How you can help improve Zune

Are you looking to convince Microsoft that it needs to add over-the-air podcast support to the Zune client in Windows Phone 7? Or international support for podcasts? Do you have any other Zune feedback, feature requests, or complaints? Unlike with Windows Phone generally—perhaps because it’s been around for a while—Zune does have some official channels for just this purpose. And my advice is to use them, now.

Here’s how:

1. Send them an email. The address is

2. Or, use Twitter. The address is @zunesupport. Which you can find here. Also, @zune works fine too. You can find that here.

I’m told that both provide reports back to the teams on trending request features and the email address is also monitored and read by Zune PMs and others on the Zune team.

So help make Zune better. Please.

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13 Responses to How you can help improve Zune

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  2. Gutemberg says:

    Paul, I’m sorry, but take some time and look my twitter @galvesribeiro and see my discussion with the worse customer support in my life. @zunesupport
    I’m very sad that i dont have a custommer support for wp7 or zune. I called apple last year and had an awesome experiency with the support.

    I work fow MS but, this wp7/zune support is worsefull.

    Best regards


  3. AGION1 says:

    Done. I’d like to see app management via the software.

    • Hi, I’m a Zune MVP =)

      Just wondering what you meant about app management. I’m assuming you’re referring to Windows Phone apps, but can you get a little more detailed on what you’re looking for.

  4. glenvdb says:

    Will Microsoft actually launch, support and advertise the Zune here in Canada? Fat chance! Every Canadian can list off all of Apple’s Current devices, but the Zune here in Canada has absolutely failed to ever even become a name on People’s brain. The average person on the street has never even heard of the Zune. It almost seems like Microsoft forgot Canada when they launched the Zune. It’s sad, but it is way too late for the Zune to ever get any real traction here in Canada. Yo can buy ipods Everywhere, from the local wal-mart to pawn shops, discount stores and such, but you will never find a Zune.

    Windows Phone is very VERY quickly becoming a ghost here also. Unless Microsoft actually steps up to the plate and starts HEAVILY promoting WP and the Carriers actually carry the phone, It Will dead too.

  5. squeakstar says:

    There are loads of people yearning for scrobbling support as people have been contributing to their account for years and have a handy database of songs loved etc which reccomends artists. I’ve raided the forums before on this topic but we just get no offical comment or some nonsense that it conflicts with Zune Social – which to be honest doesn’t seem to know half the artists do, and hasn’t once picked up on any artists I’ve played directly from my phone. I would say Zune Social is encroaching on’s audience and should support them first before trying to steal them away and making them leave their history behind. Fudging it with Zenses for now but fingers crossed MS will change their mind on this.

    What’s even more ludicrous is xbox supports grrrr *shakes fist*

    Thanks for the pointers anyway Paul, may have to take the direct email approach :)

  6. Burgard says:

    If they could just give us the Zune interface on the Xbox and let us play our owned content through it, it would be a better world.

  7. quikboy says:

    Do they really need direct feedback? Just reading the comment sections of any articles regarding Zune will bring up things people would wish the Zune team would do.

  8. DONE! I would like to think that it is going to make a difference but I am not holding my breath. Here’s the email that I sent:

    Let me start by saying that the Zune client software and the Zune HD device offer the most enjoyable media experience I have ever known. I own an iPad (won at a conference) and several iPods. The UX they offer cannot compare to Zune. Now for the complaints. Below is a list of features/fixes I wish to see in the Zune experience to allow it to continue to be first class.

    1. Better Search/Filter options on the device and the client software
    2. Over air streaming of podcasts/Zune Marketplace video
    3. An email app for the Zune HD. This one seems way overdue. And no the browser does not cut it. If it did their wouldn’t be a mail client on WP7.
    4. Support for YouTube or some form of web video
    5. Simple way to integrate multiple Live IDs across the PC/Hardware/Xbox. I had to recently cancel my Zune Pass and re-up with my Xbox ID because there was no simple way to merge the two together. That came directly from @zunesupport.

    I love my Zune and talk it up to everyone I know. I wish I could afford a Phone/Data plan because if I could I would buy a WP7 in a heartbeat. Please consider my suggestions and work towards accelerating the development lifecycle of this fantastic ecosystem.

  9. Personally, I thought they were onto something by having Zune Social be a part of Windows Live profiles. Already when you add a favorite music artist, that stuff is powered by Zune, so it would be nice if people knew when you added a song to your 8 favorites or reach a badge milestone with an artist.

  10. typhoon87 says:

    Email sent copy below:

    Hello Zune team,

    I have a few requests for the Zune team for product improvement,

    1) For Windows 7 please provide device stage support for Zune and Windows Phone 7, it is awesome hi res device pictures and one stop device management.

    2) Open up the app store to 3rd party developers, I know that right now all the apps are free and that your user experience goes deeper than just apps but the 30 or so apps you have right now just is not enough.

    3) Utilize Microsoft Connect to take and manage feature requests. Currently your connection ( really only takes incorrect metadata and misclassification and most feature requests are closed without discussion, I personally had two feature requests closed with no discussion whatsoever.

    4) Improve Internet Explorer in an upcoming firmware update. Work with the IEMOBILE team that makes the Windows Phone 7 browser but according to their blog post here is not the same team that works on the zune browser this could create a serious disconnect for Web developers if they use different builds that support different web standards features. If both devices start improving their respective IE versions but do it using moderately or radically different builds of IE this is like Microsoft making the same IE 6 mistakes all over again and its hell for web developers. This needs to be addressed internally quickly so you don’t go to totally different ways.

    5) Start an Advertising campaign, currently the Zune HD is probably the best music player out there that no one has ever heard of. I was showing my Windows Phone 7 to my buddy girlfriend and she loved the interface and literally said “too bad I can’t get that in a device that’s just the player like an ipod” Best device no one knows about, you need to fix this and you need to get an international launch.

  11. glenvdb says:

    Sent them an e-mail the other day. No Response. I guess the typical reply to Canadians is “No Comment”

  12. Turns out they were inundated with emails. I jsut listened to Zune Insider Podcast #101 and PM on Zune Client – Matt Akers, said they received over 230 emails. Now what they do with those is another ? entirely. Better yet is how fast they respond.

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