on another site rumor has it ATT users have to wait a long time for this :(

    no date was given.

  20. dkb1898 says:

    According to this, some people on carriers won’t see the first wave of the update until March 29th, then after that it will take 4 weeks for everyone to get it…so end of April. That’s a recipe for more disaster for this platform!


  21. trib68 says:

    That is what I’m wondering as well. I guess is the carriers have the final word, then I understand (even if I don’t like it). But if Microsoft is controlling this ‘rolled update’ then I’ve got to wonder what is going on? How many worldwide WP7 users are there? When Nokia gets in the game and there are a 100 million WP users are ‘rolled updates’ going to take 6 months to get to everyone?

  22. braumin says:

    I just got the February update. I’ve got a LG Optimus 7 on Telus in Canada. I was excited to see the update notice, and assumed it would be NoDo, but No Donuts for me.

  23. ptrkjnssn says:

    Finally, tried about 50 times late last night, probably ten more times this morning. As soon as I arrived to work and plugged in my phone, I got the much awaited message in Zune. Update in progress as I write. Samsung Omnia 7, carrier unlocked, located in Sweden.

    My next waiting-marathon will be to get my HTC HD7 back from repairs. Two months and still waiting…

    • kindfors says:

      What!! I have the same config but still nothing. What carrier are you on? I’m using Telenor!

      • ptrkjnssn says:

        I’m using Telia. Neither the pre-update nor No-Do was announced to my phone, I had to check the status via Zune.

        If my phone is unbranded, is it even possible for my operator (that is, whatever SIM I happen to have in phone at the moment) to announce or block the update? The lack of information on the update process annoys me almost as much as the wait for the update itself.

        Anyhow, copy/paste is a nice feature but the real bonus is the increased speed in starting apps. I thought WP7 was quick before, and it’s a real difference.

  24. alexd7777 says:

    Now i’ll see, how fast i’ll get an update on two phones (htc trophy vodafone, htc mozart unbranded, both in Germany). Hope, it takes less than two years (before the contract expired).

  25. Good luck paul.
    I do hope you get your software update notification while you’re with your wife! ;)

  26. lsobrado says:

    wait, I got the premiere phone on the premiere carrier on the home country of the company making the OS. you’d think I’d get to premiere the update? and by update I mean ANY update because I’m yet to see one.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      That’s actually a fair point, by the way.

    • wqwalter says:

      What about the thousands of Microsoft employees that were talked into giving up their ‘Fruity” phone in exchange for a Windows Phone 7 that are not getting any updates either.

      Bill Walter

  27. efjay1 says:

    DT in Germany wont be releasing their update till end of April http://www.theunwired.net/?item=update-microsoft-has-started-to-roll-out-the-windows-phone-7-nodo-update-update&5852. Frankly, I dont think this platform deserves to succeed at all. Its been a pack of lies from Microsoft from day one and now the ultimate insult carriers delaying what is a trivial update. You can guarantee the Mango update will be delayed at least 6 months for carrier devices. And looking at the progress of android its clear this platform will always be playing catchup. Difficult for me to see any benefit to using WP7 at this point.

  28. korn1699 says:

    I think that at some point I had some Zune updates that were gradually rolled out too, instead of with a new version of the software, as most were. I remember that there was some way to force the update either with doing something on the Zune or running something on my PC. I don’t remember exactly what I did, but I did something like that to avoid having to wait for it to say there was an update on my device. I wonder if there is some way to do that on the phone too..

  29. alexd7777 says:


    NoDo is coming END OF APRIL. MS, my next device is either iPhone or Android. You can experiment with your update tactics on some other mouses…

  30. Deusche Telekom tweeted they aren’t getting the update until April. TELUS states on their website that they aren’t getting the update until March 29th at the earliest. Who knows when MaBell will allow the update. I hope Microsoft knows they have FAILED with this first update and have completely let most early adopters down.

    I was willing to give Microsoft some slack because Windows Phone is so much better to use than iOS and Android, but it’s baffling how they ley this get out of control like it has.

  31. Deutsche Telekom – owners of T-Mobile in Europe – has tweeted that they won’t be making NoDo available until the end of April. The end of April, FFS.

    This isn’t the customer-focused experience nor the relentless programme of regular updates that I signed up for when I bought a Windows Phone 7 handset. This isn’t what was promised, and sure as shit shouldn’t be the customer experience that Microsoft should have created.

    They hand a unique opportunity to create a truly customer-focused ecosystem, and while I appreciate that some capitulation was necessary to its partners in order to stimulate the ecosystem and get it going, but Microsoft seem to have given away the store, and put all the control in the hands of the carriers.

    The first update bricked my handset, and after being tossed around like a hot potato between Microsoft, T-Mobile and Samsung, I eventually got my handset repaired by Samsung (although bizarrely T-Mobile’s record of Samsung repair says they replaced my handset, but it’s definitely the same one as it’s got the same scratch as when I sent it off), and got it returned to me two weeks later. Now, just when everything seems to be going well again, I find out that I’m going to have wait an extra MONTH to get an update that was apparently ready at the end of last year.

    I’m so tired of this crap. I’m so tired of sticking up for Microsoft all the time, only to have them repeatedly slap me in the face.

    Apple may have ‘Antennagate’ and an ‘our way is the best way’ attitude, but as much as I dislike Apple’s way of doing things, I don’t think they disrespect their customers, their fans, their evangelists and their most ardent supporters in the way that Microsoft does. The worst part is that, apart from nice stories about Microsoft making one-to-one calls to developers and patronising statements like the one from Eric Hautala on 11 March about how committed Microsoft is to the platform and to making it a success, I just don’t see any evidence that Microsoft understands what it’s doing wrong, and why people like me, Paul Thurrott and thousands and thousands of others are so horribly frustrated with how they’ve handled Windows Phone so far.

    Windows Phone 7 is a beautiful, powerful platform with so much potential – but of course we’ve all known since day one that it needs a lot of work to bring up to speed with its competitors who are already several years, and many millions of end-users, ahead in their development. It’s truly disappointing, and quite sad, that even now, Windows Phone’s key rivals are continuing to leave us behind with their pace of development.

    I just don’t know if there’s much point in repeating ourselves any more – Microsoft don’t seem to think there’s any problem with how they’re managing things. Might as well be pissing into the wind.

  32. intelliex says:

    T-Mobile Germany and Telus say the update is coming in late April, O2 says early April, Microsoft says nothing. This update is totally carrier dependent.

  33. hd7owner says:

    HD7 with T-Mo here and NADA for me .

  34. microforever says:

    At this point I am just treating this phone as another dumb phone (or Android phone). The phone is stuck with whatever it ship with. My next phone that come up for eligible upgrade will sadly be the next iphone. Love the UI but it’s apparent that Microsoft do not share the same passion for this platform that most of us early adopters do. It’s too bad because they actually had a winner.

  35. shackiechan says:

    Latest AT&T rumor I read…hope its bogus….is May/June for NoDo.
    Probably trying to figure how to keep us from deleting their crappy apps……

  36. tekidude says:

    no update here. Waiting….. with my Samsung Focus.

  37. dkb1898 says:

    Paul what do you think? If this update takes until the end of April to get to some users, and there are really no other fixes coming until Fall at the earliest…is this game over for MS in the consumer device market. I just can’t see anyone trusting them, and it’s lending more and more credence to your suggestion that they should cut their loses and leave the consumer market after so many failures.

  38. legosz says:

    I have the LG Optimus 7 on Telus in Canada, and I just got prompted that an update is available. Really looking forward to going getting home tonight & seeing what happens (and what update it is).

    • drummerboygreg says:

      It’ll be the February update. NoDo isn’t scheduled for Telus until March 29th at the earliest. I received the Feb update yesterday.

  39. roteague says:

    Since the update has been complete, and sitting on Microsoft’s servers, why all the reporting that the “carriers need time to test”? Wasn’t it Microsoft’s intention to do the testing for the carriers in the first place to avoid this mess?

  40. mrhappyscar says:

    I saw this, but I’m afraid to try it. Anyone else interested, there may be a way to speed it up for HTC devices:


    • mooreshelby says:

      mrhappyscar I tried your link, and it only updates the phone to the pre-Update. Still no NoDo here. :-( It was worth the shot.

  41. jahman7 says:

    I haven’t been that anxious for any updates simply because if I thought any more about it, I’d blow a gasket. So I’ve learned to shrug off the impatience and simply try to be content with what I’ve got till MS makes a move. It’s good that everyone is pushing MS, I just don’t have the gusto to do so myself.

    So Paul, I have a faulty 16GB C4 SanDisk card in my phone which gets glitchy every now and then, but in general it works for me. I plan on doing a hard reset and removing the added memory before updating to make sure the update is smooth. I also have not received ANY notifications about this or any update. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the added memory… What do you think?

    • korn1699 says:

      How does it get glitchy? I had an issue with mine where it seems to go to a weird state that looks like it reset itself, but it only reports 16MB of space, instead of the 8GB and 32GB microSD. When I power it down all the way and turn it on, everything comes back though. I made a video of what it looks like when it does that here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsJZAA0Ikk4

  42. Paul, just a heads up. When Microsoft said they would release the update to EVERYBODY, they actually meant everybody except people with Samsung Taylors and LG Panthers.

    I will not be recieving any updates at all and unless the HTC 7 Pro comes to the US with 3G bands, I’ll be moving to Android as soon as possible.

    Very disappointing. I give up.

  43. curtkessler says:

    So the update was finished in December, delayed for the pre update update, then the carriers blocked–I mean “tested and scheduled updates” for three months, a few pre NoDo updates bomb, they pulled back, now it trickles out but blocked–I mean more “testing and scheduling” by the carriers? What was the last 3 months for?? Basically no matter what the update comes through the Zune software, which I assume gets its updates from MS. Why are we delaying yet again? Apple has released update after update since November, and they deal with carriers too. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt (more actual manufacturers involved) but this is now a joke. Nows it’s looking like April for carriers, and I can only assume May or June for AT&T (who seems to be able to approve iOS updates quickly, but not us).

    I really hope there is some SERIOUS grilling of the WP7 folks at the MIX11 conference. Relentless, insistent cross examination of this mess. This cannot be how things work going forward, its a comedy of errors, no communications, no reliable updates, and just a mess with customer relations. If they would just communicate what is going…I really (although harder every day!) like my Focus, but I’m starting to feel stupid for getting it.

  44. niklaos says:

    I have an HTC Mozart bought on Orange France Network. But I’m in the US since January on T-Mobile network with my phone and I’m also still getting the “Your phone is up to date” message …

    Does someone knows if my phone is going to be updated one day ?
    Is there a “proper way” to force the update or flash the ROM ?

  45. copjake says:

    Yeah I already went back to the Iphone at least there is no dissapointment, they even release update ahead of schedule. MS is only hurting themselves the carriers don’t care. Try going into a att store to get a windows phone and what you will get is the rep discouriging you from getting a WP7 and push you to Iphone or android. Same thing happen to my cousin that live in London when he went to O2 to get WP7. My friend and I have been testing all Tmo and ATT stores to see what happens, same result. If MS was coming out with updates and new features I guarantee it would be a different story.

  46. mrtimsmith says:

    Paul I hope you or someone else with the balls to call them on it is at MIX and grills Microsoft about this. I’m blown away by the fact that they said “we will delivery the update in late March” which implies we will receive the update on our phones around then when actually what they meant was “we will delivery the update to carriers to test and take their time with in late March and you will get it on your phone whenever they feel like releasing it”.

    If the HD7S comes out before the Focus is updated (I even unbranded it with Rafael’s instructions) I’m just going to buy it and if Mango is as bumpy as this I may jump ship. Android has update problems too but at least those are usually resolved with custom ROM’s.

  47. mooreshelby says:

    Nothing here yet either. I have an HTC HD7 on Simple Mobile.

    waiting is so much fun….NOT!

  48. petercarbo says:

    Why are we at all surpised and dissapointed? We knew this from the moment they announced that the carriers could block updates. That was one of many mistakes. The people making decisions at MS just don’t get and don’t have a clue. Period.

    The products might be great, but the execution is terrible. With the exception of their core products(Windows, Office, Servers). They continue to release great products that I believe are better than the other stuff out there. But, they fail to advertise properly. They fail to get the blogisphere excited. They fail to update properly. They should have released several small updates every month since the release of Windows Phone. So even if the carriers could block one cycle they would still be rolling out updates anyway.

    They should have released updates that would have got in the news and gave them free publicity. Not the news that we continue to be reading about the 1 single update not coming over and over again. They should have seperated apps like the photo gallery, explorer, people hub, app store, etc, etc. That way they could have updated those things individually.

    Instead they just continue to dissapoint their early adopters and lose them to the competitors products.

    Microsoft please do us a favor. Fire your advertising company they are terrible “Realy?” yup. If I wanted to just get in and get out I would have just purchased a Razor. Then fire the guys that hired the ad agency. Then fire the guys that are just to blind to see that you have to get the media and your early adopters on board. So that you get good word of mouth. And fire the guys that agreed to let the carriers block updates.

    On second thought forget it, it’s to late, you already blew it. Your to slow to adjust. Just stop wasting our time.

  49. mrtimsmith says:

    Official update status, finally! Not as detailed as I’d like but still a huge step for Microsoft.



    This shows our bitching and complaining is at least getting through somewhat. Still a long ways to go and the question is will they learn from this for the future. Still it’s something.

  50. timnfl says:

    Microsoft just release another official blog post here:

    in it they give a new WP7 update status page:

    The page allows you to see where your phone is in the update process and infer what carriers are holding up the process ( atleast here in the US were WP7 devices are carrier specific for the most part)

  51. smartguy202us says:

    there’s a new phone update page at microsoft that shows the status of the update for individual carriers. looks like the international phones have actually made some progress with getting updates, but at&t is still in the testing phase. this is really getting old


  52. akismet-ebcf5b570f09884aa5d14454091f0573 says:

    I have a HTC DH7, living in Switzerland, device is unlocked: I got the NoDo update yesterday (Wednesday). It took a while (30min), but all went fine. Playing with copy and paste now…

  53. copjake says:

    TMO HD7 customers are getting update live now.

  54. wgimenes says:

    Vodafone UK delivering my NoDo uptade to my HTC Trophy now.

    They hit the March time frame by a mere 1:10.

    Not bad, Microsoft. Your carrier partners suck.

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