PDF review of Windows Phone Secrets completed

As of just a few moments ago, I finished the PDF review of Windows Phone 7 Secrets. This is the phase of the process where the publisher sends me PDF-based proofs of each chapter that I need to review for accuracy. It was surprisingly clean, and the last-minute changes Microsoft made for the RTM version of Windows Phone 7 didn’t impact things very much at all, as expected.

This pretty much concludes my work on the book. I have to submit a signature for the cover and a few other small things, but nothing dramatic.

I guess I’m done. :)

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13 Responses to PDF review of Windows Phone Secrets completed

  1. palavering2u says:

    It’s nice to finish a project that requires much mental exercise. Good for you!

  2. vsameer says:

    Will there be a kindle version? if yes would it have colour pictures, to view on PC and iPhone..

  3. vsameer says:

    Not sure if you are allowed to talk about this, but it’ll be fascinating to know, what went on in those meeting rooms @ Microsoft where they decided on feature(or lack of it in some cases) set for the first incarnation. And their strategy in general to cunter iOS and Android.
    I’m so anxious to get rid of my iPhone(give it to my wife) and uninstall itunes from my Win7 macbook :-)

    • markuslaff says:

      I totally agree. That would be great info. Even if you could get this info to us later once all the NDA’s are lifted, it would be great to hear your interactions with MS while you were writing the book.

      Congrats on completing the book!

  4. macquerw says:

    So I preordered my copy on Amazon and the expected ship date is Nov. 19. Any link between Amazon’s Nov. 16th release date and the release date of the phone itself?

  5. romit says:

    Hopefully the electronic version will have color screenshots and stuff. I will be in line for that book, just for reference if nothing else. :-)

  6. gpsarakis says:

    Nice work Paul, hope you sell a good number of copies before you have to do the next version.

  7. fr3gu says:

    Good to hear, Paul.

    I’ll be sure to get a copy once it becomes available in Sweden.

    I’m super excited about both the book and, of course, the platform. Let’s just hope MS will launch Zune in EU/Sweden in a near future :)

    Congratulations on finishing the book!

  8. 아크몬드 says:

    Congratulations!!! :-)

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