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Windows Phone services around the world: An embarrassing matrix of missing features

On a recent episode of Windows Weekly, I noted that I was considering making a table depicting all of the countries in which Windows Phone was available on one axis, and all of the possible online services on the other, … Continue reading

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Signs of life with Windows Phone momentum?

Well, you gotta at least give Windows Phone some credit for keeping life interesting. A week after an LG official said that Windows Phone 7 hasn’t performed as well as expected, Deutsche Telekom says that, in Germany at least, Windows … Continue reading

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Has Microsoft found the data hog bug?

And if so, why hasn’t its PR department alerted anybody? Not newsworthy enough? Not important enough? Too busy advocating Windows Phone elsewhere, as they do day-in and day-out? OK, sorry. /sarcasm off. Responding to a direct question by the Seattle … Continue reading

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AT&T users: Check your data usage on the fly

As most of you know, I’ve been tracking my monthly data usage on Windows Phone and the comments section of this blog was the impetus for a Microsoft investigation into spurious data usage by Windows Phone-based devices. (My most recent … Continue reading

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Software updates: Windows Phone vs. iPhone

I’ve complained again and again about Microsoft’s inability to ship software updates for Windows Phone, noting that the sheer number of missing features and bugs requires a steady stream of hot-fixes. They’re not listening, and are instead embarking on an … Continue reading

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Backup functionality coming as part of first Windows Phone update

According to Microsoft’s Matt Akers, the first Windows Phone 7 software update provide integrated backup and restore that backs up “most of your stuff ” to the cloud and then later restore your phone to an earlier time if something … Continue reading

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LG: Windows Phone 7 hasn’t performed as well as expected

Speaking to Pocket-lint, an LG executive offers a reasonable assessment of the Windows Phone 7 launch and explains why it will be OK in the long run. The important points, I think, are: High expectations crushed by less-than-expected visibility “From … Continue reading

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