AT&T alert: Do not install microSD in Samsung Focus … yet

I’ve received several emails from people who were told in AT&T stores today that Microsoft is working on a “fix” for the microSD expansion reliability issues. As a result, AT&T is now telling its employees not to install microSD cards in Samsung Focus phones until that fix is available, and it is advising customers not to upgrade the phones themselves.

I have asked Microsoft to confirm or deny this.

You may recall that Microsoft told me this upgrade was problematic, while AT&T previously said it was not. If this is true, AT&T has finally come around. Stay tuned.

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  1. Yes, was told this after I called to ask why my phone still showed 8GB after adding a 32GB card. Was told they just got the alert, and that a patch would be applied to the phone. From the sounds of it, I won’t have to hard reset the phone for it to get recognized, once the patch is out.

  2. Bryant Avey says:

    I installed the 32 gig micro sd card and so far everything’s working fine. I have about 7.43GB used and 28.94GB free on my Samsung Focus.

    I’ll keep you posted if I have any issues, but so far I’m lovin’ it.

  3. sirtwist says:

    Well, considering I bought my Focus yesterday and the AT&T employees were under the mistaken impression that ALL of the phones they were carrying had SD card support (which, of course, I corrected them on), I wasn’t told anything of the sort. :)

    But it seems strange to me that the Quick Start guide of the Focus specifically states that the end user can add an SD card and even gives instructions on how to do so, although it tells you to power off the phone, insert the card and then start up the phone with the Volume Down, Camera and Power buttons pressed at the same time, which doesn’t work properly as far as I can tell.

    My only issue was with that particular procedure. When I did that the phone went into a “Download Mode” which the screen stated should take 10 minutes but was still stuck there 40 minutes later. Even though it specifically stated not to power it down, I felt like living dangerously, so I powered the phone down. When I powered it back up it started with no problems, but didn’t recognize the additional storage.

    Going into Settings -> About and using the Reset button caused the phone to reset and upon restart it recognized the storage with no problems. I’ve been using it for about 23 hours now with no issues that I can tell.

    • jayinatlanta says:

      Thanks a lot for describing the procedure in detail. I did the same process you described:

      – Volume Down, Camera and Power
      – Download screen – waited forever
      – Removed battery from phone because it wouldn’t power down any other way
      – Went to Settings > About > Reset and started the setup from scratch

      Now my memory card’s extra storage is recognized.

      I do hope that whatever updates are released doesn’t cause another “hard” reset where I have to do another setup, but I’m happy for now!

  4. mcrommert says:

    any knowledge about problems with texting…can’t send texts and i don’t know what the setting for sms center number is…any help you might be able to give

  5. BI_Tinkering says:

    Well, that makes me a little less inclined to pull the trigger for now.

    I’d be willing to guess there is going to be a base speed class requirement on the horizon.

  6. vedichymn says:

    The AT&T reps said this when I picked up my phone today, although I ignored them and did it anyway. So far so good. They just seemed to be selling normal everyday class 2 Sandisk cards.

    One thing I did notice is that the instructions in the quick start guide seem to be incorrect and cause the phone to stay in “download” mode forever, but just doing a hard reset from settings works fine.

  7. pcconnector says:

    The problem I had is that the docs that come with the phone say to hold a special key combination to do a special reset after inserting the card. Then a screen comes up that says Download Mode, do not turn off, takes 10 minutes. 45 minutes later it is still on that screen. I powered off and did a software reset like you had mentioned in an earlier post and the card worked fine after that. 32gig sandisk sold to me by the AT&T store.

  8. jkimrey says:

    I had the same issue with a 16gb Transcend card (class 6) – everything seemed fine until I turned the phone off and back on – everything was then lost.

    Hopefully there is a ‘fix’ in the works to allow more cards to work correctly. For now, I’m back to the internal 8gb.

    Does anyone know if there is any way to save your settings on the phone? If something like this were to happen again, it would be nice to be able to revert to a saved state to restore my settings (home screen tiles, etc).

    • Joe says:

      Yep, the same thing happened to me today with the 16gb Transcend Class 6 card. Everything seemed great until the phone turned completely off. After that, everything appeared to be gone when it next booted up (although the old data still used up room on the card.)

      • robklee says:

        In case any of you run into trouble with your phone only showing around 15MB of total date available after doing a soft reset, I found a solution to fix it (a hard reset in Settings – About doesn’t fix it).

        Reference Paolo01’s solution on this thread – you have to FORMAT the card with the phone:

        The only problem is that if you leave the SD card in after following the steps from that link, you’ll be fine until you do another soft reset. I fixed my girlfriend’s phone by taking out the SD card and then formatting her device following the instructions above.

    • robklee says:

      Interesting. I bought two 8GB Transcend cards (class 6) from Amazon. My girlfriend and I both purchased a Focus today, and we both installed the cards. Everything seemed to work great, and like you said, after restarting the phone all my settings were lost. Oddly enough, it still sees the card and shows about 16GB total storage and 10gb remaining (as if my data is still there, hidden).

      The worst happened with my girlfriend’s Focus. After we restarted her phone, the phone showed about 15MB of total space with 9MB available. Even after removing the SD card and doing a few resets of the phone, her phone still shows only 15MB. Yes, MB. She can’t download anything on the phone because it says “no memory available”. Needless to say, AT&T ordered a replacement phone for her, so we’ll be getting another Focus tomorrow but WON’T be installing an SD card.

      I’m really hoping for a QUICK fix.

  9. My pre-ordered copy of Windows Phone 7 Secrets just arrived! Slick! I can’t wait to start reading. It’s an “autographed” copy, too! Paul’s signature is printed right on the front cover! Well, I guess that’s not really autographed, but…

    BTW, I stopped by the local Radio Shack store looking to see if they had the Samsung Focus, but no they didn’t. Apparently there have been a total of only 7 Focus devices delivered to RS stores in Western Washington so far. The clerk opined that there might be a deliberate paucity of devices in order to build up interest. That’s nuts, if true, and I doubt it highly. A local wireless store I called this morning said that they had had two Focus devices this morning, but they were going out the door as I spoke with them; they said they would probably have a few more by maybe tomorrow, and they’d call me. I’m getting antsy already.

  10. jkavanagh58 says:

    I bought the Focus this morning and in fact the sales person said they had just been informed to advise customers that they can not add a microSD card and there is a tag on the physical slot advising you to not add a microSD card.

  11. lsobrado says:

    I just got my focus. I really wish it had more room. Hopefully ms will reconsider and decouple the os from the storage.

  12. blinknfg41 says:

    Hey Paul,

    I was just wondering if you have had any bad experiences with the SD card in the Focus yet?

    I put my SD card in this morning when I got it and so far so good…I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  13. bhillford says:

    I was told the same thing in the AT&T store today. However, I decided to “go for it.” I had the sales guy physically install the 32GB MicroSD card for me, so that I could ensure my fingerprints weren’t on the thing. :) We went through the reset, and nothing happened. The phone still reported 8GB.

    I brought it home and ran through the reset two more times and it worked! It now reports 36.90GB of total storage. Wish me luck. :)

    (By the way, I had to go to 3 stores to find a focus. Most of the stores apparently received less than 10 units, and they were sold out within the first hour. Is this a case of high demand, Microsoft doing a short production run, or both?)

  14. interframe says:

    Oh boy, I hope this is true. If it is, it may be those rare times when Microsoft actually pleasantly surprises people.

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  16. fred1381 says:

    I got my Samsung Focus early this morning, I put a 16GB Kingston Class 4 micro sd card I bought from Amazon and have not noticed any performance issues such as lag, slow loadtimes for apps, or any device re-boots. So far everything seems to be working normal. I didn’t test the device without the micro sd card, but so far the responsiveness of the device is fast and the everything loads and opens quickly.

    • bgrambo says:

      Have you tried syncing content? That seems to be where most of the issues arise.

      • metrozero says:

        I also bought a 16GB Kingston Class 4 micro sdhc from newegg and I have not had any problems at all with playing games or syncing large videos/music/apps.
        This is what I did:
        -I powered on phone at dealer to make sure it wasn’t DOA.
        -Powered off phone and put in sdhc card. Quickstart guide says to push Volume Down + Camera key + Power key at same time to format card. This powered on phone. Booted up fine, but still showed 8 GB of memory.
        -Went to phone Settings / About / Reset Your Phone
        After reboot and setup, phone memory shows 22.12 GB total storage. No problems so far.

  17. eshudnow says:

    I put in my microsd Transcend 16GB class6. Everything was working fine until I rebooted. The phone wouldn’t reboot. I then took the memory card out and it was only reporting a little over 15MB (yes, MB not GB) of space. I tried resetting multiple times to no avail. I ended up returning the phone and getting a new one. I’ll use internal storage for now.

    I guess I’ll have to wait for the Microsoft update and see if there will be an official microsd supported list.

  18. techESC says:

    Sorry it took me so long to jump in this conversation, but I’ve been way too involved with the Focus to even put it down for a few seconds. Like the screen a lot, and the Windows Phone interface is well done.

    The AT&T salesman told me to wait and not put a micro SD card in because there was supposed to be a software update “in the next few days” and there were issues with the cards. I just think AT&T was unprepared.

    The kid looked like he was 12, so who knows what sort of information he has, but I got all the info I need on this site.

    A couple of things Paul… do you think you can open up a generic blog post so we can discuss our overall impressions of the OS, and has Microsoft given you any indication on how long they will support the current hardware specifications? It seems to me that a set minimum standard is fine, but hardware guys can go over the min specs, and I was wondering if developers were given a timeframe for how long they must support coding for the minimum. I want this phone to last for two years without the hardware spec changes.


  19. edgar says:

    I bought a Trascend 16GB Class 6 and have the same problem. But I have read some people with a 16GB or 32 GB SanDisk Class2 not having problems at all… hmm…

  20. mrtimsmith says:

    I have the Samsung Focus, bought it first thing this morning. Came home and threw in my micro sd card that came with my Droid X into the phone, did a hard reset and now I have 2/3 of the storage used with music and apps and the phone works perfectly so far.

  21. bigshooter13 says:

    I ordered a 32GB Kingston class4 from Newegg a week ago in anticipation. I put it in my Focus today and it worked fine initially. I started to sync music to it through Zune, and the Zune software on the PC started coming back with an error saying it couldn’t read from my device. The phone then started to freeze up during normal use and become unresponsive. Installation times from Games on the Marketplace got extremely long to the point where I thought it was stuck or frozen.

    I compared load times from games like Twin Blades between myself and my buddy who picked up a Focus with a 16GB class 2 Sandisk card. His phone destroyed mine in load times. His would visually load the games several seconds before mine.

    I have since taken out the 32GB Kingston and tossed in a 16GB Sandisk. So far, so good. No freezing yet.

  22. rlintw says:

    Thankfully I followed Paul’s instructions and not those in the Samsung guide. I inserted the 16Gb Class 2 card in the phone before I turned it on the first time. It did not recognize the card. I did a reset and then the card was recognized. There have been no issues at all thus far.

  23. I pickd up a 16gb class 4 Kingston card at Fry’s. When I put it in and reset the phone everything was fine until I tried to sync my music collection. After the initial 7 or 8 gb’s was used up the syncing process started progressing extremely slowly and all but froze. I tried resetting the phone through the interface and also by using the down volume, camera and power buttons method to format the phone. All efforts ended with the same result of not being able to sync content over the native memory capacity.

    When I take the card out, reset the phone and sync a smaller amount of music there are no issues.

    Have any of you guys synced over 8gb’s to the Focus successfully, and if so what card are you using?

    • bgrambo says:

      I haven’t had the same issue, but I’ve had a very similar issue. I got a 32GB Class 4 card from Kingston and after I got past the 8GB it would sync about 10 songs quickly (about a song a second which is about right), and then every song after would take 10 minutes.

      Maybe Kingston has a worse time of consistency than SanDisk?

      • That pretty much describes my experince as well.

        Anyone else out there tried to sync more than 8 GB of content to their phone? Or can you try and let us know if you experience the same thing?

    • hashpot666 says:

      I haven’t tried syncing more than the 8GBs, I’ll try that tonight.

      • bigshooter13 says:

        Now that I think about it, my 32gb Kingston started failing right around after it had about 8gb of data… Very strange

    • dudemanshoehead says:

      I’m using a 16gb class 4 kingston card as well and syncing was weird but the phone works great. When i approached 8gb, things slowed to a crawl but i just simple stopped the sync, played with my phone for a minute, then restarted the sync. At that point, it zoomed by. Had to do it about 2 or 3 times but it’s fine now.

  24. hashpot666 says:

    I guess it’s time for me to chime in as well. I got a Focus yesterday and put in a Kingston Class 4 32GB card right away – did a reset and the phone recognized the full storage. I have rebooted once or twice just to test but nothing bad has happened and I still see the full storage.

    I have been downloading and installing apps and their related updates. Update notifications come up automatically. Also was able to sync with my hotmail, FB and active sync accounts. Sync with Zune also worked fine – including music, videos, podcasts, etc. And calls are working too ;)

    Here in Corning, NY the store only had one Focus as display unit so they went and got one for me from a different store and I had it in my hands before the end of the day.

  25. dsnewton says:

    so far so good with my 32GB class 4.
    I’ve got 10Gb or so of music…I’m guessing the fix will require a reload.
    I’ll wait to load my Zune pass content. (Which I can’t do anyway due to the 30-day rule on deleting computers/devices tied to Zune account…must wait ’till 11/26 to add Zune pass)

    Too bad Bing navigation has been removed…AT&T not being consumer friendly there.

    Otherwise, phone ROCKS

    • bgrambo says:

      Have you synced all 10 GB yet? I’m wondering if you’re going to have teh same issue I have, where syncing once it’s on the MicroSD slows to a crawl.

      • dsnewton says:

        I’ve got 20+GB of music…and the sync seems to work…but then will stop at a file for some unknown reason. Restart of sync will continue fine. So if you want to sync a bunch of music be patient…but it will work.

    • jkimrey says:


      Are you saying that the Bing navigation was removed by AT&T? I didn’t think the carriers were allowed to modify the features of WP7?

      • dsnewton says:

        Don’t think turn-by-turn is part of Wp7. I’ve got a friend with the HD7 and no turn-by-turn on it either.

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        “True” turn by turn is not a core part of WP7. It does do navigation, and directions, of course, and it can follow you around as you go about your route, changing from step to step in the directions. But it will not rotate the display to accommodate the direction you’re facing. It does not speak the directions to you on the fly (“in 100 feet, turn right,” or whatever). It does not offer the standard GPS-style view where you appear to be hovering over the road at a 45 degree angle or whatever.

        The point all along was to provide the basics and let partners fill in the rest. Some, like AT&T, are doing so with their own solutions (Navigator, in this case, which is quite good). Obviously, they’d prefer to charge for that stuff.

  26. echostorm says:

    Got mine yesterday. The reps warned me but I told them to throw the 16 GB class 2 card in. It was just a Sandisk off the wall. After the hard reset from the settings/about menu the phone saw the memory and has been fine since. I just wish I could get a nice desktop docking station for it now. =o)

  27. bleeman13 says:

    I picked up my Focus at a Dallas AT&T store around noon yesterday and they didn’t indicate they were having and shortages. The rep didn’t say anything about the SD card other than they didn’t have any in stock and that if I decided to put one in after the fact I would have to reset the phone. I had already decided I was going to wait until the rest of you had finished being my beta testers ;-)

  28. striderno9 says:

    Okay so the only thing I notice is that when I have the 32GB card I bought from AT&T there is a screen glitch.

    If I turn off my screen when I have an app open or the start screen up. I go to turn on the screen again and a split second before the wallpaper shows I can see the last app I had open, I tried this a few times with and without the card and yeah its definitely consistent.

  29. metrozero says:

    One thing I would recommend is to test your micro sdhc BEFORE you put it in phone. I put sdhc in a card reader and ran a couple programs to test for speed and errors:
    ATTO Disk Benchmark and h2testw_1.4
    There are other programs out there. Not sure which are best.

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  33. oakengoby says:

    All this negative press has me full of buyer’s remorse. My phone is currently sitting in a sort facility in Atlanta ready for delivery tomorrow. I’m sitting here looking at my 32 GB iPhone 3GS thinking, did I make the right choice? I need some encouragement.

    For those that have an SD card and it’s working, does your device retain any stored data after a soft reset?

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      You made the right choice.

    • You totally made a good choice. I love this phone, and once the SD card questions are settled I am sure it will be flawless (outside of the updates like copy and paste etc that are coming soon)

    • gentrie2001 says:

      I think It’s hit or miss… I have a Kingston 32GB Class 4 and have had no major problems. I currently have about 10GB filled with apps and videos. The OS is operating fast enough. The only “glitch” I notice is when I’m using a memory intensive application the icons on the start screen make a few seconds to appear when returning to the home screen. Also, don’t try to run any apps while connected to your PC or syncing any apps or music or it will freeze (happened to me once). When I pulled the battery and restarted everything was fine. I know they say that the speed class doesn’t mean anything but there’s a 16GB Class 10 I just saw at Good luck!

    • sk says:

      Same here. The report today that they sold only 40k devices makes me wonder if the platform will even survive. I guess we’ll know in a few months when new devices are launched and the initial problems are ironed out.

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        “Reports that they sold only 40,000 devices”? What reports?

        This report says Windows Phones are “flying off store shelves.”

        This one says T-Mobile sold out on Monday.

        I guess it depends where you look. Or where you want to look.

      • oakengoby says:

        Interesting…I hadn’t heard any hard sales numbers yet. Where did you see they only sold 40k devices? I’ve read reports of AT&T stores selling out the few devices they have, Amazon sold out of the Focus, and T-Mobile appears to have sold out of the HD7. I’m not sure what the total number of launch units is across all carriers and devices.

      • gpsarakis says:

        That post from thestreet sounds like BS to me, for one it’s some anon analyst, second it dosn’t seem to take into account any of the online orders that have went through, and basically it just sounds like one big fat guess to me.

        I’ll wait for MS to say something official about sales, and they can’t really stay quiet about this issue either, so they’ll have to come clean in time.

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        Yep. Anonymous source with unknown data. And it spreads around the web like wildfire. Ah, the Internet.

      • oakengoby says:

        Even if those numbers are accurate, which I doubt, Android certainly had less than stellar first day sales and look at it now.

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  36. Paul,

    Have you synced more than 8GB of content to your phone?

  37. rlintw says:

    After installing my 16Gb Class 2 card using Paul’s instructions and not Samsung’s, I did notice the slow sync others have commented on. The last Gb of my 9Gbs of music took almost as long as the first 8. But after the music I synced a hundred or so pictures and one 16 minute video. The pictures synced to the phone in seconds and the video took just a couple of minutes. I have also loaded several trial games without the same delay I saw with the huge music transfer. Could it be that the music was slowed because it had to be spread across the internal memory and the card, but that storage on the card is just as snappy as on internal memory?

  38. mothratl says:

    I got my Focus yesterday.
    Put a 32GB Kingston Class 4 in mine.

    My phone seems fine, until i try to sync my Zune library onto my device.
    Then the phone reboots and seems to reset itself.
    I’ve done several hard resets now. The phone recognizes the full ~40GB of available storage space. I suspect that exceeding the embedded 8GB of storage is causing my problems, but I’ve yet to confirm that.

    Mr. Thurrott, have you heard of any timeline for a patch?
    I particularly wanted this to consolidate my phone and zune so I could carry around only one device.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      I’m still waiting on Microsoft to confirm there is a patch. The initial response from PR was confused, though I’m getting used to that.

      My interactions with them go like this:

      Me: Direct, simple question.

      /full day goes by, silence

      Them: A response, but not really an “answer,” certainly nothing that addresses the actual question I’m asking.

      Me: Re-ask the question, since they didn’t answer it.

      /silence, will continue for days usually, unless I prod them again.

      This is a little glimpse into my life. Not so glamorous now, is it?

      • interframe says:

        You should just try to contact Brandon Watson or Charlie Kindel. At least they’re human :).

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        Yeah. I don’t like to bother these people with things that are outside their responsibilities, of course.

      • mothratl says:

        Following up:
        I thought what I had purchased was a Kingston Class 4 …
        Further review yielded that my card was labeled, “Kingston Class 6” which according to Kingston’s website doesn’t exist.

        That’s what I get for trying being too cheap. I had purchased this used from Ebay. I’ve since gotten one from NewEgg, Kingston 32GB Class 4. I stuck with Kingston because it’s class rating is higher than the rest. Installed fine and it hasn’t crashed since loading it up with data (Available Storage: 15.36/37.07 GB). It’s a little sluggish at times, but over my Focus is a beautiful phone with nice features.

        Mr. Thurrott, I’d suggest that you recommend that your readers/listeners who are experiencing difficulties investigate if their cards are counterfeit. I think that’s the best we can do right now until MS’s certification process begins.

        As always sir, thank you for your service.

  39. roberthleeii says:

    I just put a 16GB card in my focus and it works great (knock on wood)!! This phone is great. I think this phone is perfect for the mainstream public. I just wish it had better audio book support or at least a way to make podcast/audio book playlists. right now this is just a nightmare to get working. other than that the phone is great

  40. blinknfg41 says:

    I have syncd 20GB onto my phone with a 32GB Sandisc class 2 card. Everything is working well.

    The only odd thing that happened was it appeared to reset itself. But that was only once and it wasnt that big of a deal because all of the data stayed on it.

  41. jgibo66 says:

    I noticed at Bestbuy yesterday on the wall some information explaining the different classes. If you wanted to do 720 Hd video recording a Class 4 or higher was needed. For 1080p Class 6 or higher. Now granted the cards may not be consistent but I think they should be recommending class 4 or higher just to insure speed.

  42. roberthleeii says:

    On the topic of storage how do i get rid of the 1.54GB of RESERVED SPACE AND CONTENT FROM OTHER COMPUTER (IF ANY)? That is a lot of wasted space because i don’t plan on syncing to another computer especially with this wireless syncing.

    • bneufeld says:

      You can do this thru the Zune desktop client. With the phone connected click on “settings” on the top right of the window. In settings make sure you are on the “phone” tab. Click on “reserved space” (the second to last in the column). By default it should reserve 1%, you can slide it to zero and then click ok.

  43. Paul,

    Does your Samsung ever ‘freeze’? Sometimes, when browsing and once in settings, my phone has become hung for 3-5 seconds. This is stock, with no SD card. Since you have used it for a while, I wanted to know if this is normal behavior or if I should think about exchanging it.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      I ocassionally see a short freeze navigating down a long list, where it will pause for a second or two and then catch up. Not sure I’ve seen anything that long.

      On the issue of performance, I spent a bunch of time with Need for Speed last night, as I played this game all the way through on the iPhone previously (and that was the only iPhone game I’ve ever done that with). Absolutely stellar performance, and an identical experience overall.

      • My freeze is in random UI places. For instance, I went into pictures and selected ‘by date’ and the phone was unresponsive for about 3 seconds. Earlier today, I was on Anandtech and flipped the phone to landscape and the UI hung for about 5 seconds.

        I am thinking I might have an internal memory problem. I think I will exchange it. The store is right by work, so it’s no biggie. I should also note that I feel you have provided stellar coverage of this mobile OS. I am/was an iPhone 4 user and while I really liked the phone, the proximity sensor killed me. It is a phone first… A fact that Apple seems to have forgotten.

  44. satod001 says:

    I picked up a Focus on launch day and love it so far. Had several iPhone and Android users who really love the new Windows UI. Good job MS.

    Paul, thanks for performing a real service to this new WP7 community of users.

    When I got my phone, the ATT rep also told me NOT to stick a card in the phone until a patch was released. But like most here, I really can’t wait to load up my phone and take it for a spin. Heck, I’ve been warned about the potential problems – fair enough.

    I ordered a Kingston 16GB class 10 card from Amazon and will be sticking into my phone to see what happens. I don’t know if I overpaid for the card as many here seem to be doing fine with class 2 and 4 cards. I’ll post up any findings.

    • satod001 says:

      Update – I installed the Kingston 16GB class 10 card into my Focus and it flat out didn’t work. I tried the soft reset, and the phone came back up with 15MB of memory, yes, MEGABYTES of memory. I tried the 3 finger salute method described in the quick start guide – it didn’t work. Each time, 15MB of memory.

      I saw the link posted here (from ATT forum) – here the process involves formatting the newly installed memory. After trying the process a couple of times, the end result was the same, 15MB of storage. Thankfully, I could remove the card, soft reset the phone, and my original 8GB of memory came back.

      I pulled a 2GB SanDisk card out of my old Tilt, WM6.1 phone (don’t know what class this card is, but it’s a safe bet it’s a class 2), did the settings/soft reset performed by most people here, and bam, 9GB of memory.

      I’ve not yet “moved” in to the newly expanded phone – will do so now. But my experience shows that the most expensive class of MSD card you can buy doesn’t mean it will work. I don’t know if my new memory will work well, or if I’ll have performance issues…will report back with my findings.

  45. bgrambo says:

    I come bearing news on microSD performance. As I mentioned in the impressions, my Kingston 32GB Class 4 card was having major issues syncing content. However, I swapped it with a 16GB Class 2 Sandisk card and it was MUCH faster. What took days to not finish on the kingston was finished in hours on the sandisk. I don’t know if the size or speed was a factor or if Kingston just makes shitty cards, but something to keep in mind.

    • bgrambo says:

      The “impressions” mentioned in the above post was the result of me copy and pasting this from a thread I mead on Sorry for any confusion.

  46. unndunn says:

    I bought my Samsung Focus Monday morning with a 32GB Micro SD card at the AT&T store in Times Square. My sales rep installed the card, but did not reset the phone to activate it; I did that when I got to work a few minutes later.

    I’ve largely had a positive experience. I synced all of my music (20+ gigs of it) to the phone. But I’ve had problems syncing my pictures; I have about 12,000 pictures, and when I tried to sync them all, I ran into an error claiming I had maxed out the number of media items the device could hold, despite having lots of storage space left.

    I’ve also had a number of mysterious crashes and a couple of episodes where the phone would not reboot, staying at the “Windows Phone” loading screen for several minutes before restarting.

    This morning, I reset the phone and synced only my music and podcasts to it. And now it seems fine. I’m going to leave it like this for a while, and see what happens.

    Other than that, I’m really happy with the phone.

  47. hashpot666 says:

    I tried syncing my entire music library also and during that it was fine until it went past 10GB of used storage on the phone – now it’s slowed down to a crawl. I don’t want to rset the phone again considering that MS might be coming out with a patch (if at all).

    • hashpot666 says:

      u know this cud be some particular songs that are causing teh issue – i just manually stopped the sync and was about to shut down zune on my pc when i noticed that it started syncing again on its own and it went from 0% to 13% in less than 30 seconds and then got stuck on this one song. I stopped and started the sync manually this time and now its moving again. i’ll post again in a few minutes.

      • bgrambo says:

        Sounds like the issue I had before I switched to a SanDisk class 2 16GB. I’ve a got a 32GB on the way for tomorrow.

      • hashpot666 says:

        This manual process does seem to work for me but it’s a pain. One thing I do know for sure is that in my case this is only happening for music that I had purchased previously through the Zune Pass that I had on my PC. Music that was not purchased through Zune, got copied to my phone very quickly. Once I finish copying everything when I get back from work today, I will try to purchase more songs and see how that sync goes. I do have to say though that despite all of this, the phone itself is working great – including playing of the music that took so much time to copy!

      • hashpot666 says:

        I went and bought the Sandisk 32GB Class 2 from a local AT&T store and voila, I was able to sync everything in one quick sync session. Everything’s fine now. I’m returning the Kingston 32GB Class 4 to newegg.

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  49. roberthleeii says:

    For anyone interested the iphone headphones work with the focus. all of the controls work the same.

  50. So here’s my dilema, I only have until the 21st of this month to return the Kingston 16 GB class 4 card I bought at Fry’s.

    I see on amazon they have the Sandisk 16GB class 2 card for $23. It seems that people are not having issues with this brand so I am thinking about doing the return and getting the Sandisk. Then I will wait to see about this supposed fix.

    Is anyone experiencing issues with a Sandisk card?

    • oakengoby says:

      From everything I’ve read, no one brand, specs, or specs within a brand are proven to be viable cards in all cases. It seems, however, that Sandisk brand cards are being less finicky than other brands, although some report the Sandisk cards working fine for a day and then all-of-a-sudden the device auto-resets or otherwise acts flaky. I think it’s best to just wait for the fix.

    • bsking88 says:

      OK… I purchased the Samsung Focus on Monday morning and promptly placed a Sandisk 16GB class 2 card that I had previously ordered from Amazon into the device. Did the reset and life has been good…. until this morning. For some reason, the unit rebooted itself and everything was no longer good. The memory displayed was 15MB which others have previously written about. The fix was the three fingered salute also provided for in this thread. Really sucks because you have to go back through and reload EVERYTHING. I hope they get this fixed soon because I really do like this phone.

    • bgrambo says:

      I’m currently using a 16GB Sandisk while I wait for my 32GB Sandisk to arrive. It was exponentially better than my Kingston 32GB. I’ll reply to this with what I find with the 32GB Sandisk, because it seems like Sandisk is the brand to use for the Focus.

    • duluca says:

      I’m in the same boat as you are. Just got the phone, with Kingston 16 GB class 4. (Actually two of them) I also have a SanDisk 8GB class 4 from my previous phone. I’ll do some testing tonight and report back.

  51. tpurg10 says:

    I bought my Focus on Monday, along with a 32GB card. The salesman put it in before booting up the phone, and I went through initial set up. Upon further tinkering, I noticed the phone wasn’t recognizing the extra storage. Taking a tip from this very site, I rest the device and, voila! I’ve put about 18GB of music and around 2GB of other stuff – pics, vids, apps – and so far, so good. No problems.

    • hashpot666 says:

      looks like the Sandisk cards available at the AT&T stores are working out fine. I might get one just to compare with the Kingston Class 4 I got from newegg.

  52. gpsarakis says:

    It’s good that people are testing out different cards, it would be nice if someone or a group of people could make a chart with which cards work fine for each of the phones. I decided to order the Dell and will look at adding a card to that as well but if 32GB cards are having problems for some on the focus while 16GB seem to work fine then I’d rather not waste the extra money on a 32GB card I then have no use for.

  53. petercarbo says:

    I’ve been running a 32GB Kingston class 4 card since monday with no problems.

  54. darrickwest says:

    I purchased my 32GB SanDisk Class 2 microSD card from Amazon via ABX ProTECH 5 days before I received my Samsung Focus. I was disappointed and a bit ticked off about the unreliable memory expansion capability. Fortunately for me, I got a good microSD card and my phone has not exhibited any unusual behavior, even after turning it off/on after the card format procedure; which, BTW, is incorrectly stated in the quick start guide.

    I’m a happy Windows Phone 7 user – everything is working after the memory upgrade! Although, I wish the Samsung Focus wasn’t so plasticy.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      I don’t really feel the Focus is plasticy. I feel that it’s incredibly light. And to me, that’s far more important, and a nice change from Apple’s form over function baloney. We’ll see if it withstands regular use, of course. So far so good. I’m not going to baby the thing.

      • edgar says:

        Hey Paul, did you get a Case for yours. I didn’t buy any case for my Focus. Didn’t like the ones I saw at AT&T.

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        No. I don’t really like cases.

      • Joe says:

        I bought the semi-flexible Body Glove case AT&T had for the Focus and I can tell you it sucks. The casing constantly activates the buttons, and often pushes on the power button enough to soft reset the phone! On the other side, the volume button area is wrong on the case, making it hard to adjust. Grr.

      • darrickwest says:

        Incredibly light indeed.

        Onto another topic. I didn’t read the instructions in their entirety. I learned that phone apps are d/l’d via Wi-Fi. I had my phone attached via USB when I made the purchases and assumed that would be quicker. Long story short, make sure the phone’s Wi-Fi is setup or apps 20MB+ will sit needing your attention, forever.

        To make my purchase more enjoyable, the Tom Tom Club finally, after ~18 years, released “Close To The Bone” on CD, their best work! Happy, happy, joy joy.

      • jkimrey says:

        Yeah, I was worried after hearing all the “plastic feel” comments, but having used one for several days, I really don’t see what that’s all about.

        It really like the way it feels.

        And I can say (after only three days) that I dropped the phone on a rather hard tile floor. Scared me to death, but there wasn’t a single scratch I could find anywhere (and trust me – I looked).

        Paul – is your screen still scratch free? Like you, I’m not a fan of cases, but I have considered trying the Invisible Shield skin available at AT&T stores….

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        Yeah, so far so good on the screen.

      • nulldev2010 says:


      • I concur. I actually feel like my Droid X is more ‘plasticy’, because of its weight and the fact that it is top heavy. The Samsung has the right ‘balance’ AND I hated that I had to put my iPhone4 in a case to keep it from getting scratched up. I just drop the Samsung in my pocket and go. I did order an SD card for it (Patriot Class 10 from newegg). I am hopeful that it will go well when it arrives.

        I have noticed some things that ‘annoy’ me, now that I have lived with the phone. The lack of a browser bar in landscape mode gets me the most. I also wish my video view would rotate to landscape. I watch alot of short videos of my daughter on my phone and it is a pain to rotate, select video, rotate back, repeat. I hope they change this behavior at some point.

      • hashpot666 says:

        I returned the body glove/gel that I got for the FOcus from AT&T. It really does push the buttons and reboots the phone at times plus it takes away from the phone’s looks.

  55. Hal says:

    I was hyped to get a Win7 phone, but I think MS have really messed up this launch. I wanted to get the Dell in the UK but this is not available and now looking like delayed until next year, but the main issues are around
    – Storage – how does this work, the Dell has a slot but you have to void the warranty to access it
    – Updates can now be blocked by carriers and are not OTA, I am not convinced that they can only block 1 update cycle, the statement from Joe Belfiore that ‘Carriers could in fact block updates to sell you a phone’ seems to disagree with this. Even if it is the case, the change of tack and lack of a definitive statement on SD card support and updates, conbined with a complete lack of availability of devices is a real shame when the product looks like it has so much potential. People who want them can’t get them and aren’t even sure how certain aspects will work. People will be put off and just get an Android phone.
    I will hold out, but really hoping Microsoft sorts these situations out very quickly.

    • I agree that MS messed up the launch, but not for this issue. This is a great phone and their ad agency did not make the sort of commercial that builds excitement. Remember the Droid commercials (the first ones). Microsoft needed something more hard core. That walking around crap with the phone at the end doesn’t do it. They need a new ad agency. They bought plenty of air time, they just are not using it wisely. All 30 seconds of that TV commercial should be telling me something about Windows Phone.

  56. mmitch2k says:

    ok I too have read every post about upgrading memory with the intention of upgrading my focus. But then I started thinking..Why? Why do i have the need to store every song I own with the less than 1% chance that I may want to listen it? Why store every picture I ever took in my life on my phone?. Isn’t the beauty of WP7 that I can stream any song I want wit my zune pass, or get access to any photo or video I want because it is stored on the cloud. I believe its just the geek in me that I feel like I have accomplished something by having all my content stored in my pocket. I have a 16 gig iphone 3gs and if i really wanted the freedom of external storage I would get an Andriod. So I am going to get a stock Focus, keep the 8gigs of ram and really see if microsofts claims of this being a different kind of phone holds true.

    • bgrambo says:

      The problem with streaming everything is that you need to be on a fast connection for it to be worthwhile. If you’re on Wi-fi most of the time, then it should be fine, but I wouldn’t put that much support behind 3G speeds.

      I do understand your point though. Given the issues I’ve had with my microSD cards, I may end up going down to the 16GB sandisk (my most reliable one so far) of just go to 8GB and just not sync everything I would like.

      • mmitch2k says:

        Yes very true about the 3G speeds. But the way i listen to music is i get stuck on a few of my favorite songs for weeks at a time, i figure i can sync my Favorite play list or create a special playlist that just syncs to my phone. I’ll see how this goes for first few weeks, and hey if its not working and i decide to test out expansion, at least i don’t have to worry about losing any data as nothing will be stored on there anyways.

  57. blinknfg41 says:

    Well, my 32GB sandisc worked fine for 4 days. After a few resets which it did it self..followed by the 15MB about screen, It appears both the phone and the card are done. No matter what I do, this includes the 3 finger salute, the phone will not make it past the Samsung screen.

    I dont think that the micro sd in the focus was a total surprise to MS, they knew it was going to be there. What I dont get is why they thought that if they pretend it didnt exist, there wouldnt be any problems. Why didnt they just fix everything out of the gate?!

    • hashpot666 says:

      since replacing my Kingston card with the AT&T Sandisk card – my phone reset once and I saw that screen with the 15MB storage amount. I shut down the phone and then turned it on again and everything went back to normal and since then the phone has been fine. I sure hope I don’t see your issue.

      as for MS, it might not be a software thing at all – however, let’s hope it is and that a patch can fix it!

  58. Installed a 32GB SanDisk SDHC Class 2 card today on my Focus and it works perfectly.

    • My Focus is now totally hosed. It won’t sync with Zune. It factory-reset itself and I get the 15MB error. Took out the card and reset and still get the 15MB error.

      • Now this is wierd. I put the card back in and it’s as though nothing happened. Memory report is correct and everything is exactly as before. Will wait to see how long it lasts.

  59. geekfanboy says:

    I installed Kingston 32gb class 4 works fine so far so good……….Thanks Paul

  60. antelux says:

    Installed a Sandisk 16G Class 2 on my Focus and followed the instructions on this thread (to reset the phone) and it is working fine. But I have noticed an occasional stutter here and there – mostly with the keyboard and contacts. I am not sure if it is still doing some syncing in the background (due to the reset).

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