Final book cover design

I see that Amazon now displays the final cover design in its page for the book:


I can tell it’s the final one because that’s my actual handwriting on the signature. (Although I don’t actually sign my name that way on legal documents like my license, passport or credit cards if you were hoping to steal my identity.) I was told that the publication was moved up a few days, but I’m not sure how that will impact real world availability. Amazon lists the date as November 9, 2010 now. I’m hoping/expecting to see it in stores by the end of the month.

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8 Responses to Final book cover design

  1. billwil says:

    You really need a Kindle version of this so you can add important things like that expandable storage stuff. Oh ya…and so we don’t have to have a giant (although beautiful looking…congrats) book on the shelf or in our bag. :)

    Any word on a Kindle version? Maybe soon we’ll even be able to read it on a Kindle app on WP7 (crossing fingers) while we’re standing in line to buy a micro SDHC card to exapnd our WP7 device, so we can learn from the book how to succesfully expand the memory. Whoa. I almost blew my mind with recursiveness there…


  2. guidorobben says:

    Does Microsoft have any guidelines how the cover of your books must look like? Microsoft always uses people that do nothing on the front.

  3. Matthew Smith says:

    Congrats – must be satisfying to see the final cover!

  4. Ian says:

    Can we get it earlier as a PDF?

  5. quikboy says:

    Nice. Would have been cooler if the cover were more Metro-esque to fit in with the whole theme.

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