New Windows Phone issues? Contact tiles un-pinning and linked contacts de-linking (Update: Microsoft confirms)

In line with this blog’s previous user-based contribution to the Windows Phone community (the discovery of the infamous Windows Phone 3G data leak), I’d like to see how many of you are experiencing the following contacts-related issues, about which I’ve received many, many emails. Please note that I’ve not personally experienced either of these issues, at least to my knowledge. But then I’m not really “looking” at my contacts regularly either, so you never know.

In any event, I’ve now received many emails about the following issues on Windows Phone:

1. Pinned contact tiles (i.e. contacts that are pinned to the Start screen) are disappearing. from the Start screen. Just the tiles are disappearing, according to readers, not the actual contacts and/or contact information.

2. Linked contacts are “de-linking”. As you may know, Windows Phone will automatically link contacts from multiple sources. So if you have the same contact in, say, Gmail and Facebook, Windows Phone will generally “link” them into a single contact card. You can also link contacts manually, of course, and de-link them if you prefer. But apparently, previously linked contacts are starting to de-link.

I’ll ask the iron wall of Windows Phone PR about this soon, but I figured it would be best to be armed with some data. If you are experiencing this, please comment below, along with any relevant information. (If you are not experiencing this, please do not.)

Update: Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on these issues. Microsoft provided me with the following statement:

We’ve found an issue resulting in some contacts being unpinned from the Start screen, or contacts that were linked together manually becoming unlinked. We apologize for any inconvenience and we’re working quickly to resolve the issue to ensure it will affect as few people as possible. Also, be reassured that none of your contacts have been deleted from your phone. You should be able to find them in the People Hub, if you want to pin or link them again.

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126 Responses to New Windows Phone issues? Contact tiles un-pinning and linked contacts de-linking (Update: Microsoft confirms)

  1. schenz74 says:

    I have not noticed the “de-linking”, but I had about 7 contacts pinned to my start page, and they are now all gone. I have not tried adding them back yet, as I never really did use that feature much.

  2. actionthomas says:

    I can confirm both bugs. On my phone, the tile concerning my wife disappeared.
    On her phone, “my” tile, disappeared. And some of her contacts “de-linked” (easy to see for her, as she doesn’t have much contacts).

  3. andreas says:

    I have no contacts pinned to the start screen, so I can’t confirm the first issue. However the second one happened to me this week. I do not know what caused it, but I had to re-link all the contacts manually again.

  4. The de-pinning I’ve seen on two phones (but not on mine). It seems to happen on my wife’s and my daughter’s phones when they don’t lock their phone before putting it in a pocket or purse. The phone then presses up against something and whichever contact is being touched becomes unpinned. I’ve never seen it on a locked phone. The linked contacts issue I’ve never seen, on any of our three phones (2 Focus, 1 Quantum)

  5. Experienced it. A few hours after I repinned them some of them were gone again (while a single tile survived). I didn’t switch off/charge/connect my phone during that second timeframe.

    First time that issue occurred was a day after I synced my phone with the new Mac app (not sure whether it’s coincidental). I didn’t install the prepare-update yet.

  6. dmsaxon says:

    I’ve definitely seen pinned contacts from the start page disappear.

    I’m using a Samsung Omnia 7 phone (and haven’t yet installed any updates).

  7. aldob1 says:

    I’ve not experienced this. Samsung Focus.

  8. lloydsparkes says:

    I have had a similar issue to issue two that you mentioned

    If someone texts me and i dont already have a contact for them, i will create one and then link to facebook. But for two people, this contact (and the linking) has disappeared, and i have had to do it again.

    But i have not noticed random contacts un-linking

  9. intodevelopmentnl says:

    Hi Paul, I also had this problem last week. I had about 5 contacts pinned to my homescreen (all windows live contacts, no facebook) and suddenly they were gone. Also the custom pictures I assigned to them vanished (the link only, not the pictures themselves). I assumed the account was resyncing everything or something. It was not a big problem and only happened once.

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  11. Ivan Suhinin says:

    I’ve had both these issues but thought it was my wife or phone did it itself in my pocket.

    1. My wife’s Facebook acc was de-linked from her Live info with phones
    2. My mother’s tile has disappeared

  12. mihaimilea says:

    Hello, Paul. I have no pinned contacts, so no, I can’t confirm that issue. The other one happened to me this week, during Hotmail sync process, and I’ve been forced to re-link all my contacts. I’m using a Samsung Omnia 7 phone, and at that time I didn’t had any update installed (I have it now).

  13. intelliex says:

    This happened to me.

    Sunday night I had some issues while browsing the marketplace on my phone. It said it had troubles connecting to the Windows Live ID or something (can’t remember the exact wording, sorry). Monday morning I checked my People hub and saw that my WL contacts were unlinked and my call history displayed the phone numbers instead of the contact names. When I checked the account settings, neither my Facebook, nor my hotmail or gmail account were up-to-date. When I changed the synchronization settings to “every 30 minutes”, the “not up-to-date” error disappeared (except for Facebook, but the syncing still worked). This sounds like some server issues on Microsoft’s side.

  14. striderauz says:

    Seen a contact de-link, but not sure if this was after I used windows live/hotmail to clean up some contacts (which syncs across to phone).

    My main issue is my pics no longer upload to skydrive or facebook as per this MS kb

    None of the causes in this help article appear to be relevant to my Samsung Focus. I reckon an app I installed has stuffed the upload function.


  15. jj1075 says:

    I’ve had the “un-pinning” of a frequent contact tile occur on the Samsung Focus.

  16. originalbigdawg says:

    Over the past 2 weeks I have experienced pinned contacts randomly unpinning from the home screen. I have had my phone since the official launch date back in November and the issue just started recently. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when it happens. It doesn’t happen often – The last time it happen was on Monday of this week. At least I now know I am not crazy. ;-)

    On the plus side, being a “first-generation” product – I have been extremely impressed with the OS. I own the Samsung Focus and previously owned an iPhone 3G. For me, the key features are:

    – Email client that preserves formatting
    – Calendar that allows you to manage invitees
    – Auto-upload of pictures to Facebook/Skydrive
    – SharePoint integration to our corporate SharePoint site (supporting UAG – that’s huge)
    – Zune (I own the Zune Pass and have for years)
    – Shared Achievement points with Xbox Live


  17. markjritchie says:

    My wife to was unpinned from my start screen (fortunately nobody was hurt) and I’ve suffered de-linkage too (but my doctor has told me not to worry).

    In all seriousness I can’t believe how badly Microsoft is blowing WP7, from the name just being too much of a mouthful to months without moving the platform forward. They know they’re playing catchup they just don’t appear to want to do anything about it.

  18. stepk says:

    I have seen both behaviors. It appears to happen when I leave the phone unattended for a long time, like when I am sleeping. I thought at first it was my two year old playuing with the phone (which he loves, by the way, since it is so easy for him to get to his favorits game, Need for Speed) but last night when I went to bed, everything was fine and this morning I woke to find the tiles missing and the links dissolved.

  19. drummerboygreg says:

    The 1st has happened to me. I had my home number pinned to the homescreen and it disappeared. I re-pinned it, and it hasn’t disappeared again (yet). I’ve also noticed some of my apps that were pinned became un-pinned.

    I haven’t noticed the second.

  20. bsking88 says:

    I had a problem with number 1 above last week as well. My wife’s contact tile was pinned to my homescreen and it just vanished. The contact info was still in my phone so I just re-pinned it. Not sure why it happened but it hasn’t done it again… yet!

  21. wgimenes says:

    I also have had the problem of Contact unpinning from the home screen on Vodafone UK and my HTC Trophy.

    BTW, no updates here, yet.

  22. ne2000 says:

    Negative on both, focus, no updates

  23. arlam says:

    I also had this problem of “de-linking” in my HTC Trophy 3 times, it is really frustrating when you have lots of contacts linked and you have to link them again.

    I hope Microsoft could do something to solve this bug.

  24. fearthed0nut says:

    Yes, I’ve have had my contacts “unlinked” and have had to re-link them. It happened about the last week or so. These were linked from Facebook and Windows Live.

  25. Brian says:

    Yes I experienced both issues. Contacts tiles disappeared from home screen once and I have seen several contacts unlinked on three separate occasions. I am using a Samsung Focus with a 16 GB upgrade.

  26. staceymelissa says:

    All my manually linked contacts have unlinked a couple times. The automatic ones (those with identical names) stay linked.

    It has also replaced my manually set contact photos with the Facebook profile photo, even when there is no Facebook profile photo other than the stock silhouette.

  27. hashpot666 says:

    I can confirm both. I have a Focus. In my case, both happened on the same day and only that one day (last week). I also lost the custom pics just like intodevelopmentnl (didn’t lose the the actual files, just had to assign them to the users’ contacts again).

  28. woodg says:

    Using an HTC Mozart here. Unlocked the screen a couple of days ago and found an empty spot where a tile should have been. It took me a couple of minutes to realise that it was a pinned contact that had become unpinned. I have had the phone for about 3 months and this is the first and only time I have seen this issue. I still love my WP7, though.

  29. Rich says:

    It seems unlikely that seizethedavid’s “The phone then presses up against something and whichever contact is being touched becomes unpinned.” hypothesis is correct.

    I have noticed the pinning issue twice on my HTC HD7 (T-Mobile). In both cases it was all the people (I only have two) and only the people. If it was unintentional pressing I would expect it to happen with other items as well. It doesn’t seem to.

    I *think* I have noticed the unlinking as well, but at the time I thought it was my imagination — i.e. I thought I linked them but wasn’t sure.

    Incidentally, anyone know the protocol for submitting bugs?

  30. nathan589 says:

    I had the same thing happen with my wife’s contacts that were pinned to the start screen. I looked at it one day and it was just a blank tile. So I had to go to the address book on the phone and re-pin her to the start menu. Also all of her contacts were unlinked so I had to re-link them again….. weird!

  31. indi7five says:

    2 Mozarts, 1 Omnia and an HD7 here – no issues on any of them.

    I’ve only experienced needing to relink when people mess with their name on Facebook or when resetting the phones after meddling.

    I use 4 contact tiles on each phone and all are in situ.

  32. liver13 says:

    This is like the copy and paste issue you brought up a while ago. I thought it was just a “me” thing until you said it on the podcast.

    Put me down for the Tile issue

  33. adp says:

    I had 4 contacts pinned to START, all four were Live contacts with FB linked in. Last Thursday, 3 were removed from START with one de-linked. The one remained on START was de-linked, ironically, only the FB info was available on that contact tile. I noticed the de-linking when I tried to call that person and no number were available, this posibly because the name on LIVE were different than the name on FB. I scanned my contact list and it appears all contacts with different names on LIVE compared to FB, their contact info have been de-linked.

  34. blkballoon925 says:

    I had an app (not a contact) unpin itself about two weeks ago. I thought it was odd, but I just re-pinned it and everything has been good since.

  35. mrtimsmith says:

    I have two contacts pinned and they haven’t moved. No linking issues that I’m aware of either. Samsung Focus is what I’m using.

  36. tostaky10 says:

    Hi Paul,

    I’ve experienced one of these issues twice within the past few weeks on my HTC Trophy on o2 in the UK. The first thing I notice is that all the contact tiles pinned to the homescreen disappear and also the People tile is blank and no longer showing any contact images. I only sync to one address book (Windows Live).

    The phone then re-syncronizes ALL Windows Live contacts back to the device and contact images on the people tile re-appear. I then manually re-pin all contacts back to the homescreen.

    I also have an LG Optimus 7 on Vodafone in the UK which syncs contacts with Windows Live but have not experienced the same issue on this device.

    Best wishes and thanks for investigating!

  37. iczer1 says:

    I have experienced contact unpinning once on my Samsung Focus, I only have my girlfriend pinned so it was pretty obvious for me when it was gone. Haven’t noticed the any de-linking so far.

  38. fearthed0nut says:

    Ah yes, one more thing: I did have a contact tile magically get un-pinned last week. It happened overnight, while I was charging / syncing my phone.

  39. lsobrado says:

    I can confirm both bugs. At first I was excited because I thought I had gotten an update for microsoft and maybe that was why my home screen looked differently. But then I realized by looking at the settings what has become the story of WP7: “no updates found”, which proudly displays in the settings app.

    Microsoft doesn’t seem to care about this phone. At this point I’m calling for Joe Belfiore’s head to roll (in the corporate sense off course). He’s got his head in the stupid cloud of internal microsoft builds and he’s forgotten how many of his best customers are suffering with an out of date, abandoned, and buggy OS which to date hasn’t had a single bug fixed after almost half a year. half a year!!!.

    Sure Joe’s phone has muti-tasking, twitter, copy paste and his home tiles probably do not vanish, not to mention he can likely search the marketplace. BUT, we don’t. Is this guy for real or does he not realize he isn’t making a phone for the softies who can get internal builds, but for the people who need something that works.


  40. jeffgeno says:

    My girlfriend had it happen to her HD7 this past Friday and it happened to my Focus on Saturday. It hasn’t happened again since. My guess is a restoration of old data or sync issue on the Windows Live side caused it.

  41. vortechsuk says:

    I have had the only contact I pinned to the start menu removed, but I haven’t noticed any de-linking.

    I was more worried about the real problem I have of SMS being merged into a single thread, and heading out to the wrong person as a result….

  42. DigitalAmoeba says:

    I haven’t had contact tiles disappearing on me on my UK T-Mobile Samsung Omnia 7, but I have seen a lot of posts about this on the main MS Windows Phone 7 forums (

    BUT I and others have actually been having a much more serious issue in terms of actual corruption and loss of data from within contacts on the phone that are linked with Windows Live!

    See the main thread

    And my specific experience and extra detail at

    Best of luck getting some acknowledgement from MS about this and other bugs as although the moderators on WP7 Answers are active there never seems to be any admission of known bugs or possible timelines for fixes, instead it’s just workarounds (often from users)…at best. :-(

  43. Both my wife and I have Samsung Focus WP7 phones. My wife was complaining about both behaviors several days ago. I’ve not seen either behavior on my phone.

  44. mog0 says:

    A few days ago I saw a similar problem. I had a few contacts de-link. At the same time two of the contacts dissapeared from the recent group (was left with 4 tiles instead of 6) and all of the names dissapeared from my call history and messaging conversation list (only numbers were shown, instead of names).

    Bit odd

  45. wp7fan says:

    This has happened to several phones that I know of — including mine. The unpinning and unlinking seem to go together. The phones are all connected to the same exchange server and all three phones unpinned contacts at the same time. I did not notice any contacts get unlinked that were not pinned to the front page — and not all contacts on the front page got unpinned — only some.

    This has happened on three different occasions for us — each time it affected all three wp7 phones that our company uses. Currently we are all using Samsung Focus, connected to Exchange 2010. One user does not connect to facebook, but of course we all have accounts.

  46. Hi Paul,

    I’ve had these issues too. On 2 occasions in the last 2 weeks, my pinned contacts vanished. I have a Samsung Focus.

  47. shermttam says:

    My wife (using a Samsung Focus) has had the problem of contacts “de-linking.” It has been pretty obvious when this has happened because in her recent calls list all of the names that were previously identifying the called numbers disappear and instead are identified by the actual phone number called. When I’ve gone back into her contacts many/all of the contacts have been de-linked. This has happened twice so far. I have a Focus as well, this problem has not occurred.

    Here is a weird issue I’ve had with my Focus though. The phone will at times randomly reboot. When it comes back up the “profile” that shows is the default profile you would have if it were the first time you’ve turned on your phone. Each time this has happened a reboot has fixed the issue. I’ve seen this occur probably three times on my phone. Weird, I know…

  48. Oh and not sure if this is related or not, but my avator stopped showing up on my Xbox Live Tile. I now see in it’s place a vacant square that moves around like the avator would have. When I go into my Xbox Live app…I dont see my avator there either. Just a gray area. When I click to edit…I can then see the avator in that screen.

  49. lkuderick says:


    I can also confirm both issues as well as another. Twice now I’ve had manual contacts that I have entered into the phone disappear. In both cases, they were from numbers that called me and I created a contact from that information. In both cases, they eventually disappeared. I thought it might be related to when I sync’d my Hotmail account, but that wasn’t the reason as the last one I entered was there after I did a sync. It’s possible it might have disappeared after I shutdown and restarted my phone, but I’m not sure. The pinned contacts have disappeared 3 times for me so far.

    Using a Samsung Focus.

  50. romit says:

    Yes, confirmed. I thought it was weird to have my wife’s tile get unpinned AMD I thought it was me. So I pinned it back and ignored it. Looks like it is a bigger issue than I thought! /Samsing Focus on AT&T

  51. toddard says:

    I have a Samsung Focus, and I noticed this problem last week as well. I have only one contact pinned to my home screen, and it disappeared. Also one of my contacts lost its link. In both cases, no contacts were deleted. I have not installed any updates for this phone

  52. tphansen says:

    Yes on issue one. Twice on my Focus, all four of my people tiles disappeared. Also the phone history no longer displays the name, even though the people record still exists.

    The first time it happened I had been cleaning up my contact list on Windows Live and I thought that might have something to do with it.

    To make it a little more complicateed, I had accumulated a bout 1500 contacts over the years with prior Windows PDAs and Smart phones. Windows Live only permits 1000 contacts, so I maxed it out and put that issue on the earlier list of needed improvements. I have been adding contacts to my phone without problems. At the time that I was working with my contacts list on Windows Live, at least some, and I assume all, of the contacts I had added on the phone disappeared. It feels like a consequence of the 1000 contact limit that was not triggered until I accessed the contacts list with my computer web browser.

    As a related improvement request, it would be nice if we could have the list on the phone sorted/displayed as Company (Last, First) as you can on Windows Live and older Windows Mobile devices.

  53. ericjilot says:

    I have seen the first issue on my Samsung Focus.

  54. reliccross says:

    I have had this happen once and my brother has had it happen twice. The pinned contacts disappear off the start screen. It still leaves the empty space where it used to be but the contact is no longer there.

  55. My girlfriend constantly gets un-pinned as a tile on my home screen. She finds it offensive and thinks I’m up to shennanigans.

  56. skinnypig118 says:

    I experienced the de-linking problem just over the weekend. I don’t have any pinned contacts so can’t speak for that.

    I am on a Focus with no SD card.

  57. Just checked, some of my contacts have unpinned themselves. Thanks for alerting me to an issue I didn’t even know I had =/

  58. I have experienced the unpinning issue on an optimus 7. I noticed it after I had connected it to my computer.

  59. jahman7 says:

    The pinned contact issue has happened a few times to me. I pin only my wife to the start screen, and her contact tile has disappeared at least twice.

    The delinking issue – I have had trouble with WP7 and linking, though it was not with delinking, it was with creating multiple instances of the same contact within one accounts (hotmail/gmail) contacts list after setting up WP7 for the first time. I had to go in and spend at least an hour if not more cleaning up the clutter, and Hotmail tries but does not make it easy to clean up clutter. Their “merge” tool is useful, though not perfect, and it sucks trying to navigate through multiple pages of contacts where I ended up having around 500 instances of contacts, of which only around 100 were legitimate.

  60. This issue happened once to my Samsung Focus. I was refreshing my Live Mail and and it stalled and then I received an error. I pressed the Home button to get out of it and noticed that my copntacts tile was blank and all of my contacts were missing and pinned people on my homescreen had dissappeared. I fixed itself in about a half an hour and everything was fine., which led me to believe it was a server issue.

  61. reiderator says:

    Before I knew it was suspicious I lost just one of my four pinned contacts and thought it was something I had done by mistake…it happened on the 2nd or 3rd day after I got the phone (2 weeks ago; HTC HD7).

  62. russelldavidson says:

    Haven’t seen either of these problems. Nor have I seen the update, if that makes a difference. But I have a Venue Pro, so I’ve had my share of other issues ….

  63. haze1512 says:

    Yea, both things happened to me too. I noticed b/c my wife’s tile disappeared from my home screen. That happened at the same time that my contacts became unlinked. This had happened to me before a few times.

  64. dsnewton says:

    Yep…I’ve seen it. The only tile kept disappearing. This was after a change several settings on Facebook…hmmm. So I “unlinked” her to facebook and have not seen the unpinned issue.

  65. dkb1898 says:

    I didn’t notice de-linking either, but did have 6 contacts that were pinned to my start page disappear. I didn’t bother adding them back, figured I’d wait till I get a software update. Waiting on a lot of things until I get that software update, including some apps and games I’ll pay for. No use paying for stuff with a buggy OS.

    • dkb1898 says:

      Actually just noticed a lot of my links in the people hub have in fact gone away, some I can’t even get back. Someone with the exact same name on Live and Facebook, I can’t link because it doesn’t bring up their FB contact when I go to link them. I even resynced both Live and FB…this is turning out to be more of a problem then I realized!!!

      Funny thing is they are linked FINE on my web based live account!

  66. Aaron says:

    I don’t keep any contacts pinned, so I can’t confirm that, but I have noticed that my contacts (mostly manually linked) are delinking.

  67. Master Devwi says:

    I don’t pin contacts to the start screen, so I haven’t noticed the unpinning problem. I have, however, run into the unlinking issue. When I first got the device, I meticulously went through and linked all of my contacts. But two days ago, I noticed that many (but not all) of them had become unlinked. It was only five or ten contacts out of a few hundred, but it was still annoying.

  68. newtnn says:

    I have had the delinking happen multiple times to my contacts. It most tends to happen to people whose names are different than they appear on Facebook. Nate delinks from Nathaniel, John delinks from Johnathan, Ben from Glenn, even Joe from Joey.
    My LG Quantum is currently set to only add Facebook info to contacts that I already had, so perhaps that is one of the problems causes.

    Meanwhile, I have two contacts pinned to my homescreen, and both of them have remained exactly where I placed them the whole time I’ve used the phone.

    An additional thought: I think it would be fun to be able to link a Pizza place’s facebook Page to the phone number for the local branch. Maybe with your techno-influence you can suggest that to the powers that be?

  69. thommck says:

    My Wife got un-pinned shortly after Valentine’s day (an argument waiting to happen!). Then just the other day I noticed that the “Me” tile that I removed had re-pinned itself to the bottom of my tiles.

    I haven’t experienced any unlinking.

    I’m using a Samsung Omnia 7 on 3 UK

    There is loads of noise about this on a posy at Mobility Digest

  70. tobiasulm says:

    Hi Paul,

    I can confirm the first bug. I had my wife on the startscreen pinned. The tile disappeared completely and left an empty “slot”. This was happening once on a HTC Mozart. (I should have bought a LG Optimus 7! ;-) ) Have a nice stay in Europe!

    greetings from lower bavaria


  71. Same Here.

    I have experienced this twice now, with the de-linking and the pinned contact disappearing once.

    ALSO : !!! a couple of contacts actually disappeared from the phone and the Lice contacts account

  72. Eric K. says:

    I have seen the contact un-pinned issue on my wife’s phone (HTC HD7).

  73. tmeredithn says:

    I have a Samsung Focus and have experienced both issues. I contact the #WinPhoneSupport Twitter account when my tiles disappeared. They were very friendly and supportive, but had no idea why it occurred and said that this was the first they had heard of this issue. I’ve also noticed a number of contacts unlinking and then they have to be relinked manually. I haven’t gone back through my entire contacts list, but I’m sure I have more in there that are no longer linked. I have wireless sync set up on my phone so I haven’t actually connected it to my PC in about 3 months.

  74. curtkessler says:

    Have had this problem only once, couldn’t figure it out as to why it happened, but lost my one and only pinned contact on the start screen. Haven’t checked if other contacts have unraveled links,

  75. bmer83 says:

    I received a call yesterday from my brother (Samsung Focus | AT&T, US) stating that his Home screen items changed to black tiles. Neither a reboot or a battery pull for several seconds would fix this issue..

  76. mrhappyscar says:


    I have experienced this a few times now. My wife’s tile will dissappear on occassion, requiring a re-pin. This seems to happen when there’s a syncing issue with Windows Live (poor signal?). Several of my Windows Live contacts become split from their manual links whenever the tile for my wife’s Live tile dissappears as well.

    Why it should forget links and remove tiles is beyond me. Seeing as her only contact in my address book is through my address, and this happens to coincide with trouble syncing in low signal areas, I assume that the problem lies with sync errors in Windows Live.

  77. careerteiion says:

    Same problem here… HTC Trophy, 5 days ago!
    All contacts were unpinned as well from the home screen…
    I was making changes (contact information) simultaneously on my mobile phone and on windows live mail.

  78. adityakirank says:

    I noticed the first issues on my Wife’s HTC Surround. It never happened on my Samsung Focus.

  79. tboggs13 says:

    Happened to me last week. I only have one contact pinned to the start menu and it is my wife. I thought I accidentally deleted her, but when I added her back to the start menu, the picture was different. It was the one from Live instead of the one from Facebook. I double checked that the accounts were still linked and they were. Eventually the facbook photo reappeared on the contact tile.

  80. davidwbrooks says:

    All my home page contacts unpinned at the same time last week, just a few hours before it started getting mentioned in an earlier thread. No delinking that I can detect. Sorry, but I can’t think of anything I did at the same time, except possibly that I turned off wireless sync.

  81. davidwbrooks says:

    p.s. I can tell you something it isn’t: the unpinned accounts all had different combinations of original locations: three included a Facebook account but one didn’t for example.

  82. claytontlewis says:

    I’ve seen the contacts unpin from the start screen on both my HD7 and my girlfriends Samsung Focus. Haven’t been looking at the linking, but I’ll try to pay more attention.

    • claytontlewis says:

      If it helps, I only have three users pinned and it was the same one deleted both times on my phone. Makes me wonder if it could be a special character in the profile or some such thing.

  83. webb842 says:

    I can confirm both problems on my Samsung Focus. But, I must admit that the de-linking bug is something that has been occurring more recently (last month or so). It’s quite frustrating b/c I have to go back through and relink everyone, and it seems like I have 4 of the same profiles for each person now (via my primary @msn email address). Also, I have not gotten the new update yet.

  84. martinp17 says:

    depinning happened both on mine and my wife’s Samsung Focus.

  85. Ryan says:

    I’ve seen this problem (Samsung Focus). I originally put 4 contacts on my home screen, and just realized the other day that only 2 were there. I put mine in my pocket, but I don’t think it’s because of that (I’m not 100% positive that I’ve never done this, but I always lock my phone after using it). I very rarely adjust my tiles, so I think this is more than an inadvertent accident.

    Paul, since you have more access to the WP7 team than about anyone else outside of Microsoft/phone vendors, could you please stress the importance to them of on-device encryption (full EAS policy support)? This is a deal-breaker for many, many businesses. It’s inexcusable that non-Microsoft phones offer better Exchange support than Microsoft’s own offering. They have a great consumer device now, but they’re competing against a bunch of other great consumer devices. Why not go after BlackBerry? They’re the weakest and easiest player from which to capture market share and Microsoft is in a far better position than anyone else to provide a stellar mobile solution for business, but they seem dead-set exclusively on trying to establish a beachhead in the consumer market. The combination of a business savvy-device (a la BlackBerry) with great consumer appeal (a la iPhone/Android) is a huge opportunity for them, and something missing from the market. Why don’t they see it?

  86. garyritchie says:

    Both me and my wife have noticed the contacts unpinning on our HD7s in the last couple of weeks. Also been losing the custom pictures. I haven’t noticed unlinking, but that might be harder to notice.

  87. gfunk84 says:

    I’ve had my girlfriend’s tile unpinned and the picture removed from her contact info, but no de-linked contacts. Also, at the same time, my call history removed all of the names, leaving only the phone number. Any calls placed since this happened appear as expected, but the old calls are still affected.

    This all happened at about the same time I received an update notification, but I am not sure if the 2 are related. I have not applied the update as I have a Focus and figure it’s best to wait until the bricking issues are ironed out.

  88. vedichymn says:

    Same issue happened to me, my wifes contacts got unliked and she got depinned. Maybe windows phone just hates people’s wives? :)

  89. blinknfg41 says:

    I have had both of these happen to me. I have a Samsung focus and sometimes the contacts are no longer linked and the contacts pined to start all are taken off the home screen. Also, when i look at my call log the “names” of people are no longer listed and its only their telephone number.

    My brother has a LG Quantum and has reported the same issues.

    My windows live account is one that i rarely use for emails but i do periodically check it. I have noticed that when I manually sync, this is when my contacts get messed up.

  90. andrewpester says:

    I only have one contact pinned to the start menu, and it has disappeared a few times. I haven’t noticed any unlinking, but I’m rarely looking through all my contacts. I have an HTC 7 Trophy in New Zealand.

  91. chrislynchhp says:

    I believe the issue is related to ActiveSync, and issues with how it syncs contact updates. Both the wife and I own the Samsung Focus. We both use Hotmail, and have our phones synced to Hotmail. I also have mine connected to my corp Exchange 2010 environment. When I lost all my contacts, I had lost email on my phone as well. I opened the Hotmail inbox, and noticed it was trying to sync. Well, I had to re-add both my Hotmail and Outlook Inboxes before it would begin syncing properly.

  92. mightygorath says:

    i haven’t pinned any contacts to the menu, but I have noticed a lot of linked contacts unlinking.
    I’m using a HTC Trophy 7, on Vodafone, in the UK.

  93. dan white says:

    So I’m not alone! Twice in the last few weeks I have had pinned contact tiles disappear from my home screen. I’ve had my Samsung Focus since day 1 (in the US on AT&T) and had not seen this previously. I think there was still one pinned contact that stayed on the home screen, but I’m not certain. I’ll pay more attention if it happens again.

  94. chrisgroves says:

    I have lost my pinned contacts on my phone once in the last week, and my mom who also has a Samsung Focus lost hers at least 3-4 times since she had the phone. I cannot confirm the unlinking of contacts though.

  95. dorianmuthig says:

    Only automatically linked contacts will de-link. This happens on certain events like change of email address, change of name, or removal of one of those on either Windows Live or Facebook. Manually linked contacts never de-linked, unless someone deleted themselves from Facebook or was no longer in the Facebook contact list for any other reason.
    I don’t put contact tiles on the home screen, so I’ve got no clue about those, but I imagine if the tile represents a linked group and that group no longer exists because of a de-link it is removed.

  96. jfaraci0503 says:

    Oh man, I thought I was going crazy! I too have had my contacts unlink. From what I can tell, it’s the contacts that I manually linked together that reverted(?) to the auto-links that the OS made originally. So they weren’t completely unlinked, I just noticed a couple days ago that there were a lot more duplicate entries for people that I was sure I had already linked together. I really hope that this doesn’t become a constant problem that we have to wait until after Mango to see fixed.

  97. antaholics says:

    I lost a few, but not all of my pined contacts. I first thought it was just me forgetting to lock my phone, but it looks like its not the case. I don’t keep track of contact linking though, so I don’t know about the second issue.

  98. I lost all three of my contacts pinned to the start page, and after looking back through my call history, the names associated with every call were gone and replaced with the phone number. It almost seems like the contacts from windows live were wiped out and resynced. It has only happened one time thus far.

  99. Hi there!

    I also have the first problem that you mention. The tile of my girl friend disappeared for the 3rd time now. Interestingly this begun just about 1 month ago. I have my HTC HD7 since it was available here in Germany, so I use it quite a long time now. Also, on the first day I pinned my girl friend’s contact at start page, and the disappearing didn’t occurred until, as I said, circa one month ago. Very strange. Why now and not from the beginning?

    I can’t say a thing to the second problem described. I don’t use that (often), just with 2 or 3 contacts.

    Thanks and greetings!

  100. I had two contacts disappear from pinned tiles just the other day – ironically the same day that I’d first read of it happening to someone else on Twitter!

    Haven’t noticed any unlinking, but I haven’t been looking for it either.

  101. echostorm says:

    I’ve had contacts randomly unlinking pretty much from the start. Maybe at worst once a week. Samsung Focus

  102. dcavina says:

    I also had all (two) contacts disappear from pinned tiles just today. I am pretty sure they were there yesterday. Not sure about linked entries (the ones I looked at were still linked).

    Assuming this is an issue with the phone and not Windows Live, and given Microsoft’s current update schedule, it seems we will have to live with this issue until their next update at the end of 2011. I sure hope they change their frequency to allow releasing fixes sooner than that, but I am not holding my breath.

    While this issue is certainly irritating, I have fortunately (so far) run into few issues with WP7 and most I could work around. Overall, I have been very happy with my phone (Samsung Focus) and it’s definitively the best smartphone I have ever owned.

  103. jfrcharruadas says:

    I also confirm the unlinking in my contacts. I was founding strange behaviour, but I wasn’t sure if I was doing anything wrong. Now I got the confirmation from you guys.
    Just to know that my Samsung Omnia 7 also suffers from the same symptoms. Hope that it gets fixed quickly.


  104. jfrcharruadas says:

    I also lost custom pictures in some contacts! :( Another bug?

  105. sugoidane says:

    AT&T Samsung Focus

    I’ve had my contacts unlink once or twice, and I never pin contacts the start menu.
    It’s merely irritating, but I hope it’s fixed as soon as possible.

  106. aaronlauper says:

    This has happened to both my wife and I’s samsung focus phone, numerous times.

    It is very annoying! But has never removed contacts from my people hub.

  107. densbucs says:

    Just to throw one other thing in… After the small little Zune PC software update last week, or the week before, then after synching my Zune HD, my pins of certain playlists on the Zune home screen dissappeared

  108. vhaakmat says:

    Haha… most of us had our wife unpinned…. I wonder if it is some conspiracy :)

  109. dancfuller says:

    I have a Focus, and I’ve had two contacts de-link (about one month apart). It was easily and quickly fixed so more of a hassle than anything. I’ve never had a contact tile un-pin.

    But, yesterday a friend with Focus had all of his contacts de-link, and all of his Windows Live contacts (so, the “base” contact list) show only the last name (no phone number, no e-mail address). We logged into Windows Live on a computer, and all of his contacts are fine with all the correct information there, but somewhere a wire got crossed.

    We tried manually re-syncing on the phone with Windows Live, but that didn’t fix the issue, we still had last names only without phone numbers and, of course, Facebook was de-linked from each contact.

    We thought we would re-associate the Windows Live account (delete and re-add, like you can with Facebook or any other mail account)… but the phone does not provide that option for the Live account. The only way to change/reset the Windows Live association is with a factory reset. Great. So, we’re hoping that it’s some server communication issue which MS can fix.

    I keep saying “we,” though it’s not my phone, because I gave him a ridiculously positive recommendation for the Focus when he was looking to get a phone in December (I had gotten mine in November), so I’m de facto support when something ludicrous (too strong a word?) like this happens.

  110. agwillow says:

    It’s happened to my phone and to my wife’s phone–unpinning and unlinking–at least three times each. It started about two months ago for me, less than a month ago for her. Both of us have had out phones (HTC HD7) for about five months. The only unlinking is for manually linked contacts. The unpinning is less predictable. All of the pinned contacts always disappear from my wife’s home screen; most of mine (but never my wife’s!) usually disappear, but not always the same ones.

    Neither of us has ever seen a contact disappear from the People hub.

  111. jonoble says:

    I’ve experienced contact tile unpinning a couple of times on my Omnia 7 and I have a friend who has also seen it on the HTC HD7.

  112. ngreader says:

    i never pinned contacts on homesecreen, but definitely seen some contacts getting unlinked ….too bad.

  113. chrisbrace says:

    guess what, i have the same issue on my hd2 running wm6.5 and my Mozart. i think it is caused by a glitch when syncing with windows live on both systems. i also sync with several pcs, at least one of which uses google sync also. chances are a corruption somewhere in my sync web is causing it?

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  115. flesners says:

    I am not absolutely certain, but I think that my contacts de-linking and unpinning happened at the instance when I swapped SIM cards on my Samsung Focus.

    On a relevant occasion I must say that Samsung phones always drop certain amount of settings (i.e. APN setting for 3G/GPRS and MMS setting) as soon as you swap SIM cards. That is my experience with several older Samsung phones that I’ve used over the years.

    P.S. Another bug that I experience with contacts is that whenever I want to add a new contact from, I get a message that my address book is full.

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  118. lizamayliza says:

    Samsung Focus, bought November 11, 2010.

    Bug appeared suddenly in January, contacts unpinning but more frustrating they are unlinking. And the Facebook profile for some contacts has vanished. I’ve asked all contacts affected if they’d changed their Facebook privacy settings, or reachability settings, and no, that is not the issue. I can find them on the phone if I use the facebook app; but these people (12 of them on my phone) do not have facebook profiles at all if I look within the People Hub.

    Three of the twelve are family members … others are critical business contacts. Very frustrating. Microsoft doesn’t appear to have the remotest clue that the bug even exists. This is the first forum discussiion I’ve been able to turn up that even mentions the issue.

    Very frustrating.

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  120. jennd05 says:

    So I have been looking for a solution to this exact problem. This has happened to me twice in the last 3 days. I noticed my live tiles were gone the other day and when I went to repinn them I also noticed that they were no longer linked. I went through relinked all of my contacts and then repinned my wanted contacts to the main page. The next day they had all disappeared again. I am beyond flustrated with the windows phone and really hate that I am stuck in a 2 year contract with this phone. They havnt delivered the promised updates, I still cant customize ringtones, the marketplace is slow, I have had 2 bugs now and have had to completly reset twice and lost everything both times. That means losing all pictures along with all apps.

  121. dcavina says:

    I had this happen to me (again) today. I realize Microsoft’s cup is full trying to bring the feature set up to par with (or surpass) the competition, but I am still quite disappointed that they have not been able to release any fixes for this or other issues in the meantime.

  122. I accidentally unpinned my gmail tile and now I cannot re-pin it to the start screen. I need help, as I get a lot of emails each day and now have to swipe, scroll and open gmail manually. =(

    • Rich says:

      1.) Swipe
      2.) Scroll
      3.) Instead of TAPPING “gmail” PRESS and HOLD “gmail” you will see an option for “pin to start”
      4.) Tap “pin to start”

      * Side note: this probably isn’t the best forum for technical support. I’m not sure what that is or I’d tell you.

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