Still no update

I’ll try not to get all emotional here, but … WTF?

Every day, several times a day, I check my phone to see if there’s an update available. When there isn’t, I plug it into the laptop, sync via the Zune PC software, and then check there as well. Nothing. “Your phone is up to date.” No. No, it isn’t.

I’ve been doing this since Microsoft announced on February 21 that a surprise “pre-update” was available that would enable the first “real” update, codenamed No Donuts.

Then I stopped checking for a few days, after Microsoft belatedly admitted on February 23 that it had pulled the pre-update for Samsung users (of which I am) because of a bug. I was told that it would reappear “as soon as possible.” I eventually started checking daily again because, you know, Microsoft doesn’t exactly communicate what it’s doing. For all I knew, the pre-update was already shipping again.

As it turns out, “as soon as possible” was one full week. On March 2, exactly seven days later, Microsoft announced that it was resuming the distribution of the pre-update to Samsung users.

That was one week ago today. I just checked again. No update. “Your phone is up to date.”

To recap, we’re not talking about a major update here. We’re talking about an update to the updating mechanism that will allow my phone to receive updates. (Good luck following that sentence.) And after two and a half weeks of, well, nothing, I don’t mind telling you, I’m a bit fed up.

I’ve already written about how frequently Apple updated its original iPhone during the same time frame under which Microsoft and its partner ecosystem are now ignoring the needs of their own Windows Phone customers. (And, please, don’t be idiotic. These really are needs: Windows Phone shipped in an incomplete and buggy state that has never once been updated. This isn’t just “wrong” morally: Shipping a known-buggy product to consumers is arguably wrong legally as well.)

But how about just since Windows Phone was launched in late August? By this point in time, the iPhone was already a mature product, having been improved and enhanced over three and a half years in the market. Surely, the pace of innovation in iOS (iPhone’s OS) has slowed since the beginning.

Well, here’s an inconvenient truth for you: When Microsoft launched Windows Phone in October/November 2010, the then-current version of iOS was 4.1, released back in September of that year. And since then, Apple has released:

iOS 4.2. Added a free version of Find My Phone, multitasking tray improvements, new voice memo icons, FaceTime improvements, new text tone alerts, new sound controls for the volume buttons, and other changes and bug fixes. (Most 4.2 features were for iPad and aren’t listed here.)

iOS 4.2.1. Bug fixes.

iOS 4.2.5. Added CDMA support.

iOS 4.2.6. Added AirPlay video support, new Ping parental controls, and many other updates, and bug fixes.

iOS 4.3. As soon as today, Apple will release iOS 4.3, a fairly major release with AirPlay enhancements, better Safari performance, iTunes Home Sharing, and more.

I’d also point out that Apple, known for its insularity and lack of openness, has been very transparent about its plans for iOS, announcing not just features for the next version on a regular basis, but also the version after that. And then they deliver on their promises. What a concept.

OK, I sound like a broken record, I get it. But why is no one else outraged at this?

/cricket chirps

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  1. markuslaff says:

    It’s my update and I need it now!


  2. bgrambo says:

    Other people are pissed. Look at the XDA Developers forums. The problem is that Microsoft was smart in providing *no* real way to give them feedback. As a Focus user, I’m really paranoid about the possibility of Microsoft/AT&T/Samsung essentially making the microSD support a bait-and-switch feature, especially since I think Samsung has taken microSD card support off their Focus features page, though I don’t know for certain that it was ever listed.

    It’s “unfortunate” that so many of the bugs/issues that I’ve encountered haven’t been bad enough to break the phone, because this situation is just depressing.

    • mrtimsmith says:

      Paul may not be able/willing to endorse this method but I really suggest bugging the people you know who are affiliated with Windows Phone officially on twitter, facebook, wherever. They may not respond but they’ll read it. Post on the Microsoft support forums often and so on. It may not do anything but it can’t hurt to try. @windowsphone @winphonesupport @brandonwatson and I’m sure there’s more. If you’re unhappy let them know, often.

  3. sethb says:

    Microsoft is really hurting themselves with this situation. I’m in Iowa, (which basically means that GSM smartphones are a poor choice, due to very small 3G coverage areas) and have been excited to purchase a CDMA Windows Phone to replace my BlackBerry. However, the sub-glacial speed at which Microsoft is updating this platform is really causing me to consider waiting for an iPhone 5 on Verizon instead.

    I haven’t had a chance to see an actual Windows Phone yet, but the videos look great, and Paul, you’ve been a great advocate for the platform. It’s too bad that Microsoft can’t seem to get out of their own way on this, and can’t seem to grasp that their traditional development timelines aren’t the way to approach a platform this new…

  4. keyboardP says:

    That’s the advantage of having just one device. Quick testing, less bureaucracy but, ultimately, less form factor choice for users. I agree that more transparency would be great (not just for users, but for developers). One thing to remember, though, is that the NoDo update includes the ‘pre-update’, so even if you haven’t got the ‘pre-update’, you’re still in the same boat as those that have. Also, since carriers can block up to one update, the ‘pre-update’ has filtered which carriers tend to block their updates. When NoDo rolls around (…), hopefully that means that carriers that tend to block updates will have to release the update to everyone.

    • cpdjoe says:

      Well, maybe that’s what they’re doing with Nokia. Maybe not just one handset but one manufacturer.

    • hashpot666 says:

      agree with your comments. I can understand the frustration but I think we need to give MS some time to sort things out. They’re doing things with this OS that they never did before and we do see that they have done some things better than others. I have a Focus and I still don’t have the pre-update either and I check multiple times every day just like Paul does :). I honestly think things will get better once these updates start rolling out. Remember all the issues Windows Update used to have in the past? You rarely see any Windows Update issues any more so that gives me confidence. My phone has been working fine without any issues – my biggest gripe is not being able to add a microSD card and that’s one area where I don’t have much hope.

      • edw says:

        As a software developer or technology industry observer or whatever, I can see where your “give MS some time to sort things out” sentiment is coming from, but how does the state of the Windows Phone jive with the thrust of MS’s positioning? The get-in-get-out it-just-works positioning works only the product delivers on it. What if you’re not a technology trailblazer, willing to get some arrows in your back, but merely a normal human being that wants a product the just works?

  5. erazor2007 says:

    Well, I am but I have returned to my Android Powered HTC Desire two months ago waiting for things to improve.

    • froesei says:

      I’ve returned to my Android device as well. I didn’t want to, but this is ridiculous. I’m boycotting WP7 until they get their “stuff” together. I’m no longer holding my breath, and expectations are gone. I’m apathetic now, and that’s not a good thing.

  6. ericjilot says:

    Your not alone in this… you just the one sreaming (blogging) it for the rest of us that are not writers.

  7. lzandman says:

    Believe me, there many out there just as outraged by all this as you are. Even within Microsoft. But what can we do?

    The members of the Windows Phone team themselves seem to think they’re moving at an incredible speed. Remember that video I from MWC 2011 I sent you some time ago, where one team member literally says: “The speed at which we’re moving forward with things is fenominal…”? Unbelievable… The part I refer to above starts around 16:30 minutes:

    It’s hopeless…

    • moonman says:

      Like he said: compare apples to apples. Windows Phone 7’s first update will come much much sooner and will bring much much more to the platform than, say, Apple did with the 1st gen. iPhone.

      Patience, people. You will get your updates. If you can’t wait, go Android, then you can have a new version every month… oh wait…

      • moonman says:

        Ps: I’m still on 6.5 with my HD2, because I can wait.

      • efjay1 says:

        Its not 2007 anymore, its absolutely pointless comparing a product in 2011 to one in 2007 and saying its OK because they are comparable to the 2007 product. And Paul has already posted the update activity for the iphone in 2007 and its clear as day MS is already behind.

      • dkb1898 says:

        @moonman – What are you talking about?

        First this guy makes huge mistakes in saying windows phone today is comparable to the 4th or 5th revisions of other products. What product is that. iPhone is on iOS4, Android is well 1.5,1.6,2.0,2.1,2.2 and 2.3. Sorry but even 2.1 isn’t comparable feature wise, it’s way ahead.

        Second why in the world would I compare a 2007 car to a 2011 car. If you’re buying a 2011 car for the same price as a competitor, but that 2011 car has 2007 features what’s the point unless they PROMISE to upgrade you for free and the upgrades will be awesome.

        That promise is fading!

      • expectafight says:


        Wait, which one is it? You say that it’s “absolutely pointless comparing a product in 2011 to one in 2007 and saying its OK because they are comparable to the 2007 product.” And then, in the next sentence you say “And Paul has already posted the update activity for the iphone in 2007 and its clear as day MS is already behind.” Is it ok to compare WP7 to iOS in 2007 when you want to show deficiencies in MS’s product but not it’s not OK when you compare the two to show where in the OS’s lifetime certain features were added?

  8. gcianc says:

    Boo hoo hoo.

    “OK, I sound like a broken record, I get it. But why is no one else outraged at this?”

    Because my WP7 phone – and a few others I know with the same phone – works great and is the best phone experience to date. OTOH whiners (bloggers grasping for web hits and an audience) such as yourself can repeat yourself.

    Also the “update” was not completed in December by all accounts (copy/paste was but not the entire “update) and obviously a week or two or four is a small part of the big picture. They’re not doing monthly updates across many carriers and phones worldwide. As the saying goes… Turn on your brain dude.

    • mrhappyscar says:

      You obviously don’t read this blog often, or you would know Paul doesn’t “[grasp] for web hits and an audience”.

      This is one of the few blogs I have seen that doesn’t sensationalize, rationalize, or bash a product. Real reviews and opinions go into this, and real numbers posted here help to quell rumors and fear. If you came here just to whine and bash the writer, it’s not necessary or welcome.

      • expectafight says:

        The first sentence in the article is:

        “I’ll try not to get all emotional here, but … WTF?”

        If in fact gcianc is in fact as you say someone who doesn’t read this blog often, can you at least see where he would get his thought process from?

        Realistically, in the absence of actual news, all we have is reactionary behavior and well, speculation. After all we are all human. No one is looking to remove the human element from this blog (after all, it is a blog). Just be mindful of the reactions you will get when you tell someone that you don’t agree with, that their actions and opinions aren’t necessary or welcome.

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        Spare me.

      • expectafight says:

        I appreciate the response, Paul.

        Let me be a little more clear. I would love to see an update come in for my Dell Venue Pro today, tomorrow or sometime in the immediate future. The doesn’t mean that I’m ripping up the carpet in my office or my house waiting for it. Is it because I just love the way my DVP is right now? No. Is it because I’m less of a fanatic than you about WP7? Maybe, maybe not. I didn’t write a book about it, but you definitely received some portion of my $23.19 when I bought yours via the Kindle app on my DVP (Third book I bought that day, Tucker Max comes first, sorry).

        I’m 26, and I’ve argued and defended the WM/WP ecosystem since the first time I saw someone beam information from a Palm to a clunky device running PocketPC 2002 at a CompUSA near the Empire State Building when I was in the 11th Grade. I’m not some troll on tech sites looking to incite an argument. I’m just a relatively level headed consumer.

        My DVP works well enough for me, just don’t ask me about wi-fi. I suppose it’s because I expected some bugs and quirks as an early adapter (being honest, there haven’t been too many OS bugs that I encounter. I don’t have to battery pull more than once a month either, and even that’s because of the wi-fi bug). The update timing doesn’t faze me much. If we only get 2 a year, that’s fine. Still more than WinMo. On pace with Xbox. Just make the updates huge. A year from now, if there are massive update issues, then I will be quite livid. But I will continue to give MS enough rope to hang themselves and be patient.

      • PeaceFroggerX says:

        actually i have it in my newsfeed… probably will kill it now due to the void of real info and overabundance of sensationalism. Facts be damned here!

        Paul has a very limited business sense. No sense ranting and raving as the facts speak for themselves. He’s regurgitated news feeds while commenting on the success or failures of others while writing books that are less useful than owner’s manuals. I mean if he were so insightful Apple or Google or MS or HP would have hired him for a senior position.


        The simple fact Paul feels MS could “bully” all carriers ala Apple did is mind bogglingly unrealistic.

        MS wanted to “get back into the game” with WP7 launch. It did.

        Go buy an android or iPhone if you don’t like the timetable and can’t grasp the fact that stuff happens out there in that place called REALITY.

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        So Glen, ignoring your pointless and untrue statements, I … oh, wait. That’s you’re entire point.

    • copjake says:

      Where are you from copy/paste should be on the phone out of the box.

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  10. Paul,

    Rita Mae Brown once wrote in her book Sudden Death, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” Microsoft has never kept Windows Mobile up to date or relevant. Microsoft never did anything with Kin. This twice that Microsoft has just failed to be a presence in mobile. How come you’re expecting this zebra named Microsoft to change it’s spots, when the proof of it’s inability to perform is something that you know extremely well? You bash them frequently on Windows, Xbox, & IE platforms as being snail slow to the party. History has repeated itself again and again.

    Say what you will about Android, they crank out OS versions. Maybe not to every phone I will concede, but far more upgraded than most Microsoft phones. It’s pretty clear that Microsoft is on the decline. Right now the horse race is iOS vs Android. Microsoft isn’t even in the discussion.

    It’s pretty clear by the lack of numbers that Windows Phone 7 is a flop. If the pre-update doesn’t work, & this is Microsoft second or third attempt? There’s another statement that comes to mind. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

    It’s clear that in 2011, Microsoft is an old, tired elephant trying to frighten people with it size. Yet that elephant is frightened to the point of impotency by a pair of mice called Google & Apple. There’s no point in sounding outraged. With Mary Jo’s articles on Microsoft’s management issues, this isn’t 1995 anymore. It’s 2011 & Windows Phone isn’t even on people’s minds.

    My advice to ya Paul? Vote with your wallet. Trade it in for an Android or if you prefer an iPhone 5. If you keep expecting the Titanic to turn away from the iceburg, then that is living the very definition of insanity.

    • mrhappyscar says:

      While I respectfully disagree with you that Windows Phone 7 is a flop, your points are valid. Expectations of anything from Microsoft are, at this point, silly. At least the Windows Phone I purchased runs well and functions in a manner consistant with my needs and wants.

      Eventually, updates should come, but the time it takes to receive them will have people dissappointed and angry. If Microsoft can retain any significant market share, even a small percentage, it should carry the platform for at least the next few years, until consumers can leave contracts and a new phone platform arrives.

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        I don’t believe I called it a flop. What I am saying is that it is disappointing given the promises, the innovation in the UI, and what the competition is doing.

    • kongjie says:

      Rita Mae Brown might have put it in her book, but she’s quoting Einstein.

  11. jj1075 says:

    My Samsung Focus should have been called the Samsung Oblivion-because that’s where it has me. It’s a great product but the service behind it is deplorable at best. I feel like I ordered a great steak at Morton’s but they forgot the silverware and have no intention of coming back to my table to check on me.

  12. mikea311 says:

    just tell us when its coming and stick to the date, the suspense is killing us.

  13. swiftnc says:

    We are all mad. I am just glad to see that you are as annoyed as I am!
    I can only assume that AT&T has completely blocked the pre-update as I have not heard of anyone on AT&T getting it.

  14. bmer83 says:

    I’m glad to be not the only one experiencing OCD over this..

    Would be nice to have several features in the near future:

    Custom Ringtones
    Video sharing / upload
    OS / Ringtone Volume controls
    Better GPS in Bing / Turn by Turn Nav
    Improved Zune client (much like what is on xbox) also and option to restart or resume video..

  15. mrtimsmith says:

    For me personally I think the delays would be easier to live with if Microsoft was just open about it and told us what was going on. Also rumor is the NoDo update was supposed to be out the 7th or 8th but the pre-update issues caused Microsoft to hold off. I don’t know if that’s true but if it is my opinion is just release it anyway and deal with what issues come from that. It’s never going to work flawlessly for every user the first time, that’s impossible and if they’re not careful they’re going to venture into Duke Nukem Forever territory with the updates. This is why smaller monthly updates would be much better with the occasional “big” update.

  16. not wanting to defend MS here, well because the lack of regular updates IS indefensible, but is this once again a case of SAMSUNG holding back updates – like it did with Android 2.2 for the Galaxy S… Have other manufacturers been any quicker with this update?

  17. I’m with you on this. I’ve tried to be patient but the lack of transparency with what is going on with this update is most frustrating. Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of Microsoft because Windows Phone locked me into a new contract.

    Like you, I also check everyday, multiple times a day for updates.

  18. vhaakmat says:

    Paul, being an MS beta tester for more than 15 years, a developer for more than 20 years and an early adopter of everything that MS comes out with, you know how I feel. I feel left out, abandoned, left for dead with my 2 phones (HD7 and Omnia 7). Sometimes I wake up at night, to check to see if anything came down the pipe… nothing.. And we’re still talking pre-Nodo here. It’s disgusting… really. I think they meant early january ’12 because we can’t have the 1st quarter of the year closing on us and not even a decent update. I have more than 100 users here that have WP7, and only a whopping 3 got the update. If they keep it up this way, they’ve lost the island of St. Maarten totally. And believe me, we are phone freaks here.

  19. Mike says:

    So, I’ll admit first and foremost that I’m an Apple guy. Perhaps that invalidates my opinion on a Windows site, but you’re a pretty open-minded guy, so I’m going to guess that my thoughts are as welcome as any others.
    In my opinion, the problems that MSFT is having isn’t due to Ballmer, or to the Microsoft culture, or anything of that nature. I think that they’re just too darn big.
    By way of acquisition, I now work for a (very) large German ERP software company (try to guess which one). I’ve been here for 12 years, and when I started, we were a small, nimble shop. If there was a problem, we fixed it. If there was something our software needed to remain competitive, we did it. There weren’t committees, there weren’t (many) processes, heck, there weren’t shareholders. We did what needed to be done. Now that we have 55,000 employees, there are groups, and committees, and administrative overhead, and meetings to talk about how to have more effective processes. It’s a wonder we able to innovate the way that we do. This problem is one that exists with ALL large companies. You can’t effectively compete in an industry that demands innovation, while being so incredibly large.
    Microsoft is a victim of its own success, and has grown into a software monolith that can’t get out of its own way. When you compare the performance of the Windows division against, say, the Xbox guys, there’s no comparison. It’s my understanding that they work independently, with little oversight from the ‘suits’, and look what they are able to accomplish. On the other hand, where’s the Windows Tablet OS? Delayed until 2012. 2012?!?! This game is going to be (ostensibly) over by the end of 2011, and Microsoft is (again) going to be playing third fiddle.
    To survive, Microsoft has to split up and lean up, or assume their place as not an innovator, but as infrastructure. Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just that plumbing isn’t that exciting.

    • cpdjoe says:

      Well put in current state. My question is how can att b blocking the update but iPhone has been updated a ton of times?

  20. aaronsudduth says:

    I don’t have a samsung device (I have the LG Quantum) and no sign of a pre-update here either… Unless it just happened without me knowing it… is there a specific version number in the “about” screen I should look for?

    • mrhappyscar says:

      I believe the number is “7004”, but you should have seen the update request permission to start, and I believe it has to be plugged in to a computer.

  21. kabukin0 says:

    A bigger problem nobody mentions is that applications are mostly recompiled for nodo. This has made the textbox control LESS functional than it was before.

    What doesn’t work is the textbox control in 3rd party apps like seesmic. It for example is not possible to scroll in the textbox to text outside the editibg box.

    Not only have they delayed NoDo, but they’ve actually DOWNGRADED all 3rd party apps between releasing the ned compiler and the consumer NoDo update.


  22. I’ve talked to other friends around the world with a Focus (of which I also have) and they have received the update. I was told by someone at MSFT that it was due to global caching of the bits. Don’t know how true that is, but I do know that some have received it.

  23. devnis says:

    I’m from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and I have a Samsung Focus. I just received the update this morning, but I haven’t applied it yet. I’m at work right now so I’m waiting to go home to do it. Just wanted to let you know that the update is going around…

  24. Edward says:

    This reminds me so much of the IBM debacle with OS/2. In that case, we had a very large and experienced company, with unlimited funds and extreme talent, that because of management could not produce a workable product.

    Microsoft is at the same point of ineffectiveness now, and it shows across it’s product line. And they are closer to the abyss than they seem to realize. Misled by a huge management cadre that seems to be more impressed by their own titles than their skills and effectiveness, with a core group of good employees that seems to have given up and just trudge to work every day to do what they are told to do.

    The company is too big to do anything right anymore. They have too many managers and department heads fighting for their own power seat to pay any attention to their products. When I think of Microsoft these days, it just feels like I am looking at a Dilbert cartoon.

    I have 2 Samsung WP7 phones. I like the concept, but frankly unless Microsoft gets it’s head out of it’s a$$ really soon (WP7 management needs to be fired), the platform has no future, and a couple of years from now when I can upgrade my phone WP7 will not be a good option. So I don’t really care if I get any updates… at this point WP7’s future is grim, and I can live with this choice unchanged for another 18 months.

    Think of it this way. If Apple computers were priced the same or less than equivalent Microsoft hardware/software products, would anybody buy a PC? Probably not. The same with phones. If in 5 months I can buy an iPhone4 for the same price as a WP7, which would I choose? Based on the WP7 experience so far, it would be the iPhone4… and I went out of my way to buy the WP7… Icould have bought an iPhone 3Gs for half the price.

    • jsec71 says:

      The Nokia deal was probably the best thing that could have happened for the future of WP7. Here’s a company that’s betting their future on the success of the WP7 platform. Let’s hope they have a big enough foot to provide Microsoft the kick in the pants they so desperately need.

  25. dkb1898 says:

    Paul, I’m beyond outraged, I’m beginning not to care anymore about my Samsung Focus. Or as WP7 people would put it, being delighted! Since the first month and a half of owning this phone, I’ve been nothing but disappointed. From delighted to disappointed! I still have some hope though that MS has some tricks up it’s sleeve, and I’m going to have to suffer for at least a year with being an early adopter, but here is how I see it now…

    1. I haven’t for 3 months been able to sent a video message to friends, we used to do this often to make each other laugh. I was able to pull this off on a 3 year old LG Ev2 feature phone.

    2. I stopped using the camera, because I got tired of having to make the changes every time just to get a decent photo.

    3. I stopped recommending the phone because of 1 and 2 above, plus it’s important for many people who ask about to the phone to have custom ringtones. Personally I could care less, but for them it’s important. By the way my 3 year old feature phone had custom ringtones.

    4. I have a text from 2/6 that is a great candidate for copy and paste, it’s an address and the phone recognizes it, but there is no option for me to update the contacts address with this. So poor integration here, AND I’ve been waiting over a month for Copy/Paste so I can delete this text.

    5. Bing maps has been hit or miss, especially with a moving car. Sometimes it tracks me, sometimes it doesn’t and I have to run the route again just to get it to work. In the meantime Google released a pretty sweet maps update with vector 3D, and now they have a real time traffic on a mapping system that was already much better.

    6. I’m sure I could think of more things that are overly unpolished that should have been fixed long ago, but well, I just don’t care that much anymore! Life goes on, but I have learned one lesson. WP7 has shown me that some inside MS care more about themselves then their customers. And this will factor heavily in my decisions around purchasing a tablet, and definitely purchasing my next phone in 2 years.

  26. alzando says:

    Paul, check with your contacts at Microsoft but the pre-update is for unlocked phones with no carrier only; phones provided by carriers do not need the update. If you have an unlocked phone, try firing up the zune software with the phone connected and checking for updates then.

  27. fearthed0nut says:

    There’s the saying “Ignore Your Teeth, and They’ll Go Away.” That’s what’s happening with Windows Phone 7.

    If Microsoft isn’t taking Windows Phone 7 seriously, or if they aren’t effectively communicating that they’re taking it seriously, why should I?

    While I love my Samsung Focus (I really do), I see less and less reason to own one when it comes time to renew my AT&T contact. That’s in about 19 months or so. Hopefully, we’ll see an update by then…

  28. misterbigwords says:

    Sigh. I really want a Windows Phone, and I’ve been eyeing the Samsung Focus for a while, but the lack of updates, and that whole pre-update debacle (never mind apps, or copy and paste) is seriously holding me back.

    And it’s not like there aren’t other options out there.

  29. paschott says:

    You’re not alone. We just don’t have a way to effectively voice our discontent. Where to we go to tell MS that we’re not happy with the current speed at which these changes are being pushed out? How do we officially file a bug in some manner that can be tracked? Add to that the almost complete lack of any official communication from MS regarding progress and it looks really bad. It’s definitely not the first impression you want to give your customers who are willing to be early adopters. Right now the WP7 talk is “we’re not getting updates” and “how much longer can this possibly take”. The MS’ response of “all we promised was early 2011” is pretty pathetic. As you noted, Apple has been way ahead of them with bug fixes and minor upgrades.

    Hopefully MS will get its collective head out of the sand and throw us a bone at the very least, though the first major update would be even better.

  30. efjay1 says:

    We’ve been crying to MS for speed for years, with WM and now thats been abandoned again with WP7. Just seems Microsoft is truly not cut out to be in the mobile sector, they are really struggling to release their 1st update while their competitors are almost daily enhancing their own platforms. There really is no hope WP7 can catch up, it would take a massive update which MS has shown they are incapable of doing.

    Sad, but I think Nokia has backed the wrong horse but at least they got a nice paycheck out of it!

  31. digime2007 says:

    Paul – I think you’re getting a bit carried away.

    I’ve not read anywhere that the pre-update is required to enable the NoDo update. Statements just say that it “helps future updates”. It’s quite possible that it’s not necessary or that this update will be chained with NoDo. No reason to draw the conclusion that you’ll be delayed longer than anyone else. If it turns out otherwise then start screaming.

    I’d love faster progress on the update front as well but understand MS have to be very careful to nail the update process. I’m happy to give them that latitude at this moment in time. As time goes on I will expect more.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      The pre-update is a requirement for future updates (including NoDo) on certain (unnamed) devices. It’s a pre-requisite.

      • deskeys says:

        according to the Windows Phone Blog, the pre-update will be bundled with NoDo for those who choose not to install it. it seems likely that it’ll work the same way for those who never received the pre-update.

        (see: last Q&A response,

      • digime2007 says:

        So you don’t know if you need the preupdate or whether it will be delivered with NoDo. But you’re still getting upset about it on the assumption that you’re missing out.

        Also, anyone who bought WP7 thinking it would get all the features of Android overnight are simply deluded.

        And then there are the people who bought it without bothering to find out what it does and doesn’t do first.

        There’s more chance of MS listening if the complaints are more focussed and grounded.

    • fearthed0nut says:

      I’d love faster progress on the update front as well but understand MS have to be very careful to nail the update process.

      Judging by the impact that the last pre-update had on Samsung phones, and the rollback that followed, I’d say that Microsoft is NOT being very careful when trying to nail the update process.

  32. maxpg says:

    Everyone is complaining about this, but Microsoft doesn’t listen. I’m sure they know that most of the people are not satisfied with what they’re doing, but they chose to ignore them. That’s what they’ve always done with problems regarding Windows Phone 7. I’m living in Germany and some of the Zune services are not even available. Xbox Live Extras was not available when I bought the phone even though Microsoft advertised it on the German Xbox website. When everyone asked on the official forums all they said was basically “we don’t have any information”. Another example; Podcasts are still not available where I live. Microsoft, however, chooses to ignore the problem. “Licensing issues, everything takes time”. No information about anything.

    Microsoft’s update strategy is obviously a mess as well. Two updates a year are just not enough. Especially not when both updates only feature things that should have been included at launch. iOS will not stop evolving and neither will the Android OS. I found it pretty funny when Microsoft compared the current version of Safari Mobile with the upcoming version of Internet Explorer 9. They were proudly showing how Safari doesn’t handle HTML5 as well as the upcoming IE9. The fact that the current version of IE9, the version your customers are currently using, doesn’t even support HTML5 at all did not get any attention.

    I think Microsoft should get rid of “big“ updates altogether. What they should do is have various teams who specialize on one thing at a time. Let’s get one team who makes the Internet Explorer 9 and get that one out as soon as possible. Let another team work on something completely different and release this part of the update as soon as it’s ready. Have a bunch of people working on bugfixes (most important thing) and release fixed as soon as they’re done. That’s (imo) the only chance Microsoft has.

    • jsec71 says:

      A schedule of many small updates can introduce “update fatigue” both for the carriers and for customers. Somebody has to test this stuff after all. And then there the whole OTA rollout. It could get unmanageable quickly. I can see why the carriers would never go for it.

  33. Rob Keiser says:

    I’m more disappointed than outraged.
    The actual updated isn’t that important to me, but the process is. Will my phone update correctly or won’t it? I feel like I’m walking around waiting for someone to jump out of the shadows and either mug me or wish me happy birthday and it is getting old.

    I’d really like to know what the rollout plan is…is it by country, by carrier, by phone number? And how many phones have been notified? 5%, 10%, 50%? If we had some framework to understand what is happening it would make the wait a little easier. I still wouldn’t be completely happy with the glacial pace, but at least I would know where I stand.

  34. rdl says:

    I’ll try not to be idotic, but you shouldn’t get too emotional as well: I’ve heard AT&T Samsung users will receive both updates together, and that will happen in the first two weeks of March. That’s the time frame promised at MWC, so there’s no reason to get upset now.
    A lot of people around the world with different devices and carriers already received the update (pre-NoDo), and honestly there’s not much to cheer about as it doesn’t bring anything new. We’re all waiting for NoDo, which is late, but we also know has been finalized only a couple of months after wp7 debut. That means that MS needs to rethink the update delivery process, but I’m not yet concerned about the speed of coding (btw, the glimpse on the new features, like multitasking etc., has been pretty good).

    I just hope that:
    – the release of the next update will be smoother and take less time;
    – we will see an update way before october, even if just a small one with bug-fixes and minor changes.

    If that won’t happen, then I’ll be upset!

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      So I’m curious. You’ve heard that AT&T customers would get both updates at the same time.

      Where did you hear that, exactly? From AT&T? From Microsoft?

      If the answer is “neither” it proves my point. These guys cannot communicate their way out of a paper bag.

      • rdl says:

        It just proves that the samsung issue was an unexpected mess, but still I just care about getting NoDo in the next ten days, just like promised a few weeks ago.

        Don’t get me wrong, I agree they should come clear every time there’s an issue, and show a roadmap rather than a bunch of things to come at some point in the future. But I don’t feel betrayed or outraged in any way, not yet at least, and I think they still deserve some credit.

        I guess we’ll see in a few months whether with NoDo they just had bad luck, or whether they’re lacking strategy and consumer understanding.

      • mrhappyscar says:

        I work for a division of a certain unnamed carrier, and I can tell you that the internal communication is the worst, most God-awful maze of bureaucratic idiocy I have ever experienced. Large telecommunications companies have no concept of the word “communication”.

  35. s80t699 says:

    Well, my outrage is actually at a higher level because I can’t get a phone from Verizon yet. No announcements from Verizon. No announcements from Microsoft. The level of transparency with the product is REALLY frustrating. I’d love to have the frustration of waiting for an update but I can’t even get the phone. To quote Microsoft’s advertising…”Really?!?”

  36. mooreshelby says:

    Paul I am in 100% agreement. I to have not seen an update of any kind for my HTC HD7, at this point I am considering the newly posted ROM on xda-developers. Amazing the fan boys create better marketing and can release updates faster.

  37. korn1699 says:

    I am really annoyed with this update situation too. I am considering buying an Android phone if my Focus is still completely unpatched for another month..

  38. geekyskippy says:

    Its funny because I’ve been waiting for this update and I’m not shocked or surprised, just annoyed at it. I’ve come to expect these things from Microsoft. I just had to replace my Samsung Focus for the second time in a week due to warranty because of the SD card. All my friends kept telling me it was the update. Well it might have been if I got the thing. Time to step it up Microsoft!

  39. jvd897 says:

    What’s most unfortunate about this is that WP7 users are perhaps Microsoft’s best customers in the consumer space. It reminds me far too well of the way that Zune stagnated, despite being superior in many ways.

    Coupled with the Zune fiasco, this seems like a giant case of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Microsoft releases an innovative and unique product, consumers get excited, and Microsoft seemingly stops caring. At some point (e.g., now?), we consumers are going to have a hell of a hard time figuring out if Microsoft takes New Product X as seriously as we do.

  40. cernajose says:

    I am just as mad as you are, fist of all when you promise your customers January for an update and then move it once and then again that SUCKS. What I hate to most is that his update was done and ready to go back in January. Why can’t Microsoft stand up for their product and customers and give us the update directly instead of waiting for the carrier? Yes it’s good that the carriers have made a few improvements with apps and settings but that does not justify anything. Since you can save those settings before the update and put them back after the update. Don’t tell me thats not possible because it should be something very simple. They could have done a better job than even apple by pushing security and bug fixes over the air. If this thing does not update soon and I get mango before the end of the year (sept/oct) I am out. Microsoft we paid good money for these phones and singed a contract because of your promises now either make things right or the courts will.

    On another note HTC has always been known for leaking roms and if I would have gone with HTC I would have been able to have this update. Heck the HD2 will probably see mango before we see this NoDo update.

  41. teemark1 says:

    Not much I can say that hasn’t already been expressed here, but I’m experiencing the same frustration with my HD7 as everyone else.
    This inability to push out a relatively small first update doesn’t fill me with hope in regards to the bigger update supposedly coming later this year. I see it coming out around April of 2012 if the current fiasco is any indication.
    That will make them late with the Nokia offerings, which could send that whole venture into a tailspin.

    I listen to the Zune Insider podcast, and half of what they talk about it their constant moving from office to office. Maybe if they quit moving offices every 2 freakin’ weeks they could get some actual work done.
    They have some truly brilliant people working there, that have absolutely lost touch with the world outside the Microsoft campus.

  42. unndunn says:

    Eh, I’m not concerned. My Samsung Focus works just fine, and the update will get here when it gets here. I’m certainly not wasting my time checking for it several times a day.

  43. cernajose says:

    Microsoft did not provide a way to contact them because from what I have read the support comes from manufacturer and service provider. So At&t and Samsung will be getting multiple calls from me. I don’t like it either but at least I can threaten At&t to leave service or give me another phone.

  44. jchamlin says:

    Paul – I follow your posts. I too am getting to the end of my rope and very close to moving to Android . Not only have there been no updates, but functions and features of Windows 6.5 are still missing from Windows Phone 7. Bing is the best example of a step backward. It lacks the features and functions that exist on iPhone, Android and the old Windows Phones.

    Yes the ap market is growing, but where is my Skype Client, where is the tweet deck client, where are the major applications that are available on other platforms. I really don’t need another tip calculator, what I need are strong single purpose applications.

    I am generally a very big fan of Microsoft and have worked there in the past. Over the past 6 months however, my confidence that the company can come together under one focused push to deliver realy focused and connected solutions is mounting.

    So far 2011, here is what we have seen from Microsoft. 1) no tablet solution, 2) No updates to Windows Phone 7, 3) Office 365 still not integrated with MS-CRM Online 4) Dynamics CRM Online updates have taken 4 months to reach my company despite being released in February. 5) Microsoft Online Sharepoint which I subscribe is still on SharePoint 2007, so my phone doesn’t work with my business platform hosted by Microsoft.

    Further I have heard that some group inside of Microsoft is insisting on developing their own Bing application for Windows Phone 7, that is separate from the Bing applications on other platforms. Can you say CRAZY! Two groups inside one company shipping the same product in name only, but completely different in delivery and functionality! This is a perfect example of internal Microsoft empire building. Very POOR indeed.

    Microsoft is really showing-up like 10 companies shipping 20 similar and supposedly connected products that require programing to connect. Not a real solution in today’s marketplace. Should this continue, Apple and Google will continue to win and Microsoft will show itself to be a bloated fractured dysfunctional corporation.

    Windows Phone 7 update push is the proverbial canary in the coal mine.

  45. necromannn says:

    I’m definitely outraged, but what can we do? Where can we go and make a fuss about it so that they can be quicker on solving bugs and improving WP7?

  46. mictateur says:

    I understand the frustration, but I think it’s quite obvious that the guys who haven’t seen an update yet just won’t see the pre-update. I expect that they’ll get NoDo (which will include the 7.0.7008.0 patch in it) when it comes.
    Remember, Microsoft said carriers can block an update, but if they do, they’ll have to release the next one. Actually, I’m pretty sure the pre-update was released mainly for that reason (so that everybody will get NoDo).

    As for NoDo, it’s not here yet, OK, but Microsoft never said it would be out by March 8. They said early March, and in my book, there are still six full days until it’s not early March anymore.

    I just realize rdl pretty much said what I’m saying here a few posts ago…

  47. joeetucker says:

    When I bought into WP7 (got my Focus on opening day in the US), I was under the impression that MS would be rapidly updating this thing as features came out and as bugs were caught and fixed. Now I find that other than an improvement in load times of apps (which I really had little problem with since I very rarely use games) and cut and paste, any significant improvements will be at the earliest (yeah right) the end of this year.

    This pissed me off so much that, this weekend, I used my mother-in-law’s upgrade for her line (on my family account) to get myself an Android phone (which I am liking so far). I still have the Focus sitting in a drawer in case MS gets their head out of their rumps and step up the schedule, but I won’t hold my breath.

  48. jkavanagh58 says:

    Outraged, disappointed and whatever negative emotion, but I just signed a two year contract to get this phone. Again like a broken record, I had confidence in this platform and believed “updates” would be frequent and carrier supported. I dropped the Android platform for that and what did I get? the same thing…

  49. ejlee2006 says:

    Its not msft holding the updates back, its Tmobile and att, they are the one controlling the updates releases, the unlock ,unbranded windows phones have updated without a problem.
    Att and TMOBILE USA have the 4g phones coming up this year, they want to sell those phones first before anything else, thats the only way they can get frustrated customers like us to switch to the crap droids, I’m personally upset because Steve fucker lied to us windows phone users. I dont mind if there’s not gonna be updates releases just don’t fucking LIE. He said Jan updates, then the February updates then march 6 updates, they kept lying to us.
    Windows phone 7 is a lot better than any operating system out there, i recently bought the droid x because i want to be able send my VIDEOS, people kept talking about copy and paste, but never heard them talked about MMS. Oh well i still love my hd7, and using my Android for mms. Good luck to all of us. Peace out wp7 fam.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      Ah, but it *is* Microsoft who agreed that carriers could block updates, an unbelievable concession in the post-iPhone world. My point here is simple: In today’s world, the iPhone is the baseline. If there is any part of the ecosystem that cannot compete with that, please don’t bother.

      • lzandman says:


      • jsec71 says:

        And why wouldn’t a carrier want to be able to block updates, especially ones that brick their customer’s phones? Microsoft really shot their credibility out of the gate with the update situation and I bet the carriers are going to stall them from here on out.

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        I don’t care what a carrier “wants”. I care about what users need and deserve. If Windows Phone can’t deliver on that, I guess I just don’t see the point.

      • unndunn says:

        The problem is when you buy an iPhone, you’re buying it from Apple. When it has a problem, you take it to Apple, and Apple is responsible for updating it.

        When you buy a Windows Phone, you’re buying it from the carrier and/or the device manufacturer and, as such, it makes sense that they have some say in how and when updates are delivered. It sucks for consumers, but if Microsoft had full control and delivered an update that broke everyone’s phones, well Microsoft doesn’t have the infrastructure in place to support all those phone owners so it would fall on the carriers to support them.

        In return for providing support to Windows Phone owners, the carriers and handset manufacturers want some control over what goes on those phones. That’s not unreasonable to me. The alternative would force Microsoft to significantly beef up its global support structure, delaying the phone’s release even further, especially in international markets.

        The fact that carriers only get to skip one update seems like a huge concession on their part, and a huge victory for Microsoft.

        In all this hue and cry over the lack of communication by Microsoft, it’s worth noting that we are not Microsoft’s customers. We do not pay Microsoft a license fee for Windows Phone 7. And as such, they aren’t really obligated to tell us anything. Google doesn’t say anything publicly about Android update release plans; the carriers do that.

        When one takes a step back and looks at the marketing strategy Microsoft is using vis-a-vis their competitors, it actually makes total sense what Microsoft is doing. When compared against the Android ecosystem (where phone owners are stuck on builds that are several generations old because their carriers have moved on) Microsoft’s plans are actually a very positive step forward.

      • polychromenz says:

        Its total BS – when I bought the phone we were still being told that MS would push the updates direct. If they said then that they were likely to fold to the carriers demands I would not have sold my iPhone.
        Actually, I got double (or triple) burnt as I bought HD2 expecting to be able to upgrade it. I understand why they didnt allow the upgrade because we have a consistent hardware set to speed up the upgrades – oh wait that was bs too.

  50. mrhappyscar says:

    I feel very “me too, me too!” right now.

    HTC Surround, AT&T, no update.

    No word from up the line, no clue as to when NoDo comes out, and nervous for the future of Windows Phone 7 as a viable platform in the coming months.

  51. shayaanf says:

    In related news, Steve Ballmer needs to be fired for his atrocious negotiating skills. We are not in a day and age where OEMs and Carriers should be blocking functionality so they can upsell us other things or potentially make our devices feel less useful.

    The sad fact is that if you want to be continually up to date, and thus far Apple hasn’t forgotten entirely about older iPhone users (just deprecated feature lists), then we need to have updates as soon as MS makes them available. It’s a standard set of hardware features, I don’t know how the hell you can mess this up. My PC updates just fine and I built it myself, and I don’t have to wait for a Dell or anybody else to let that update through.

    I feel like I’m living in Soviet Russia with my cell phone.

  52. yobyeknom says:

    I’m not sure that I’m outraged about this but certainly I’m disappointed. I feel like I bought all the hype about how seamless the update process would be and I’m trying real hard not to feel lied to. I’ve had Pocket PC devices and my last two phones were both Winmo and I played around at XDA Devs with custom roms but I just don’t have the time to fool around with that stuff anymore. I want a phone that works and I want development and improvements delivered on a regular basis. I’ve got some concerns about the update though as I’m actually using the Samsung Focus with a 16GB Samsung microSD card and I’ve got worries about how that will be handled. The card works flawlessly as far as I can tell and I don’t have any issues that others without cards don’t have.
    Outraged? Not really, but another poster said he was apathetic. I’m almost there and I hope things really improve. Soon.
    Can they really get any worse? No communication. No update.

  53. lsobrado says:

    yes paul it is bad, but hey, at least it is not android. I have friends that are still waiting on froyo!! can you belive how they must hate their life? not to mention honeycomb isn’t even in 1% of devices according to google’s own stats.

    true, apple has their game going, but it could be worse, it could be android. :) At least you know that you’ll get it.

    You know what you should Paul, take a screen shot of the windows phone 7 screen that says

    “No updates found”

    and sell it. I’d pay for one and wear it on my next visit to the MS campus.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      LOL. Right.

    • froesei says:

      Points taken re: Android, but at least for those of us technically inclined, we can quite easily root the phone and get the latest and greatest LONG before the carrier decides (or if they decide) to release an update. Certainly not ideal, but at least the user isn’t completely beholden to the whims, and/or ineptitude of MS and the carriers.

      Plus, MS touted their “Unified experience” as being something that would streamline the update process and avoid frustrated customers due to fragmentation, etc. How’s that working out so far, MS?

      • polychromenz says:

        Just let us all have the option of a non branded rom – happy to install it myself and get updates direct from MS :)

  54. cpnorris86 says:

    I’m a happy iPhone user but like most people I don’t have any kind of religious affiliation with the company and it’s products. I’m willing to switch if I’m offered a superior phone. And right now Microsoft is nowhere close to persuading me. I was hoping they would swing for the fences on this one but from what I can tell by their actions (or lack thereof) Windows Phone seems like an afterthought. The lack of transparency over all these months has done nothing but reinforce my support of the phone I already own.

    If Microsoft wants to compete in this market they need to get the lead out! If you cant handle the heat then get out of the kitchen and leave the innovating to the big boys because at this point your just embarrassing yourself.

    I also don’t accept this “bowing to the carriers” nonsense as an excuse. My money is here for the taking Microsoft, you just have to deliver on your end.

  55. Pingback: Microsoft France says Windows Phone 7 NoDo to arrive in the second half of March | ZDNet

  56. copjake says:

    I have given up on it already I had Iphone went to android always waiting for update that never came, went to WP7 tired of waiting so I went back to Iphone will stick with the iphone seem to be the best. Plus I live and work in an area where it works fine withoiut dropping calls.

  57. jsec71 says:

    Paul, look on the bright side… at least your book is still up to date!

  58. msftstyle says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I like my Focus just fine, but I purchased one in the belief that Microsoft would be catching up with iOS quickly. The fact that the iPhone Bing app has more features than the WP7 version goes a long way showing where their priorities lies.

  59. nicholas1029 says:

    I agree with you 100% Paul. Last month, my phone stopped remembering its network settings. Every time I restarted the phone, there would be no 3G connection and no wifi connection. HTC has an app that reconfigures the cellular settings, so I would have to use that to get the cellular data working again. For the wifi settings, I would have to re-enter my wifi passwords. This would happen EVERY time I restarted the phone.

    I posted my problem on the MS Answer forum, and they said that the only solution is to hard reset the phone. If I did that, I would lose all of my data, with no way to get it back. I though of the hours spent playing games that would all be gone. For the first time, I felt a tinge of regret. I thought back to iOS. On iOS, I would have been able to hard reset the phone and get everything back to normal in minutes thanks to the image captured with every sync.

    I decided that I would wait until the NoDo update in case that would fix the problem. It was supposed to be due any day. However, I still haven’t even gotten the pre-update. It is ridiculous. I can’t use the alarm clock without my phone freezing. I can’t set an appointment in the calendar without the assurance that it will sync (or even be remembered). And now I can’t restart the phone without having to re-enter my wifi settings. These are BASICS that WP7 can’t do yet.

    I still do like Windows Phone, and I plan to stay with it. But something needs to happen internally at Microsoft. If I were them, I would take the Apple route and exclude the carriers completely. If they have to be involved, give them a 30 day window to test the update and submit any problem reports. After 30 days, the update goes out regardless of what they say. Any gripes that they have will have to wait until the next update.

    • fearthed0nut says:

      If I were them, I would take the Apple route and exclude the carriers completely. If they have to be involved, give them a 30 day window to test the update and submit any problem reports. After 30 days, the update goes out regardless of what they say. Any gripes that they have will have to wait until the next update.

      That sounds good in theory, but it wouldn’t work for Microsoft. Look at the iPhone dropped call issue (as I understand it). The iPhone has a problem with dropped calls and for years it was blamed on AT&T. The media perpetuates this even today. But when the iPhone move to Verizon, there are still dropped calls.. And it’s still not Apple’s fault.

      Imagine if Microsoft gave a 30 day notice and then pushed out updates regardless of the carriers input. If there was a problem, would the carrier’s get blamed? Or Microsoft? I would wager on the latter. Apple, yet again, gets a pass.

      Slightly off-subject, I think this is what happened with Vista. We (Microsoft Partners) were told for months of pending changes, update the APIs, etc.. And many of our companies ignored it (or made it a lower priority for implementation). Vista comes out and there are problems left and right. Some of these problems were related to partners not doing what they needed to do (and were told to do for months). But, we weren’t blamed at all. Good for us.. Not so good for Microsoft.

  60. manojkumar305 says:

    While I agree with the fact that Microsoft really needs to get their act together, I disagree that Apple did much better. They fixed a bunch of issue very quickly – point well taken. They didn’t not have copy paste, video features for a very long time. Copy paste was part of iOS 3.0, so while we press the point here and rightly so, we can’t push the issue that Apple did really well. I would add, they definitely gave us all the impression that they cared about customers more by sending frequent updates, with some useful ones while Microsoft is making us wait unnecessary longer in a age like this.

    Apple definitely had more time as they were creaming-the-market here, so while they were innovating, they didn’t have too many to be compared too (yes, Blackberry – oh yeah!) even if the real innovations and features look a while but now, Microsoft has a lot to catch up with but they don’t have as much time, so they are falling behind faster and they are probably up against time here in the macro sense. So, I agree in the larger sense, while I do have reservations with what has been said – Hence, I join the chorus and ask, ‘C’mon Microsoft, get your act together or see people leave to other ecosystems’.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      Not having copy and paste in 2007 is one thing. Not having it in 2010 is another, no? We can’t compare the feature set of Windows Phone today to that of a 3.5 year old iPhone. We have to compare it to the competition of today.

  61. This is punch-a-hole-in-the-wall frustrating.

    There’s also a story inside of this story that no one speaks of, DEV PHONES! Some people with Samsung Taylor’s, Asus Prototype’s and LG Panther’s (me included) aren’t even up to the RETAIL build yet! (I’m still on 7003). A lot of us are on pins and needles as to whether we’re going to recieve ANY update at all. As usual, MS has not commented.

    If it’s true that there are Microsoft spys at XDA and WP fansites, they HAVE to be seeing the reaction, anger and frustration at what they’re doing, but they say nothing.

    Like others I took the leap of faith on WP7 instead of going over to Android, I think I may have grown to regret that decision. It feels like I’m stuck in a MS/OEM/Carrier dictatorship where no one wants the consumer to get ahead.

  62. mrtimsmith says:

    This second half of March/March 21st rumor is frustrating as hell, even more so because Microsoft isn’t telling us anything. BUT I’m willing to play dumb and turn the other cheek and give Microsoft a chance to get on the right track but if by the end of the year it’s still this same game I’m gone. I can afford to switch to another OS and have no problem doing so if Microsoft doesn’t get on track. I’m a patient person but the silence is what is making this so hard for me to deal with. If I were on live tv I’d go Kanye West Katrina Mode on them.

  63. WP7 is a bastard child. The Nokia-Microsoft “NoSoft” phone won’t use it, they’re jumping to WP8. Once again MS management has done what the stock analysts and investors wanted to see happen, but in a way that almost assures another epic fail. Nokia may be able to save the NoSoft bacon, and maybe not. It’s important to keep in mind that they’ll be depending on an OS that hasn’t shipped. If the “Soft” part of the team fails, the “No” team is toast. I believe they can do it, but we won’t know for sure until the phones start shipping.

    Note: I use a Droid X because it completely supports Google Voice; iPhones only offer a crippled version. If NoSoft phones fully support GV I’ll consider them in the future; for now they’re not an option.

  64. Now some are reporting that NoDo may be moved to the second half of March? What is going on and why don’t they comminicate with us? A little explanation would go a long way, but keeping quiet and pushing the uppdate back every other week is really turning customers away. The have really dropped the ball on this whole thing…how did they let this happen?

  65. tobiasulm says:

    Hey Paul!

    I know your site quite a long time. It is always a very good site for me to get infos about some new Microsoft products which aren’t communicated here in Europe as in USA. I’m a Microsoft Developer since the late 80s and I’m a so called MS fan boy (Not really, I worked also with Unix, Linux, OS/2, NextStep, MacOs and other crappy stuff). What me really gets off the wall is, that even if you as a person who has good connections to MS can’t get answers from MS: How will? As I said before I’m a MS Dev for more than two decades and I went through many Technologies as everybody did who liked MS. But what was always a No-go is the communication that MS did (or not did?) I wonder if there will be the same stupid system on WP7 as on Android. You buy a phone in January and lets say in May there comes a new model, does your phone get any Updates: NO! So I’m worrying about the WP7 platform. Will there be an Update after let’s call it “Mango” for us, or will there be already a WP8 and we will all have to buy a new device? There is no statement form MS about sustainability or neither a “road map”.
    About the “Update for the update” i can only speak for myself. I live in Germany and have a branded T-Mobile HTC Mozart: No update.
    (Sorry for my English)
    Looking forward for your next post!


  66. tobiasulm says:

    Update: Just found that: Microsoft France says Windows Phone 7 NoDo to arrive in the second half of March
    Can someone confirm that? Is the author serious?

  67. lzandman says:

    And while reading all these comments I updated my iPad to iOS 4.3 in under 15 minutes (including the download itself) !!

    Oh, and finally able to restore the iPad’s original Rotation Lock feature. Man, was I waiting for that. In fact, I think I have to cry…

    That’s too much emotion for me on one day: total disappointment about Windows Phone update and total joy for the iPad update ;-)

  68. kalldrexx says:

    Why are people getting so emotional about this?

    First of all, everyone should know you don’t buy a phone for what it can do in the future, you buy it for what it can do now (unless you have the luxury to buy phones with non-contract prices). If the phone didn’t work well for you right now, you should return it and get an Android or iOS device that does suit your needs right now, and when time and money permits you to get another phone in the future see if WP7 works for you then.

    If WP7 works for you now, then what’s the point of constantly checking for updates and getting so angry and distraught over it not coming yet? If you require copy and paste on a regular basis, then WP7 isn’t for you and you shouldn’t have bought a WP7 phone to begin with. If multitasking is required for you to enjoy a phone, then you shouldn’t have bought a WP7 just because it was promised. AT&T at least gives you 30 days to return the phone and switch it out for a different one.

    If it doesn’t work for your needs now, then return it within that time and problem solved. If it does work for you now, then there really isn’t any issue and the update will just be a pleasant surprise when it actually comes.

    I bought a WP7 knowing what limitations it has now, and evaluated it based on my needs right now compared to what it can do, not what it promises to do in a future update. For me, it fits me perfectly and gets rid of a lot of annoyances I had with Android, and I find for my use cases, WP7 (in it’s current state) works very well and I enjoy having it as my phone. The only issue that I am looking forward to the update for is to fix the marketplace freezes (but since my focus reboots extremely quick, and the freeze isn’t often, I don’t mind)

    MS should be more communicative about the situation and needs to ramp up their PR so that tech blogs aren’t just bashing them. MS doesn’t seem to know how to do marketing in the internet age yet, which is baffling with the money they have and the ability to attract talent, but that’s the truth.

    Regardless though, if you are purchasing any piece of hardware or software for it’s potential, rather than it’s actual abilities, then you are setting yourself up to be disappointed.

  69. an8828 says:

    What will the upgrade (when it comes) include? I just got a Samsung Focus last week – love it – but the calendar app sucks – as near as I can tell you can’t search the calendar, and “old” canednar entries on my Outlook calendar won’t come down. So I have 10 years of calendar data that won’t sync to the phone, and even if they did I can’t search for items.

    • kalldrexx says:

      It only contains copy and paste, as well as performance and bug fixes. Copy & Paste is the only new feature.

  70. vhaakmat says:

    Funny, how a company that invented OS updates, can’t make an OS update :(

  71. ejlee2006 says:

    Att is greedy,tmobile is shameless,msft is a big far liars,… I gave up on this people, I’m sure if msft makes 4g, this nodo shit will come out faster than the iPhone 4.3, by the way 4.3 is available for download already. Eat that Steve

  72. luiscamino says:

    it kills me not to be able to recommend this outstanding OS anymore due to microsoft’s patent lack of support to and disregard for their customers.

    i love wp7 more than i have loved a gadget in a long time, but now part of that love is pure compassion. microsoft, you’re making an orphan out of wp7.

  73. WinningGuy says:

    I’ve been very patient.

    I will continue to use my WP7 device happily.

    But geez, this update process is getting a little ridiculous. I do hope that there are a lot of things being learned by MS, and that the lessons they learn will improve the process in the near future.

    But part of me worries that the problems may be more policy/contract related than because of technical difficulties. You could learn from mistakes and technical problems. You’re stuck with contracts for a while.

  74. AGION1 says:

    Thanks for giving us a forum to post, Paul. I am beyond upset. In fact I feel like a fool. All I can think about is Zune. I bought the first generation thinking I was going to see a lot of innovation. Nothing. It was a nice device, but never really competed with the iPod. I later got the second generation Zune thinking things would get better. XNA support came. I thought I was getting somewhere. Nope. Yes, I could write games and install…but only to have the device have to re-boot on game exit. Nothing changed. I guess MS was testing the waters for the next great thing. Then the Zune HD came out. Great and innovative product. Updates? Not much. Sucks. Now I have another device that has been laid to rest. So, I take one more gamble on WP7. Great product. Love the phone. Unfortunately, MS is blowing it. First, I got screwed with the microSD thing. I followed every news story I could find, seeing what would be supported and when. Following the advice of the Samsung support blog, the SanDisk site, etc. I purchased a 32GB card and bought my phone day one (before ATT people had employees telling people to hold off inserting cards). Bricked my card. After some harping MS sent me a new card. Of course it will not work with the phone and I have no need for it. Second, the phone, despite great things about it, is behind the times. I traded my iPhone for the Focus and this is what I lost:

    Universal search on phone
    Manage apps via desktop software (also, at this time, the WP7 marketplace on the phone is buggy–some apps won’t update, etc.)
    Support for html5
    Unified inbox
    E-mail threading
    Screen capturing
    Street view on maps (btw, Bing on iPhone is much better than integration on WP7 so far)
    Way to access address bar when viewing sites in landscape mode
    Native voice recorder and syncing (unless one goes through OneNote–too many steps)
    Password protection option before making purchase of apps on phone
    Native parental controls
    FaceTime or video editing.

    So, I’ll say it again. I am beyond upset. The company has been less than transparent and under delivered by a mile.

    Join with me:

    PS: I double-posted this in another thread. Could you make sure the other post does not make it out of moderation?

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  76. polychromenz says:

    I REALLY hate the play on words from MS. We only said first half – puuulease. When you say early March (lets not forget it was January originally) we all expect the update in week 1. March 8 was a fair date, I would call that early March but second half. Look, I can live with end of March or even April but for f#ck sake MS just tell us when.

  77. shackiechan says:

    Whats the latest OS supposed to be? Showing 7.0.7004.0 on my Surround….and no updates on either the phone or Zune software.
    For a company that cranks out updates left and right for their uber-Gigabyte Windows OS….they can’t come up with simple updates/patches for a phones OS thats what, maybe 200-300mb total ??

  78. shackiechan says:

    If MS wants this line to REALLY be succesfull……they need to keep the updates and new feature roll outs coming.
    Nothing kills a platform faster than stagnation *cough*….*symbian*….

  79. jonl3636 says:

    What is funnier still (read – not funny at all), is that my HTC HD2 (that is running WP7) was offered the update automatically almost a month ago.

    I’m waiting to see how these all works out before I signup to a new contract in June. It was going to be a nice new WP7 phone but recently I’ve become less sure….

  80. The new build is 7008. Some have it, some don’t. Just sit tight–it will eventually get to you.

  81. I sold my Focus on ebay, to get the money to pay my etf on AT&T. I was SO frustrated with Microsoft not fixing bugs AND AT&T has deteriorated to dropping every call in my market in less than 3 minutes. I went back to Verizon and back to a Droid X. I am very happy that I gave up on this dead end platform. It’s probably a stopgap to Windows 8 and it is being treated as such.

    It’s really sad, because this OS was promising.

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  83. darrickwest says:

    I was waiting for you to go off. I’ve been doing the same thing for weeks now. I’ve been home for several days sick, and was hoping to be notified of the update OTA and dragging myself to the computer to check via USB/Zune: nothing to cheer me up!

    “Shout! Shout! Let it all out!…I’m talking to you! Come on!”- Tears for Fears

  84. thecoleorton says:

    But why is no one else outraged at this?

    …because only 7 other people own a WP7 device, and the other 6 don’t even know that their phone can be updated.

  85. dkb1898 says:;content

    How have they not responded to this yet? All they would need to do is tell everyone that they discovered a few bugs in the update process, that 100 people having issues is 100 people to many to them, and that they hope to reduce that more by moving the update to early April….thats all, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But zero communication, and letting rumors fly isn’t an option. How their PR director for WP still has a job is beyond me!

  86. tommmckee says:

    I have Tmobile HTC 7 no update here as well, keep checking but no go. I too am disapointed in MS and the wait for this update.

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  89. leony29 says:

    I live in Canada with a focus on Rogers and i have received the pre update

    Microsoft really needs to step up their game and put the updates out there. This no-do update was “suppose” to be released in January then they move into February now it moved to march maybe this wait will go into April. Microsoft NEEDS to create updates faster.

  90. dantronic says:

    What a fiasco. And people wonder why Mac users can be smug! We’ve been hearing about this sort of crap for decades. Hard to believe people put up with it, unless they have no choice.

  91. polychromenz says:

    I emailed HTC support and asked if the problem is at their end. Here is the reply

    We appreciate your interest in our products. We understand that you would like to know where the Windows 7 update is.

    We are not aware of any updates released for the HTC Mozart. if you are receiving an update on your HTC Mozart, we recommend that you contact Microsoft to confirm what update you are receiving on your phone because we have not yet released any updates for the HTC Mozart.

    WTF HTC support are NOT aware of an update? You gotta be kidding me – Really?

  92. axis33 says:

    So I just spent the last 15 minutes reading these replies. As a synopsis for those who skipped to the end, the posts are of three main types:

    1. OMG where is my update?
    2. My WP7 doesn’t do things that iPhone and Android did 2 years ago!
    3. Microsoft hates its users, we should do something.

    I’m wondering why any of you bought Windows phones. I mean that in the least cynical way possible, seriously. Just seriously, Windows Phone *7* is, according to your posts, not competitive with Android *2* or iPhone *4* (or 3, or 1, depending on who you ask). Microsoft has been making smartphone software since the 90’s, and per your posts it sucks. (I haven’t used WP7, but the posts here indicate that I’d be better off with Android or iPhone.)

    I mean for point #1, we could look at the timespan between WinXP 1.0 and WinXPBugsFixed and surmise that MSFT updates are slow. #2 you knew when you bought the phone. #3 was a given if you’ve ever used Outlook, Hotmail, or Sharepoint.

    So seriously, what was it that got you to buy a Windows phone? As a stock investor, I’d love to hear what was better/different that you liked about WP7 that made it a better choice for you than Android or iPhone.


    • Paul Thurrott says:

      Come on, really?

      Windows Phone has a far more usable and innovative UI than iPhone or Android, thanks largely to the hubs (which include an extensibility model) and the live tiles.

  93. jmzed says:

    I didn’t know ! Here we have more than +- 120 persons waiting for an update on wp7 !

    Incredible !

    Depuis hier, mon wp7 m’indique que je peux le mettre à jour. Je vais encore un peu attendre je ne suis plus à 5 jours près, j’attends les feedback, je possède un samsung, damned !

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  95. AusTxSteve says:

    I like my phone. It rings, I talk, I surf the web. Sure I wish it had a little more functionality but all-in-all I’m pleased. What DOES frustrate me is the lack of communication. I wish MS would address the forums/media. As a farm administrator if my customers were emailing/calling me to explain a lengthy delay… well… my backside would be out the door if I didn’t effectively communicate. We’ve all seen it… (analogy) a single match is lit and before you know it rummors are spreading that the entire world is on fire. Perhaps Microsoft knows it’s just a burning match and it is very easy to explain. Letting customers know what is going on… that’s the extinguisher. Sales 101 – “An informed Customer is a Happy Customer” Have a blessed day all.

  96. squeakstar says:

    Just checked out the Windows Team Blog post about the update starts off “Oh thanks MS for keeping us informed” and gradually builds into a rage from commenters due to the lack of updates and further communication.

    WTF are they so busy with that MS can’t either get the update out in the wild, or explain their sorry looking arses to what are probably their biggest supporters who want them to succeed?

  97. Microsoft has opened a survey for feedback on current Windows Phone owners.

    Have fun guys…

    • polychromenz says:

      Thanks for the link. So others are aware there is not many questions and you get one chance to say whay you dont like in the screen what would you change and what do you like best.
      I find it hard to believe this survey is of any real value to MS other than telling them why you picked WP7 its not worded (IMHO) to find out what problems we have or how they can help.

  98. dkb1898 says:

    March 1st also notes exactly 6 months since MS RTM’ed the 7004 Build and passed it to the manufacturers. I don’t believe during that time any updates were made to WM 6.5. So they have had 6 months to concentrate solely on WP7 development, and include things that they already have code for in WM 6.5, and bug data they have been getting feedback on for those that enable it. If this NoDo update only brings the 3 things they said it’s going to bring, I suspect they will get hammered by not only Paul, but most in the industry. A timid update will only bring them more scrutiny now that it’s already been badly botched, and the PR strategy seems to want to disappoint users to hopefully build them back up with surprises. Of course I doubt this is the PR strategy!

  99. dkb1898 says:

    P.S. Has anyone brought their phone back yet and gotten an Android or iPhone? Or seen if they can sell it on eBay so we don’t lose all the money for cancelling a contract or getting a different phone? I’m ready to move on…

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      Then I guess we’re done here. :)

      • dkb1898 says:

        I’m most likely bluffing ;), but I’ve seriously had it with the lack of communication. WP7 is like dating the hot girl in school, who flirts with you all the time and drives you nuts, but then never delivers! I think we all have a serious case of blue balls, and it may be time to break it off!

  100. mightygorath says:

    Curious, just got my update about 20 minutes ago

  101. tizianorecchi says:

    I think this WP7 update insanity needs to calm down. Over the years, we will see a lot of phone udpates, people don’t need to be so excited about this just because it is the first one. Relax. The world has some real issues which are worthwhile focusing on rather than compusively checking your Zune software for a phone update: get a life sir, you will get your update! I have to say, you lost all credibility with me, it’s just not reasonable.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      Yeah, unfortunately, this isn’t my “Paul deals with the world” blog, it’s a blog about Windows Phone.

      • polychromenz says:

        Nice reply!

        Love this post BTW good to see someone – especially one as respected as yourself, calling it how it is.

      • kabukin0 says:

        I’m gonna try to help you out here Paul.

        Microsoft funds go to Bill Gates, who deals with a great deal of non-phone related world issues. His company, his assets, his saving-the-world-stratergy, partly depends on the success of Windows Phone 7.

        As is, the initial named January update, was first postponed until early March, and now late March, and was also superseeded by a no-new-functions-not-needed update that customers wasted their time on.

        The assumed Mango update might not arrive until 2012 with the frequent delays. By this time, IE9 will be outdated, the playstation 4 will have hit the market, and apple will have launched it’s subscription zune like service embedded into all ipods all over the world through itunes.

        Other delays, might push Windows 8, and Windows tablets, back until 2015.

        If all this happens, Bill Gates gonna run out of cash or future funds for his foundation. Then there will be even more real world issues to deal with !

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works. :)

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  106. windowscrazy says:

    Why I hate my windows phone

    1. Custom Ringtones- Winner Android OS . Currently on wp7 you cannot have mp3 ringtones ordownload any ringtones period from anywhere from your phone. You have to go with standard ringtones that come with your phone like the AT&T ringtone.
    2. Adobe Browser Flash Support- Winner Android OS. Currently wp7 does not support flash in its browser. Why is this big deal? Over 70% of video on the internet requires flash to play. That means that currently with windows phone 7 you are paying a hefty fee for a data plan that costs more money that it would cost for me to get internet for my entire house and that several devices can use and YOU ARE ONLY EXPERIENCING 30% OF THE INTERNET. Many Images, text, video,games, animation, movies, and music cannot be played andmany sites will fail to function . In addition your browser without flash will not supportweb conferencing, browser p2p, website development, and other functions.
    3. Blue Tooth File Transfer- Winner Android OS. Currently on the new closed down system of windows phone 7 you cannot share or transfer files via bluetooth like you can with Android devices.
    4. Ability to upload files- Winner Android OS. Currently on the closed down windows phone 7 you do not have free access to upload file types to websites except for pictures files.You cannot select PDF, audio files such as mp3, wmv, etc., video files, office documents, on any other type of file that is not a picture file to upload. This means that you cannot upload videos to YouTube from your phone, you cannot upload a PDF or office document from your phone to a website for work or to submit a project. You can’t even upload a txt document if you need to upload a contract for work or an agreement.Basically nothing can be uploaded except for picture files. With Android you havefreedom and free access to all of your files and the authority to upload any file that you would like.
    5. Ability to share files- Winner Android OS. Currently on the closed down windows phone 7 system the same thing holds true for sharing the files as with uploading the files. You do not have the freedom or authority to send videos, audio files, pdf documents, and most file types. The only types of files that you can share are office documents and picture files. You cannot attach a video to an email or a song to send or email a pdf menu to a friend so that they can see the prices at a restaurant. Of course with Android you can do all of these simple things
    6. Tethering- Winner Android OS. Currently you cannot share your internet with your computer on the windows phone. No announcement on if Tethering will ever be available. Android of course you can
    7. Multitasking- Winner Android OS. Currently on the rushed windows phone 7 you cannot multitask 3rd party applications. So for instance if you are listening to music on the Last FM application or any music application that you would like to use and you need to respond to a text message the application completely shuts down and you have to restart the application from the very beginning which can take quite a long time and will stop again when you respond to the next text. You cannot use your navigation while another app is running or that one will be shut down as well. Android of course has a task manager and allows you the freedom to manage which apps can and cannot run in the background. So that you can respond to a text message buying tickets to a movie on the Fandango app.
    8. Navigation GPS – Winner Android OS. Currently the windows phone 7 lacks native turn by turn voice navigation. You must pay $10/a month for the AT&T Navigator to get this feature. On Android youFREE turn by turn voice navigation with the Google Maps app for Android. There are also many other GPS apps for Android in their huge marketplace.
    9. Ability to download files via the web browser-Winner Android OS Currently on the locked down windows phone 7 you cannot download files via the web browser such as audio files, video, zip or other file types. This means that you can’t download a song from while out and about on your phone or download a ringtone from a website (but of course the locked down windows phone does not allow ringtones anyways so you can’t assign it). You cannot download a movie. You cannot download other file extensions and send them for work or pleasure. With Android of course you can save various file types to your phone via the web browser.
    10. Transferring File and General File Storage- Winner Android OS- Currently on the locked down windows phone 7 the only way to get new files on your computer is Zune File Transfer. You can only sync pictures and video to your phone using this Zune File Transfer. Because of the poorly created file handling system of windows phone 7 it isimpossible to download audio or video files that arrive as email attachments. The audio or video file is played through zune on your phone but is streamed since you have no access to the temporary file storage on the device on where the file was temporarily saved. So you get audio or video files on your phone via email. You can save office files (Thank God) and PDF files however via email. With Android you can drag and drop whatever file your heart desires to be placed onto your windows phone 7. And of course because your browser can download files you can get files onto your device without having to use a computer.
    11. Camera Timer: Winner Android OS- On the rushed windows phone 7 there is no camera timer for your phone. Of course on Android there is and there are many android phones with stands.
    12. Official Instant Messaging applications from Skype, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, MSN:Winner Android OS. Currently there is no application for Skype and there are no official applications for aim, msn or yahoo messenger. Of course Android has these
    13. Visual Voicemail- Winner Android OS- rushed wp7 does not have offer visual voicemail. Of course Android does.
    14. VOIP- Winner Android OS- Currently there is no VOIP support at all for windows phone 7. Of course Android does
    15. Marketplace- Winner Android OS- This one isn’t Microsofts fault after all it is a new OS. But facts are facts. Marketplace for the windows phone 7 has around 7,000 apps while Android as well over 140,000 apps and there are many different locations that you can download the apps.
    16. Front Facing Camera and Video Calling- Windows phone 7 phones do not have front facing cameras do not have any video applications even for the camera on the backs of the phones. Android of course has many video calling applications such as Yahoo Messenger, Quik, and new update for skype coming to the phone that will equip video calling and many others.
    17. Socket Support-Winner Android OS- Windows phone 7 does not have socket support which means no ftp and dumbs down communication between devices and potential app development and enterprise. Android of course supports it.
    18. hmtl5- Winner Android OS- Windows phone 7 not only does not support Flash but also html5. Which means more videos and animations that your phone will not properly support even though your paying a hefty fee for a data plan.
    19. Custom Roms- Winner Android OS- Windows phone 7 is completely locked down like the iphone now. With the android you can load custom ROMS and add a whole new layer of customization to your phone.
    20. 4g- Winner Android OS- At&T has announced a new Inspire 4G running android that will run on their new 4g network. Windows phone 7 only handles 3g.
    21. Hardware- HTC Inspire 4g vs. Samsung Focus- you decide this one as its up to you. But the inspire 4g has a larger screen which may be good or bad for your needs an 8.0 megapixel in comparison to the 5.0 megapixel camera on the Focus. Also it has a front facing camera and a kickstand. The Inspire 4G is being released February 13, 2011. The Inspire 4g is basically the EVO for AT&T.
    22 . Call blocker- Winner Android OS- Windows phone 7 cannot block unwanted calls or texts. Android has the apps to do it.
    23. Voice to Text- Winner Android OS- Windows phone 7 does allow voice commands for bing search, bing maps, making calls, and opening applications. However, for some reason they left out the feature of voice to text. The LG Windows phone 7 does have voice to text capablities but the HTC Surround and the Samsung Focus do not. Android of course supports full voice command capabilities and supports voice to text input on its keyboard for sending text messages and everything imagineable.
    24. Keyboard- Winner Android OS- The Samsung Focus comes with an amazaing Super Amoled screen with an amazingly responsive touchscreen keyboard. Wile the keyboard is very nice on windows phone 7. Windows phone 7 does not give the option at this time to support multiple keyboards. With Android, you can use swype, HTC keyboard, android keyboard with text input, or any keyboards that you download.
    25. User Interface & Responsiveness- Winner WP7- Samsung Focus has a really slick alluring design with an interface where you can move around the tiles and even add contacts as tiles to your homescreen. The Samsung focus is sexy fast and fluid in handling.
    26. Syncing with Outlook- Winner Android OS- Surprisingly Android does a better job syncing with outlook than your windows phone 7 device. You cannot sync to outlook unless you use exchange. Ask a few angry people around here about that one.
    27. Freedom & Customization- Winner Android OS- Not only can you customize registries, the ROM, and many other things but you can change the background picture, lockscreen wallpaper you can access all of your files and create folders and move them around unlike with windows phone 7 which does not allow access to certain files. You are given free reign as a user.
    28. Calendar – Winner WP7- I would probably go with windows phone 7 with this one it displays your appointments on the lockscreen for the next day and the appointments for the day on the live tile as well.
    29. SD Card- Winner Android OS- Microsoft has yet to communicate the SD cards that are compatible with windows phone 7. Android of course you don’t have this issue.
    30. Copy & Paste- Winner Android OS- Even though copy and paste has been announced for windows phone 7 it still has not been released and there is no word on when the date will be finally that we will see the first update for windows phone 7. Some even expect it to be as late as March. The First update btw promises to address very little only fixing some bug fixes (hopefully like having to power off the phone every few hours so that you can access the marketplace) and faster app loading.
    31. Landscape Mode- Winner Android OS- Windows phone 7 does not allow you to have landscape in many applications and many modes of the phone such as with bing maps and in browser mode the address bar disappears in landscape as well as the ability access settings, favorites, forward button, etc. With Android of course this does not happen
    32. Ability to export text message conversation- Winner Android OS- Windows phone 7 does not have the ability to copy text message conversations to another source and email or export them. Android of course does.
    33. Deleting Text messages- Winner Android OS- Windows phone 7 can only delete an entire text message or one at a time. You cannot select more than one text message to delete at a time. Of course Android can.
    34. Length of Call- Winner Android- Windows phone 7 does not show the length of the phone call that occurred. Of course most basic phones and Android do.
    35. Connect to Hidden Wifi Netowrks- Winner Android OS- Windows phone 7 cannot connect to a hidden wifi network. Android of course can.
    36. Divx Support and other Media Codecs- Windows phone 7 does not support divx and many other codecs thanks to reliance on Zune much like the iphones reliance on itunes. Android of course supports divx codec and other media players and codecs may be installed.
    37. Ability to sync locally- Windows phone 7 cannot sync locally. Android of course can.
    38. Ability to connect phone to TV or projector- Windows phone 7 does not allow you to connect your phone to a TV or a projector so that you can run a Powerpoint presentation, watch a video from your phone on the tv, etc. Android of course can.
    39. VPN Support- Windows phone 7 does not support VPN. Android of course does
    40. Dual core Processors- Several of the new android phones that are actually making present day phones and not phones from 3 years ago are unload dual core processor phones with 1GB Ram.
    41. Customize UI- Android you can upload different UI or disable the UI that comes with the device and choose from several. Windows phone 7 UI is always wp7 UI.

    • hashpot666 says:

      since Android OS has been around for a while now, you must have known how great it is. why bother buying something else just to complain about it?

    • copjake says:

      Why did you buy the phone if you love android so much? seems as if you don’t know what you want was there a gun to your head at the time you bought the phone?

  107. urpert says:

    I just bought an HD7 on eBay. (Yes, despite being a huge Apple fanboy, I really want this platform to succeed, as it’s taking smartphones in a completely new direction). As soon as I stuck my O2 (UK) sim in it, I was notified about the update. Downloaded and installed with no problems. It sounds like (as with so many other horror stories) the US carriers are to blame…

  108. squeakstar says:

    still waiting on mine (T-Mobile UK) :(

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