Windows Phone 7 Secrets is now shipping

I received a notice from the publisher yesterday that “Windows Phone 7 Secrets” is now shipping from Amazon, and a number of readers who had preordered the book tell me it’s on the way. Looking at the Amazon page for the book now, I see the message, “In stock but may require an extra 1-2 days to process.” But I guess it’s finally happening.

If you are going to order the book from Amazon, please consider using my sponsored link, which is probably the only way I’ll ever make (and admittedly small amount of) money on this thing.

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21 Responses to Windows Phone 7 Secrets is now shipping

  1. I already ordered my and will pick it up at Barnes and Noble

  2. powersquiggle says:

    No Kindle version? Too many pictures?

  3. bobbycannon says:

    Need a Kindle version. I don’t buy paper books anymore.

  4. vsameer says:

    Congratulations, nicely timed by Wiley & Sons. Wish you a happy birthday.

  5. newnole2001 says:

    Mine is supposed to ship next Wednesday. This is probably because I cancelled my initial preorder to order using’s Paul’s affiliate link.

  6. Awesome! When I get a Windows Phone, I’ll be sure to buy this book too.

    Wish you a happy birthday as well. It seems this news is going around the web like wildfire right now.

    Is Windows 7 Troubleshooting Secrets up next for you then? :)

  7. drvogel says:

    Shipping now? Odd. I got email from Amazon today (10-29) saying my book would arrive between Nov 12 and 18th. i.e., it’s shipping soon, but not “now”. Hopefully they are shipping in the order they were ordered. I ordered Sept 23. I’m looking forward to it as well.

  8. gpsarakis says:

    Good job Paul, hope those royalty checks come flooding in! Have you managed to work out anything on future updates like you talked about at the start? It looks like we’re only a few months out from the first one.

  9. dan white says:

    Yes, Amazon shipped mine today. Supposed to get here Nov. 3.
    I ordered Sep. 21; original estimated ship date, Nov. 22, with arrival Nov. 30 – Dec. 6. (I obviously didn’t pay for quick shipping.)
    Oct. 12, Amazon sent me an email with new arrival estimate, Nov. 22 – 29.
    Oct. 29, new estimate Nov. 12-19.
    Oct. 30, “Your order has shipped,” estimated arrival Nov. 3.

    I don’t know why they changed so many times, but at least it got better each time. Originally, I thought I might have a phone before I got the book, but now I’m looking forward to reading the book before the phone is available. (Sorry I didn’t know about your sponsored link until a few days ago. I guess I need to keep up with your blog more and not just listen to you on Windows Weekly–which I thoroughly enjoy.) Congratulations on the book, and thank you for all your commentary and insight.

  10. Congratulations Paul I know you busted your ass to get it out. I have to wait until Verizon gets a Windows Phone but I’ll definitely buy the book when I can dump my Pre.
    I’ve recommended your books to people since the Vista book came out, and I have several Kindle versions now. I’m sure the phone book will be on Kindle by the time I’ll need it.

  11. fred1381 says:

    My pre-order says it will be shipping soon and that its being prepared for shipment. Estimated arrival is November 12th. Hopefully once it ships it arrives before that so I can have it when I pick up the phone.

  12. heaphus says:

    I work at the Amazon fulfillment center in Lexington, Ky. I had my hands on a few copies of your book today, just before they went into their packaging. Congrats!

  13. dan white says:

    Windows Phone 7 Secrets is in the house!

  14. rargator says:

    If I order on my Kindle do you still get credit from your sponsored link?

  15. Just purchased your book on Amazon since our Aussie dollar is on parity with the US dollar as I write! Should arrive in Australia between November 18-December 1 apparently, which will be good when I get a phone between Christmas and late January. I’m excited :D

    Thanks for writing an affordable book about this wonderful device.
    (P.S some iPhone fanboys I know actually bought a Windows Phone & like it!)

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