Windows Phone data usage, December 2010

AT&T just posted my December 3G data usage statistics, so we can see where things fall compared with previous months. And as it turns out, my usage was down a bit from November, so it’s another big question mark. Maybe I’ve leveled off. Maybe I’ve changed something. It’s hard to say.


Previous data usage updates:

November 2010
October 2010
September 2010

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12 Responses to Windows Phone data usage, December 2010

  1. brentgv says:

    I think you’re just having way too much fun with your WP7 device. And it shows in data usage. :D

    • nurvous says:

      Try turning off any email that requires manual sync or feedback to Microsoft. Reduced my 4.6GB per month to 600MB. Still more than my 250MB which I normally got with Android.

  2. 16stone says:

    Over the holidays, when I never left the house, 4-9MB/day data usage with wi-fi enabled. Some notifications must be using 3G but how huge are these data packets?

  3. dorianmuthig says:

    It’s really simple, you’re obviously downloading a lot of apps to try them out, and your doing that over the cellular network. Even with 7 email accounts and ~300 emails arriving per day I didn’t hit 30MB/month if I exclude all the app downloads I made… your math is obviously wrong, stop dealing in absolutes, tear it down to what you used the traffic for. Statistics like these are why the average user can’t get unlimited data plans for worry free usage on a fixed fee.

  4. fearthed0nut says:

    I bought my Samsung Focus shortly after its release. I saw big data usage at first (namely, when pulling down all my friends / etc.). Ordinarily, my data usage findings would have matched Paul’s finding. (1.5 Gb out of 2 gb max). But this month (with virtually the same usage) I have used 92 Mb in 17 days. Not a whole heck of a lot. Keep in mind I use a mix of 3G and WiFi.

    My apps are: Kindle App (finally!), Bed Intruder (I know.. I know..), a few games, and PageOnce. I do check my “what’s New” with my friends fairly frequently.

    Whatever *was* using so much seems to have stopped. I have not changed the style in what I have been using (that I’m aware of).

  5. thetomker says:

    In talking to a couple fellow Samsung Focus owners we’re noticing that every night about 12:53 a.m. there’s a data transfer of 3MB-6MB – and in one instance I have a transfer 220MB! This is showing up on my bill even though every night, well most every night, at that time I am not using my phone, it is connected to my WiFi at home, and usually on the charger. What is this data transfer? ATT was no help at all. (she “talked to Apple and they said…”)

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      I’ve been told (not by AT&T) that AT&T does post things in batches sometimes, so that might not be actual data usage at that exact time.

  6. fearthed0nut says:

    It appears there’s more press out there about Windows Phone 7 and data usage. And it isn’t good. What’s worse: Microsoft doesn’t seem to be doing any PR / public statements / etc. about it (or, it isn’t being picked up by the media, which is practically the same thing).

    As an update: I have 24 out of 31 days of billing time and have only used 117 Mb so far. While I, too, was experiencing high data usage at first, this month seems to have dropped, and I have *not* altered my usage pattern. If anything, I’m using it more (I’m playing more games).

    Anyone else see drops in their data usage?

  7. I’ll update again based on the last data usage post from Paul. Again I changed feedback so it would not use the cellular connection, which could be memory dumps, etc…

    I used 105.6 MB in my first month on the windows phone. I feel very comfortable using the 200 MB plan and 1,500 texts. What I’m not as comfortable with is my minutes (450) which I almost went over on for the first time ever, I might switch to early nights and weekends or 900 minutes. Seems I don’t mind spending time talking so much on this phone since the quality is so good.

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