Yet another free Windows Phone book for developers

Say what you will about Windows Phone, but boy are developers behind this thing in a huge way. The amount of documentation out there is incredible, as is, curiously, the number of free developer-oriented eBooks. Here’s another:

Free Ebook – Silverlight for Windows Phone

Here is a Free ebook “Silverlight for Windows Phone” written by Puja Pramudya from Microsoft Innovation Center, Indonesia. This e-book is written for those who want to get to know, use, and develop applications for Windows Phone, Microsoft’s latest mobile platform. Of course, it would be naive to consider that this e-book covers the topic about Windows Phone entirely, but it can undoubtedly give you a good basic to learn.

In this e-book you will not find topics that require advanced hardware supports such as multi-touch or FM, because this e-book is written based on the available emulator.


Thanks to Leon Z. for the tip.

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13 Responses to Yet another free Windows Phone book for developers

  1. jabtano says:

    I would say that it’s well worth having a look at seeing how it’s free.

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  3. Hal says:

    That’s a pretty odd screenshot he has used on the bottom left, it has 3 columns of icons instead of 2, a google chrome icon, in fact none of those tile icons look like the final ones. I guess it was an early mockup – I wonder why he used it!

  4. Joe says:

    Say what you will about Windows Phone

    And lately you certainly seem to be the one saying it. About Windows Phone, and about Microsoft. Maybe it’s time to do a post or an article addressing the general shift in tone of your blogs?

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      I think it’s obvious. This phone was sold in an incomplete and buggy form. I have no problem with that, if they update it regularly. Every single day that goes by with no update is an insult to that premise. I love Windows Phone. I do not love that Microsoft is letting its users twist in the wind with an incomplete and buggy product months later. Is this not logical and credible? Really?

      • ejlee2006 says:

        U had ur phone since July 2010, I understand your frustration about the updates,

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        Come on. I mean, really. I’m slightly more sophisticated than that.

      • johnnliu says:

        I got my WP7 week 1 of the launch. Loved it and could live with all the v1 faults. But months later I’m really doubting whether MS is committed to its own mobile phone. If they could throw money away in R&D for Xbox for years then why can’t they do the same for WP. They can’t possibly leave this to Apple and Google

        My colleagues own android and iPhone and both handsets have way more updates than WP so far.

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