Windows Phone Marketplace expectations

Microsoft sends along word about what to expect from the Windows Phone Marketplace as we race towards Thursday’s public launch.

And then asks me to remove it. :)

To be clear, the message they sent did not say I could not publish that info. I’ll re-add it at a later time, sorry about that.

Microsoft has also created a Windows Phone 7 App A Day page at its Windows Team Blog site, which will highlight new apps through the public Marketplace launch. Note that I will also be choosing a Windows Phone 7 App of the Week pick for the foreseeable future: The first app of the week is the addictive Xbox Live game Flowerz.

I’ll have more information about the Marketplace, and of course about Windows Phone 7, once the review embargo is over (tomorrow night).

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11 Responses to Windows Phone Marketplace expectations

  1. gpsarakis says:

    When browsing the marketplace does it give you a total app count? Or I guess unless someone counts all the apps one by one we’ll just have to take MS’s word for it.

    Still, it hasn’t been long since they started taking apps in, 500 or so in what, about a month?

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  4. mikeiah says:

    I installed the new Zune software in a VM just to take a look around. Have to say that, after all the hype about the number of developer kits downloaded and all the press about the cool apps coming, I was a bit underwhelmed. Hope it gets a lot better quickly or all the MSM fanbois will have a grand time talking about what a failure WP7 is.

    It also makes me wonder if MS will be able to draw in the many independent developers who have kept Windows Mobile viable for years despite its shortcomings.

  5. Adam Haider says:

    To me what’s more important is not the number of apps, rather what standard and quality the certified apps are going to be. Most marketplaces fail to deliver when it comes to reasonable pricing and offering an even balance of highly entertaining yet useful apps that not only work great but look pleasing with their own unique flare.

    The concern I have is that a lot of developers using Silverlight might not push the boundaries enough to explore what WP7 has to offer and stay safe with the Metro UI all through-out the app, what will occur is a lot of bland apps that may function well but will not be commercially appealing enough to attract more highly trained developers and ultimately consumers, as the marketplace is really the back-bone of any smartphone. — The idea that ‘anyone’ can write an app for WP7 should not be emphasised too much as essentially it’s giving people a free-pass to build certified apps that aren’t well thought out, planned and executed — WinMo marketplace is a result of just that.

    Having said this, as a strong believer in Microsoft I will purchase my Samsung Omnia 7 soon and enjoy the “delightful” fresh experience it has to offer and will wait and see how the marketplace progresses.

    ~ Adam

  6. romit says:

    Off topic question – have you used the twitter app (or even seesmic) on your device yet? Do twitter notifications work like SMS, missed call, upcoming meetings, etc.? For example if someone @ replies or DM’s you, do you get a notification?

    I use boxcar on my iPhone to handle such notifications because the twitter apps themselves don’t seem to support such notifications. How is the situation on WP7?

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      I do have the Twitter app, but I can’t say I’ve used it much yet. Looking at it now, I’ll pin it to the Start screen and see what (if anything) it does.

  7. bufbarnaby says:

    Paul , have you ever been able to get that giant coffee cup removed from your face ?
    And just how much coffee does that cup hold ?
    Keep up the great work. Love Windows Weekly.

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