Microsoft support offerings for Windows Phone 7

With Windows Phone 7 finally hitting retail today in the US–I’ve gotten a ton of good news email from people who ventured out to buy one, so congrats–Microsoft sends along word about its support options for Windows Phone customers.

Front Line Training. Sales agents around the globe have been trained by Microsoft on the latest and greatest features found within Windows Phone 7.  These sales agents have been equipped with the necessary know-how to ensure they are ready to help consumers make the most of their Windows Phone 7 from Day 1.

Online and Self-Help Available 24-7. Located in the how-to section at, consumers will have access to self-help podcasts, top FAQs and links to online forums (i.e. Microsoft Answers).

Twitter Support. In addition to “traditional” online support, support for Windows Phone 7 customers will also be available via Microsoft Support’s twitter handle (@MicrosoftHelps) and the new twitter handle specifically for Windows Phone 7 Support Questions (@WinPhoneSupport).

Facebook. Customers who visit the Windows Phone page on Facebook can use the Support tab to find various support resources, including links to hardware manufacturer and mobile operator support.

Phone Support. In addition to online support and retail store support, consumers will have access to phone support for questions pertaining to their Windows Phone 7 devices.

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6 Responses to Microsoft support offerings for Windows Phone 7

  1. Waethorn says:

    Funny. Twitter support to tell you there’s no support for Twitter.

  2. efjay1 says:

    Paul, can you find out from Microsoft what the reasoning is behind having google as the default search engine in IE? The HD7 and the Dell Venue Pro are configured this way, with no way to change it. I specifically wanted a WP7 device as it was supposed to use MS services, I do not use any google services at all and now I find the device I would prefer to buy (the Dell) has been configured to use google. How do I guarantee my data is not being collected everytime I do a search in IE, and who knows what data google is actually collecting?

    I would really like to know why this is the case and at the very least would like the option to choose the search engine I prefer in the browser. Thanks.

  3. Outlook Syncronization
    A lot of us still use and like Outlook for email, calendar and contact information. I think that it is extremely bad news that Microsoft will not have the option to do local syncs to to Windows phone 7. I am using a pop email account like many do and the recommended sync option is bad news. To create an additional account (hotmail) in Outlook (with separate contact, email and calendar folders that you need to deal with) is bad enough but additionally you are limited to 1024 characters in the notes field which I maintain a lot of information in stops you from effectively using that method to sync to your phone. The one option that I did find was with Companionlink and google which does work but should not be necessary for something that should be supported. BTW love the back on forth banter and humor with Leo on Windows Weekly.

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