Windows Phone 7 US launch is still happening November 8

As reported previously, Windows Phone 7 will launch in the US on November 8.

The October 11 date that the WSJ and others are reporting is “just the PR break,” according to my source, or “the date at which US phone models will be announced.” This will include AT&T at least–they’re Microsoft’s premier Windows Phone partner in the US–and possibly other carriers. (The WSJ says AT&T is it at launch.)

But the phones are launching November 8.

I’ve noted on the Windows Weekly podcast that Microsoft holds an annual event, called the Open House, at which it touts its consumer oriented products for the holiday season. This year’s event is happening on October 11 in New York City, which is the same date and place others are reporting for the US “launch” of Windows Phone. There is also a party scheduled for that evening, suggesting this is a bigger than usual Open House. But I still don’t know if the Windows Phone announcement happens at the Open House or is just coincidentally scheduled to happen concurrently.

Regardless, the right way to think about this is that October 11 is the announcement. November 8 is the launch.

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21 Responses to Windows Phone 7 US launch is still happening November 8

  1. palavering2u says:

    You refer to AT&T as “They’re Microsoft’s premiere. . . ” It should read “It is Microsoft’s premiere . . .”, not they. This is an egregious error on your part. Now block me from this site, too.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      Sorry, what?

    • Paul says:

      I would say that the article is correct, AT&T is a company, with employees in it, so they could be referred to as “they’re”. If he referred to an object then it would have been “It is”.

      Reading an article a couple of times before trying to point out errors that do not exist would be helpful.

      • adfad666 says:

        It’s a grammar thing. He referred to ‘AT&T’ which is a proper noun, just like ‘Paul Thurrott’ is a proper noun, and so should follow third person singular rules.

        However, for various reasons, the common, modern, trend is to refer to companies in the plural because we see a company as a group of people, not as a single entity.

        It’ll probably turn up in the grammar books eventually, just like the use of they to refer to a single person when the gender is unknown.

  2. sk says:

    I don’t know if an AT&T launch is good for Microsoft. If the phone does well, it’s definitely another win for AT&T after the iPhone in 2007.

  3. brianj2010 says:

    Hi Paul,
    Congradulations on your book, We know that Nov 8 will be the launch of Windows Phone in the states but have you heard anything about up here in Canada who will be the official carrier (probably Rogers) and I thought I read before when it launches in the states it will be launching in canada at the same time?

    Any Info on Canada regards to Windows Phone would be great!


  4. gpsarakis says:

    I don’t think it’ll take long till T-Mobile gets one or two WP7 devices out, or however many they do get, I don’t suppose you have any info on a timetable for the rest though? Verizon and Sprint are big, sure ATT alone could give MS a good chunk of sales, like the iPhone, but that’s if MS can get the same hype going, which is hard to match.

    I wonder if adding CDMA support early next year will also bring with it other features/support for things? Do they still not have any idea of the update schedule after this? The OS did RTM already so what are they working on now?

  5. bzibricky says:

    Hey Paul,
    I sent you an email on this a few weeks back but I’m sure you’re swamped with work with the book release, etc..
    Anyway, I’m planning on picking up a WinPhone7 the day of release and I’m starting to make heavy use of Bing Maps and creating different groups (like Downtown Chicago, for instance) that have multiple pinned locations already set on the website. Do you happen to know if the version of Bing Maps on the phone will carry those over after a sign in – or through LiveID? I sure hope so since it would be much more useful to have those items on your mobile device.

    Also – FYI – I just added a free plug-in for Media Center from that allows free streaming of BBC TV and Hulu direct through Media Center. Works great!

  6. Paul says:

    The UK mobile phone companies keep saying that they’re releasing the phone (or phones) on the 21st October, have you heard if there is any actual release date for the UK?

  7. pquish says:

    Great blogs Paul.
    Windows Phone 7, best guesstimate on European (Irish) launch and carriers? I am due an upgrade to my iphone 3gs. Do I go for the 4 or wait?

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  9. jfwarren says:

    Hey Paul,
    I have recently started listening to Windows Weekly and I must say looking at the press coverage of Windows, Apple and other tech your work is one of the most well researched and fair. Sure like me you are a fan of the stuff Microsoft is doing but you also have your eyes open to the great work that other companies are doing.
    I am based in New Zealand and we have recently been put on the same release cycle as the US (apart from my hacked Zune).
    Can you suggest how to create an impact on the press here, as there is a dearth of information in the press here as it is usually overflowing with Apple info?
    Keep up the good work.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      I wish. I’ve been battling the Apple-centric mainstream and tech press for years and if anything it’s only gotten worse. Apple makes some good stuff. They don’t deserve the amount of attention they receive.

      • dsrtsng says:

        With Windows7, the new Zune style Windows Phone, and connecting services like X Box Live and Live Essentials, I am ready to say the Microsoft is the new Apple!

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