Windows Phone 7 on Verizon

I’m told this is the Windows Phone model that will appear first on Verizon, in January.

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35 Responses to Windows Phone 7 on Verizon

  1. lzandman says:

    Cool, that’s my phone! Got it for over three weeks now and I like it a lot. Do mind that they shipped a batch with normal LCD’s instead of SLCD’s. Be sure to check if yours is OK.

  2. romit says:

    Am I reading the specs correctly in that this is a GSM/CDMA combo phone? I see things like GSM and GPRS interspersed with WCDMA :-)

  3. richcoleman says:

    What’s up with all the 8GB of storage BS? Microsoft must be pretty pissed about that.

  4. tcooper185 says:

    Any word on a Sprint Windows Phone 7 device? Holding out for that…

  5. rjohn05 says:

    I thought MS tweeted it was to appear in December?

  6. Any news on Sprint? (besides the HTC 7Pro.)

  7. thenumbersarebad says:

    Hmmm, two new platforms for Verizon rumored to launch in the same month on the same carrier? Domestically WP7 needs access to 90 million more customers but that seems like a tough month to launch in.

  8. nulldev2010 says:

    Unlike for AT&T and TMO, WP7 CDMA rollout will be one device at a time. I’d like to see more carriers offer portrait-sliders like Dell Venue Pro but perhaps maybe just a little smaller in size. I think that would be a sweet spot for many RIM users looking to switch.

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  10. interframe says:

    Paul, did your older Samsung WP7 developer device receive the copy/paste update? One developer has posted a video up of it on YouTube:

    Some are saying that internally, MS has newer builds that are more feature complete regarding C&P. I understand if your under NDA, but if your were able to leak this Verizon thing, you should be able to talk about the update.

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  13. dkb1898 says:

    Zzzzzzzzz…disappointing they aren’t releasing a Galaxy S variant, or phones based on the newer 45nm chips which would get better batter life with a bit faster graphics.

    • BI_Tinkering says:

      I have to agree. I would prefer a CDMA Focus. I wonder how many verizon customers are going to at least think about bailing when the iPhone hords move to verizon? I also have to wonder how many dropped calls iPhone users will have on a different network.

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  15. Greg Edwards says:

    OK, I gotta put on my conspiracy theorist hat for a sec and say this Verizon roll-out time frame seems suspicious to me. If Microsoft and hardware partners like HTC could get CDMA-ready WP7 and compatible devices ready by January, then they certainly should’ve been able to do it in December, ahead of the holiday shopping season. Seems more and more like maybe an exclusivity deal with AT&T or some internal politics at Verizon were at play here. I’m banking on the former, because I can’t imagine that Verizon would’ve willingly lost out on lucrative holiday sales for any reason. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to getting my Verizon WP7 phone in January!

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  17. dkb1898 says:

    It should be interesting to see if Apple ever takes any blame for it’s poor phone performance on AT&T network. Consumer Reports just came out with their latest ratings and AT&T went DOWN significantly, with over half users reporting on AT&T using an iPhone. Funny but I haven’t heard anyone with a Focus or newer Android complain about AT&T’s network

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      Yeah, I suspect a lot of people have better results without an iPhone.

      • dkb1898 says:

        I’m a little disappointed Consumers didn’t cover that or take that into consideration in the study, they used to be a lot better at covering there bases from what I can remember.

        BTW I went back to my local AT&T store, and they have the phones preloaded now with Games, accounts, emails, and even a tutorial when you pick up the phone. I’d like to see some of the free apps installed like IMDB and such, but still a MUCH better presentation for the phone.

        I was reading the transcript of Mossberg interviewing Belfiore at Dive into Mobile, he’s such a smug you know what. He didn’t ask any good questions that would maybe show off WP7, just ones that would embarress Joe and some seemed preplanned. Like “ohh so I can see someones tweets on their live tile” when I’m sure he KNEW you couldn’t. He’s useless!

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        Yeah, Mossberg really is a piece of work.

      • nulldev2010 says:

        Mossberg also complained about a weather app that didn’t support live tile as if it’s an problem while conveniently not mentioning two other weather apps that do support live tiles. In the video, you can tell he planned that thing all along with the way he came out as soon as Belfiore started to talk about live tiles, a key strength of WP7.

        I think MS should stop sending execs to these conferences run by Mossberg. By having MS in his show, he gets more legitimized and he just uses that power to screw MS even more. I think it’s time for MS to punch back a little. No verbal jabs needed, just send a clear message by not attending his show. The conference will look ridiculous without MS and the spotlight will be on his fanboism instead as it should.

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