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AT&T users: Check your data usage on the fly

As most of you know, I’ve been tracking my monthly data usage on Windows Phone and the comments section of this blog was the impetus for a Microsoft investigation into spurious data usage by Windows Phone-based devices. (My most recent … Continue reading

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Software updates: Windows Phone vs. iPhone

I’ve complained again and again about Microsoft’s inability to ship software updates for Windows Phone, noting that the sheer number of missing features and bugs requires a steady stream of hot-fixes. They’re not listening, and are instead embarking on an … Continue reading

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Backup functionality coming as part of first Windows Phone update

According to Microsoft’s Matt Akers, the first Windows Phone 7 software update provide integrated backup and restore that backs up “most of your stuff ” to the cloud and then later restore your phone to an earlier time if something … Continue reading

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LG: Windows Phone 7 hasn’t performed as well as expected

Speaking to Pocket-lint, an LG executive offers a reasonable assessment of the Windows Phone 7 launch and explains why it will be OK in the long run. The important points, I think, are: High expectations crushed by less-than-expected visibility “From … Continue reading

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Windows Phone 7 + CDMA: When is this really happening?

Prompted by a number of emails from concerned readers, and an unrelated product briefing this morning, I went back and re-examined what Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said about CDMA (Verizon/Sprint) availability for Windows Phone 7 during his 2011 Consumer Electronics … Continue reading

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Possible solution to spurious Windows Phone 3G data usage found

Bil Simser of the Fear and Loathing blog has examined the spurious Windows Phone 3G data usage issue that was first discussed here and on the SuperSite for Windows and may just have an answer. This is a must-read if … Continue reading

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Providing feedback to Microsoft about Windows Phone

As many of you have seen here on this blog and elsewhere, we all have opinions about what Microsoft can do to improve Windows Phone 7. The question is, how can we get this feedback to Microsoft? Do they listen? … Continue reading

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Windows Phone 7 + Windows Home Server “Vail”

I likee, I likee. The Windows Home Server guys rumbled out of a months-long slumber and revealed two important things via their team blog, one implicitly and one explicitly. One, contrary to popular belief, the next Home Server version, codenamed … Continue reading

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New Exam Drills for Windows Phone 7

The Microsoft Press blog announced late last month (sorry, I missed it) a new set of five Windows Phone 7 apps aimed at preparing you for various Windows Phone-oriented MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) and MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) … Continue reading

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Microsoft finally posts information about coming updates

If you’re familiar with the wall of silence out of the Windows Phone group over the past two months, this little bit of self-congratulations is gonna hurt: One question we hear often is: What’s next for Windows Phone? We’re obsessive … Continue reading

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