Audible support on Windows Phone, part 27

Another email from Audible support, this time with a more positive message…

I understand that you are interesting in using the Windows Phone 7 with your Audible Content. I do apologize for the inconvenience but the Windows Phone 7 is currently not supported by Audible so the Audible files will not play on this device. There is no work around to transfer Audible files onto this device and no announced plans about when the device will be supported.

To make a device compatible with the .aa format means supporting our encryption, this protects the publisher’s copyrights as well as implementing key usability features, such as section navigation and resume playback. Although previous devices were supported by Audible, their has been alterations to the Windows 7 that does not allow the old Audible Air application to be updated easily and translated for the new OS.
Since this is the case, we are currently designing a new App for this phone and hope it will be available sooner than later.

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19 Responses to Audible support on Windows Phone, part 27

  1. mcrommert says:

    Most excellent thank you mr. thurrott

  2. Seon says:

    Interesting…I think eventually most smart companies and developers will port their apps.

  3. Ian says:

    Do they not read over their emails before they send them? The left out Phone in Windows Phone 7 :P

    Either way, that is kinda sucky.

    So was .aa built into Window Mobile?

  4. roteague says:

    I think this will be good for Audible fans, and to give WP7 more credibility.

  5. gpsarakis says:

    I’m sure they’re working on an app but don’t want to say when it’ll be done, they’ll probably want to get access to the media APIs MS uses for the Zune so that playback won’t stop once you move out of the Audible app itself which would be a big turn off.

    On another subject, it seems MS opened the marketplace to everyone starting today to submit apps.

  6. drvogel says:

    I wonder why the delay? They’ve had months to develop it. Why the wait?

  7. tiwahu says:

    They probably realized their C/C++ code for common libraries needed to be ported to C#.

    • drvogel says:

      Just now realized it? More complex apps than an audio book player have been developed (and ported) in the past few months. I’m finding it hard to believe they didn’t realize their code would need to be ported until now. Microsoft has been pushing the WP development tools for months now. Somehow I get the feeling Audible is dragging their feet until they see if WP is going to be successful before committing the resources to do the port. Either way, it’s lame.

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        So, again. I love Audible, really I do. But these guys move sllllloowwwwwwww. Anyone who lived through the one year of “Zune support is coming” understands that.

  8. mightygorath says:

    Sorry to go slightly off topic here, but do you know if it would be possible for them to integrate their Audible app into the music and videos hub?
    That’s the direction I’d like to see some things going for.
    Same with Flickr. I’d prefer it if Flickr pics came under the pictures hub.

    If everyone goes down the route of making their own individual apps instead of integrating, then after few months, the windows phone 7 platform is really only going to resemble iPhone and Android, huge lists of apps, all seperate and discreet.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      Yeah, it’s possible. Not sure if they could add an “Audiobooks” entry to the Zune menu, which would be ideal. But they can get in there.

      • mightygorath says:

        Fingers crossed for a well executed, well integrated app from Audible then, eh? (and Flickr!)

      • markjritchie says:

        I bought my WP7 just over a week ago and the lack of Audiobook support is one of my biggest gripes just now until they add that functionality I’ll be forced to carry my iPod touch around with me. Hopefully they’ll add play at x2 functionality too which would allow me to retire my iPod and leave behind iTunes hell once and for all.

        I’m planning to write a blog about my initial impressions on trying to move from an iPod Touch to WMP when I get time.

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  13. Graham Murray says:

    Any further news on this? The iphone Audible app was quite nice, and is the only real thing I miss after I crossed over into WP7 land. At the moment I use my iPhone to play my audiobooks, but its a pain to carry an extra device around. Actually, I don’t really carry it around (it sits in my car), but you know what I mean…

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