Samsung Focus hack enables Windows Phone 7 tethering

Speaking of hack, I hate linking to PC World, but this is worthwhile for Samsung Focus fans not worried about violating the AT&T TOS.

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8 Responses to Samsung Focus hack enables Windows Phone 7 tethering

  1. romit says:

    You don’t have to – has a link to Mobility Digest:

  2. hashpot666 says:

    I think people are going to start asking you now if you’ve tried it :)

  3. Hey Paul,

    This is off topic, but I am switching to a new contract to get a WP7 and I was wondering what your “real world” thoughts are on getting just the 200MB data plan from AT&T. I wouldn’t consider myself a heavy-user when it comes to smartphones, but I also don’t want to get myself into trouble going over my limit. Would you say that WP7 uses less or about as much data as, say, an iPhone or Android device?


    • Paul Thurrott says:

      I’ve been posting about my data usage. This is something that will need months of examination before anything intelligent or accurate can be said about it.

  4. gpsarakis says:

    Lots of hacks for other phones are showing up that let you access tethering which seems to show that the OS has the backend bits needed but that MS just has to work out the user level UI and options etc so you can access it without the “hack”.

    The rumor about tethering coming in the January update along with Copy & Paste is starting to look less like a rumor now.

  5. Paul,

    Help me here. I can’t find this in Google, so I will ask you? It possible to CLOSE Zune on Windows Phone after I have used it? It is annoying for the volume to always bring back the last played element with controls. For instance, I just went to bring my ringer from silent and it was turning up the volume of the paused fm station I was just listening to.

    Sorry for the threadjack, but this was the only way I knew to get a message in.

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