First Windows Phone ads feature HTC device

A number of mobile sites are reporting this morning on some new Windows Phone 7 ads that feature an upcoming HTC device, the Mondrian. Here they are.

What a fantastic message here. Bravo, and exactly right.

Also seen in this second video: The Associated Press (AP) app, which isn’t exactly unique to Windows Phone, though I guess its’ “glance and go” capability is.

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5 Responses to First Windows Phone ads feature HTC device

  1. rlintw says:

    These ads are great initial efforts and exactly the quality I expect from Crispin+Porter, the ad agency responsible for the Windows 7 campaigns. I’ve seen some criticism of the ads for not focusing on the phones or the features of the UI. I am sure that will come but these are introductory ads for a new product. For WP7 to have a chance it has to be marketed at a rate similar to Android and Apple. Everything I’ve seen so far- a quality ad firm with a great track record, a significant marketing budget, lots of leaks to build buzz, and clever and witty introductory ads- causes me to be optomistic for Windows Phone.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      That criticism is misguided. The point of Windows Phone, literally, is to get out of the way so that the content you care about takes center stage. More to the point, these ads are about the “glance and go” functionality of Windows Phone, which is at least somewhat unique to WP.

  2. chicagosoftware says:

    If the message is “There is nothing interesting or compelling on our phones – you won’t even WANT to use the darn thing!” then that first ad is spot-on. The problem is not that a Crackberry or iPhone is hard to use – the problem is it’s too engaging. People are not on their phones all the time because they are “hard to use” and I don’t think anyone is going to fall for that pitch.

    In general, the idea of pointing out how annoying you are when using a product is not an effective way to sell more of a product.

  3. swarnock2525 says:

    I understand their message but it looks like most of the people using the “other” phones were texting and it won’t be any different on the Windows Phone for that.

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