Zune software is NOT coming to the Mac

AppleInsider is reporting that a Microsoft exec says Zune software coming to the Mac. This is not true. As I reported over the summer, Microsoft will release a Windows Phone sync solution for the Mac. It is not the Zune software, and is not related to the Zune software, but is instead a way for Mac users to transfer music, photo, and video content to and from the phones. More info next week.

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10 Responses to Zune software is NOT coming to the Mac

  1. jarrichvdv says:

    What did you expect? I never believed it when the rumors about Zune for Mac showed up…

  2. lsobrado says:

    loss for the mac. the zune software is easily the better choice over itunes. I’m not sure why would MS not want this on the mac. It’s not like the mac is going to take over at this point just because it has zune.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      No mac users would ever use Zune software.

      • chronosft says:

        I’m a Mac user and I use Zune software on my iMac … after installing VMWare and a copy of Win 7.

        But, yes, Paul, I know what you meant. Once people bite into the Apple, their eyes are covered with fig leaves for eternity. Zune is so incredibly superior to iTunes that Mac users would rather die a painful death than to admit it. I just wish Microsoft would get rid of the stupid point system — it’s really annoying.

      • barrymoves says:


        I would.

        All it means is that I’ll have to boot into Win7 every now and then instead (I do have Parallels but it runs like a pig on my Mac Mini so not worth it)

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  4. I would like to use Zune software on my Mac, iTunes sucks on all platforms. But there isn’t likely to be too many of us out there so I’m not surprised.

  5. gpsarakis says:

    Wouldn’t MS look into porting the whole Zune PC client to the Mac once it makes sense business wise to do so? What I mean is that after WP7 hits and sells good which will grow zune users they don’t lose anything from porting the client to OSX if they see there’s enough demand for it. How many people download this Mac Sync client will be a good indication I’d say.

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