AT&T: No Windows Phone 7 pre-orders

Thanks to Nathan E. for pointing me to AT&T’s support on Twitter, which says there will be no Windows Phone 7 preorders.

It’ll be available in AT&T Corp stores and online, sold on a first come first serve basis on 11/8.

They must be taking their marketing cues from Microsoft, given that this is only 4 days away. Way to go, AT&T!

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21 Responses to AT&T: No Windows Phone 7 pre-orders

  1. jkimrey says:

    Okay Paul – since you posted this, I can ask without feeling guilty about being off-topic:

    What is the DEAL with the 8th!?

    All the AT&T stores I’m calling still know NOTHING about the phones – most don’t know what I’m talking about. Those that do, they have no idea how many (if any) they will have available on the 8th.

    Not blaming AT&T on this – sounds like this is a blunder by MS. And you KNOW if there is ANY confusion Monday, the news outlets are going to pick it up and run with it…

    I don’t mind getting to the stores before they open on Monday to make sure I get a Samsung Focus, but I DON’T want to wait for hours only to find out that the store didn’t receive any.

    I’ve heard some “reports” that there is a shortage due to the screen. I’ve also heard that they will only be sold in AT&T corporate stores (and not “Authorized Retailers”) on Monday, but again, it would be nice to get official word of this.


    • sethdiaz says:

      Contrary to what everyone’s been saying about AT&T having no clue these phones are on the way, I just called one of AT&T stores in downtown Seattle and asked if they’d have Windows Phones on Monday and without hesitation told me that they’d carry both the Focus and Surround. Maybe AT&T is just late with getting info to their store staff? Maybe it’s just because it’s Seattle?

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        I think this varies from store to store. I might head over the Dedham AT&T store Tuesday just to see if they know what’s going on. To be honest, they’re usually pretty good.

      • macquerw says:

        They know about it here in Memphis. The AT&T store I went to has a display up already (but empty of course). Spoke to the Sales Rep, and interestingly, she asked if I was planned on getting an SD card. She is aware of the phone having to be reset when a card is installed/removed.

  2. gpsarakis says:

    It seems that T-Mobile is going to take preorders? Or maybe I’m wrong and they’re just taking orders in general on the 8th? We know Sprint is taking pre-orders from MS staff at least so they could open that up to anyone at some point.

  3. gimletboy says:

    Been checking their site daily to see if they have turned on pre-orders. Guess I can stop that. Does AT&T have a clue?

  4. jkavanagh58 says:

    So is this the carrier not thinking there will be demand enough to treat this like other platforms?

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  6. roteague says:

    T-Mobile looks to be doing the same. The last time I checked, they show 1 Windows 7 device (HTC HD7) but list it as “Coming Soon”. No mention of the Dell device.

  7. drewidian says:

    It may be related to the selected launches in Europe where they gave away free XBox 360 4 GB with each WP7 purchase. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME if they did it in the US as well.

    Unfortunately (well maybe not) I went to a MS event for executives to showcase the phones with T-Mobile and I’ll be getting either a free Dell Venue Pro or a HD7 with 2 months of free service in a couple of weeks. So I won’t get another one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the free or discounted XBox comes with the phones on launch day. They do have a Billion Dollars to spend this holiday season on advertising alone and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did something like this. Another note is that they haven’t really pushed the advertisement campaign worth that kind of money yet, and may be holding out for the launch so not too many people go expecting to get a free xbox, but who knows.

  8. drewidian says:

    Oh yeah… one more thing. It would also explain why no pre-orders. This way people who purchase with a preorder won’t feel cheated on launch day.

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  10. Peter Mier says:

    I called our sales rep a few weeks ago inquiring the same thing and was passed off three times to another rep (none actually answering my question). I guess this explains it. You would think a phone company would want to… sell phones. :|

  11. Matthew Smith says:

    This sounds very much like the Australian release. I went online to the secondary operator Optus a couple of days before – no information. I then went to both Telstra and Optus shops and essentially the same information.

    Even now on their websites it’s not even on their main sites – all iPhone and some lesser references to Android.

    On the actual day of the release I bought the local paper and Telstra had a flyer for a Nokia phone – no mention of WP7. But they have been playing the ads on TV later during the night.

  12. hashpot666 says:

    Local AT&T stores here in Ithaca & Corning, NY are saying they will be launching on the 8th and teh Focus will be available. They don’t seem to know if they’ll get the Surround and they don’t know how many they’ll get. I called the local Best Buy stores as well and they said they’ll have the Surround but don’t know anything about the Focus and no clue about the quantities.

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  14. hashpot666 says:

    Paul, do you know if Focus was ever confirmed as a Galaxy S device? I’m just asking because that would mean it has Corning Gorilla glass on it – so far only the Dell Venue is being marketed as a Gorilla glass device. Thanks.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      I have to think they’d be advertising it if it had that.

      • hashpot666 says:

        CNET’s video review of the Focus says if you like Galaxy S phones you know exactly what you’re getting with the Focus, that’s why I was curious.

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