Tip: Zune Pass with Windows Phone

One of the biggest advantages of Windows Phone is that it allows you to access Zune Pass subscription music content over the air. For one low monthly price–$14.99 in the US, though that includes 10 free MP3 song downloads each month, a $10 value–you can stream Microsoft’s 10+ million song catalog directly to your phone.

But Zune Pass isn’t just about streaming. You can also download music to the phone, though this feature isn’t very obvious. To download a song or album with Zune Pass, tap and hold on the item and choose Download from the pop-up menu. (Song downloading is straightforward. To download an album, you must first select that album and then tap and hold on the album art to get to the pop-up menu.)

Content downloaded in this fashion will be synced back to the PC when you re-connect the device.

Thanks very much to Sasha Kotlyar for the tip!

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11 Responses to Tip: Zune Pass with Windows Phone

  1. tcngraham says:

    Do you have any hint, Paul, as to when Zune Pass will make it to Canada? As of now, we’re not able to buy music at all, let alone get the pass.

  2. jonahu says:

    Hi Paul, regarding music streaming – are you able to create a playlist of purely “streaming” music i.e. you are not required to download the content in order to play?

    I know you are able to search and play one-off music tracks but couldn’t find a way to create a playlist for pure streaming.

  3. necromannn says:

    Hi Paul! Do you know when Zune pass and WP7 marketplace will be available in Portugal? Thanks!

    • AK says:

      Alas, Zune’s music marketplace isn’t available in Canada, either. I’m sick of iTunes.

      That said, Microsoft has told me they have no news on when or if the Zune music marketplace will ever go to other counties (besides the ones it’s already in)… so unless Paul is a wizard…!

  4. alimaggs says:

    Oh, ok, that’s cool. I did already know you could download to the phone (surprised it’s so well hidden, whereas “buy” and “stream” are clearly visible, therefore downplaying the Zune Pass a little), I didn’t realise that it synced back to the PC when you connect though – that’s nice. Assuming the quality of the download is the same no matter whether you download through the PC or phone?

  5. bit101 says:

    Ah. good one. I thought you had to go through the zune software or stream. Didn’t seem to make sense.

  6. What if I have 2 WP7 and we both use windows live for email. I don’t want mine (the zune account) as primary on my wifes phone because there is no option to not sync contacts on the primary account. But when she is the primary account the download option is not available on the phone. It works fine when hooked to the computer but she wants to download on the go. Is there a setting I am missing to make windows live 2 the marketplace account?

    • Ok the way to do this is to set up a new live account. Then on the XBOX 360 there is an option to change the live id associated with the account. This also changes the live id associated with Zune. Once this is done you have to reset the phones and set them up with the new live account. You can then add the old live accounts for email. I also deselected email sync on the new live account. Now all my market place stuff is the same on both phones but email and contacts are not jumbled. It was a pain but it works.

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