AT&T intros new Windows Phone, the HTC HD7S


As you probably know, T-Mobile has been selling the original version of this device (the HD7) since November, but the AT&T version is on a better network, has the “NoDo” update preinstalled, and a few other unique goodies.

Here’s the relevant bits from the press release, which also includes info about another (non-Windows Phone) handset.

AT&T announced two new leading-edge smartphones, the LG Thrill 4G and the HTC HD7S, will be added to the industry’s best portfolio of mobile phones.

The HTC HD7S adds to the best portfolio of Windows Phones with its 4.3-inch, WVGA, super LCD display, 1 GHz processor and 5-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash.


The HTC HD7S will be the largest screen on a Windows Phone from AT&T and will include the latest version of Windows Phone software that offers many new benefits including the ability to copy and paste text.  A powerful 1 GHz processor will power the unique Windows Phone experience and any of the more than 10,000 applications available for download or purchase from Windows Marketplace. In addition, with the preloaded U-verse® Mobile application, qualifying AT&T U-verse customers can download and watch hit TV shows on their Windows Phone.  Non-U-verse customers can subscribe to U-verse Mobile for $9.99 a month and choose from a broad selection of programming to watch on their Windows Phone.  This new AT&T smartphone will be the first HD7 model from HTC in the U.S. with an improved super LCD high resolution display. The HTC HD7S will be available in company-owned AT&T retail locations and online at in the coming weeks.

The HTC HD7S web site has a few additional bits of info:

Easily See Everything: Email, Microsoft SharePoint sites, and movies are crisp and clear on the HTC HD7S. Its 4.3” high-resolution Super LCD touch screen is the largest in our Windows Phone assortment.

Get to Everything Fast: Customizable Windows Phone 7 Live Tiles and Hubs put what’s most important—Microsoft Office Mobile, contacts, messages, photos, and more—up front. It’s all constantly updated so you see the latest information.

Capture Everything You See: Snap photos with the 5MP camera with dual LED flash and share them online. Shoot, send, and save HD video without getting low on storage. The HD7S boasts 16 GB of internal user memory.

Find Everything You Need: Location-aware Bing search makes discovery and decisions easy. Windows Marketplace offers over 10,000 productivity and entertainment applications to explore and download.

They Thought of Everything: A 1 GHz processor provides the HTC HD7S with optimum power and a super-smooth viewing experience. Xbox LIVE and Zune deliver on-the-go games, music, and movies. And with stereo headphones, the smartphone’s Dolby Mobile surround sound and kickstand let you watch and listen hands-free.

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33 Responses to AT&T intros new Windows Phone, the HTC HD7S

  1. dkb1898 says:

    More of the same, compared to the competition…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….


  2. jameselmer1 says:

    might have to trade in my focus to get the update…

  3. Ian says:

    And so the “buy a new phone to get the latest version” begins!

    • mrtimsmith says:

      Yeah it’s really sad. Arrive is out, HD7S is coming and Verizon should have the Trophy soon. So that’s three new devices that come with NoDo, one of them is out and other two will be out soon and those of us who bought devices prior are left waiting with Microsoft silent. The fragmenting is already starting.

  4. I sure hope NoDo comes this week or there may be a revolt.

    I’m curious as to what noticable differences there exist between my AMOLED Focus screen and this Super LCD.

    • ptrkjnssn says:

      Peter Wissinger, area responsible for Windows Mobile or whatever in Scandinavia posted on his blog last week that the update will be out this week and he doesn’t go public with more information then he absolutely have to.

      If he’s wrong, I have an HD7 and an Omnia 7 for sale. Don’t care about highest bidder, any fool offering me any amount money for it can gladely have them, including the burden of constantly staring at the text “Your phone is up to date”.

      Well, if those phones are up to date, my retired HTC Hero, bought before there even was an Anroid phone available in Sweden is some kind of future space technology.

  5. Edward says:

    Here we go… you want the latest software features? Buy a new phone and extend your contract.
    Existing subscribers might actually get the “No-Do” update sometime this year, but you can forget about the follow up “major” update on existing phones.

    – I hate ATT, and Microsoft is becoming a real loser in the consumer market.

  6. bitinkering says:

    Better screen than the TMobile version. Still zero bars at my house. STILL waiting for VZW to get WP7.

  7. ejlee2006 says:

    here is one example of companies greed….
    they wont give us any update, but will sell us similar product with an updated version… this people are liars, big time liars,,, they said the nodo updates will happen today????? where the fuck is the update??? and at the same time att announced the same hd7 with a brighter screen???
    i made the right decision to get my self an android device, because i thought to my self, just in case msft messed this up… and its already happening… att block the nodo,tmobile block the nodo…because this two fuc### are joining together… i cant believe this shit…
    i will nver be an att customer, id rather be with verizon with my droid x… fuck htc,att,tmobile,msft.. and steve … sorry paul,,, im just upset about this….

  8. gnalneb says:

    Well, I think we at least now have some vague idea of why this first WP7 update has stalled….maybe…I’d bet all the money in my pockets right now that MS was pressured to let AT&T release this “New” phone prior to making the update available.
    Oh well…sigh…

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      No, that’s not it.

      • gnalneb says:

        Eh, you’re probably right…good thing there’s no money in my pockets :-)
        But you’ve been predicting this behavior from the carriers MS partnered with since day 1, so I suppose while it’s dissapointing, it’s not suprising. They really just want to sell you a new phone.

  9. I’m waiting for my contract to end, but this is a sweet looking phone. You Windows Phone guys whine a lot, it’s a great OS that will get better with time. My wifes iPhone 4 is nothing to write home about, in fact it’s kind of blase´

  10. dmw4814 says:

    Great – I’m on Verizon, now the ONLY US carrier to NOT have any WP7 devices!! Meanwhile, ATT is releasing a 2nd wave of WP7 devices (well, 1 new phone anyways)!!

    C’mon, Verizon!!


  11. roberthleeii says:

    i would trade my focus for the hd7s. i want that bigger screen!!! i kind of wish i would have waited.

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  13. redcoat999 says:

    ……So how about us 100 million Verizon users…………………………….

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  15. alanburchill says:

    HTC HD7S sounds awesome… i hope they bring it to Australia…

  16. ejlee2006 says:

    the S stands for SUCKS????
    CORPORATE AMERICA HAS DONE IT AGAIN….they wont give us nodo cuz they want you to buy a new phone and new contract….. wow…
    oh well, the windows phone team kept blogging about the new phones, new apps and upcoming phones. but when asked what happen to the nodo update??? they shut the hell up…. since i will never get the updates for my hd7 i will just wait for a phone that have a SUPER BATTERY….. this guys kept talking about dual core, 3d this,etc etc etc……. what they should do is improve the battery, make the battery dual core….
    good luck wp7

  17. polychromenz says:

    I don’t want to defend MS because I am mad about the lack of updates but…
    1. They never said it would be Mar 21 that’s just people assuming. It does make sense and we are definately in the second half of March but so far they haven’t broken “that” promise.
    2. Releasing new phones has no influence on updates. Its the roll-out mechanism that they cannot sort which doesnt affect their ability to release new phones. In fact if you want to install a new ROM you can have the update on some handsets. But obviously most will want to get the update.

    For myself I dont care too much for nodo’s content I just want to see an update so that I know they can do updates and we can start getting some bug fixes.

  18. gmfeld says:

    Can someone explain the pros/cons of the screen technology of this device as compared to the Focus.? I’ve been extremely pleased with WP7 on my Focus, nodo or no nodo, doesn’t really matter to me. I think it’s a great OS. Just wondering how the hd7s compares to the Focus.

  19. kwicktech says:

    Looks pretty cool to me….not to mention I just dropped my Focus on the sidewalk and the screen cracked big time. Hopefully I can upgrade…but not holding my breath :)

  20. mrtimsmith says:

    They’ve updated the update page so maybe we’re close?

    • ejlee2006 says:

      Another baloney from msft, dont you notice, everytime they lie, they always put out statements like this, remember the Jan,Feb, update on of the guys came out and blah blah blah about the updates,, I don’t expect anything from them anymore,I di didnt even get the pre nodo, what makes you all think we will get nodo…

  21. kwicktech says:

    Ugh, any update on this? Paul or anyone? I guess Coming Soon does not really mean soon…

  22. mediacastlex says:

    Now, I am just curious what are the technical differences between the HD7-of-mine and the HD7s, carrier service notwithstanding…which I still don’t get. I have had T-Mobile service since it was Voicestream and I have never had any of the illusive issues that 90% of the critics out there have mentioned. Sure, other companies have better “coverage” but again, I have *never* had any service related issues. The spokespersons have always been above par also… =p

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