Great way to view available Windows Phone 7 apps

Not sure how up-to-date this is, but Bing has a nice page where you can dynamically view all of the available Windows Phone 7 apps. You can filter by category and sub-category, too. (This morning, the total number of apps is over 1600.) Nice!


Thanks to thinkmobile for the tip.

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9 Responses to Great way to view available Windows Phone 7 apps

  1. kallekenkel says:

    I can’t get to that page, when I type “windows phone 7 apps” into bing visual search, I end up with the standard search results… What am I diong wrong?

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      No idea. Are you outside the US? Bing services seem to be locale-specific.

      • kallekenkel says:

        Jupp. I guess that’s it. Ironic isn’t it? If you consider that I (speaking for many Europeans) have had my HD7 for more than two weeks now…

  2. mnjoe says:

    When you are in Bing Visual search, click on the “Online Media” and then the “Applications” tab. Windows Phone 7 Applications should be listed amongst those categories.

    Or, you can try this link:

  3. richspalding says:

    Like many of the cool features in Bing, you need to set you location to US for it to work.

    I like this. But it’s not great, for one thing you can’t search! Only browse by category, so I am not sure what ‘visual search’ means exactly, as it seems to indicate my eyes do the searching.

    Sending a link to the phone would be majorly useful too. Zune is nice software, but I can only install it on my primary personal PC. I, like others, use many different PCs in a single day. It would be nice to be able to search for WP7 apps on the fly, on a full screen.

  4. bleeman13 says:

    I’m in the US and your link worked for me. As to the comment about how up to date, I noticed there are dates underneath each icon on the “25 Newest Free” and “25 Newest paid” selections. On the sorted by drop-down option on the main apps listing, one of the choices is “Sorted by release date” and when used then all of the icons have a date underneath them.

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