Find My Phone

Microsoft will offer a number of Windows Phone-specific online services, and my expectation is that the collection of these services will improve and grow over time. At launch, however, the most interesting service the company is offering is called Find My Phone. This service will help you recover a lost or stolen Windows Phone, and unlike similar services from, say, Apple, it’s absolutely free.

Here’s what it looks like.






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12 Responses to Find My Phone

  1. 123keith says:

    With WP7, you can’t sync contacts or calendar back to the PC or the Live Essentials apps. The Zune software won’t doesn’t allow volume leveling. This things are deal-breakers for me. Other features, less important to me ie copy/paste & front facing camera are missing. These things further sour my desire for WP7
    HOWEVER, THESE AWESOME FEATURES seal the deal. I’m getting a WP7! These privacy features are worth there kbs in gold. I remember when I thought my phone before; have you?

    • maxxorz says:

      One would assume that the term “Deal Breaker” implies that you won’t be buying one. Obviously the lack of features are not deal breakers, if you’re still getting a phone.

      Either way, the contacts uploading to My Phone is vastly superior to backing contacts up via Outlook, so it really is a moot point.

  2. gpsarakis says:

    So it is safe to say that this is just one part of the bigger “My Phone” service we’ll probably get once devices hit retail? Unless you’re under some NDA and can’t talk about other things, in which case, blink twice or something. Heh.

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  4. extravadave says:

    I am wondering what is the difference between what is shown here with what is already available now with Windows phone 6.5 ?
    The thing is that with the current MyPhone website, only some providers of some countries are supported. Will the new version with Windows Phone 7 support more or all providers ?

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