App Categories on the Windows Phone Marketplace

Microsoft has finalized the list of categories of apps it will offer on its Windows Phone Marketplace:

App categories are our way of organizing applications so that users can more easily find what they are looking for. For Windows Phone 7, we have 41 categories and sub-categories to help organize applications for users. When you submit your app to Marketplace you can choose from one of the categories below to help users find your app. Apps can only be placed in one category.

1. Books & Reference
– eReader
– Fiction
– Non-fiction
– Reference
2. Business
3. Entertainment
4. Finance
5. Games
– Action & Adventure
– Board & Classic
– Card & Casino
– Family
– Music
– Puzzle & Trivia
– Shooter
– Sports & Racing
– Strategy
– Xbox Companion
6. Health & Fitness
– Diet & Nutrition
– Fitness
– Health
7. Lifestyle
– Community
– Food & Dining
– Out & About
– Shopping
8. Music & Video
9. Navigation
10. News & Weather
11. Photo
12. Productivity
13. Social
14. Sports
15. Tools
16. Travel
– City Guides
– Language
– Planning
– Travel Tools

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6 Responses to App Categories on the Windows Phone Marketplace

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  4. lsobrado says:

    Can I organize my apps in the phone using some sort of folder structure? The screenshots I’ve seen of the installed app browsing screen look like a 1980’s inspired long list of items without any sort of custom organization structure. this was a big problem with the iphone until they gave you folders.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      No. There are two screens for apps, the Start screen, which is customizable in that you choose what’s there and what order the tiles are in, and a second screen I call “All Programs” which lists all installed apps alphabetically and is not customizable.

  5. gpsarakis says:

    Looks like a nice full list to me, now I just hope it gets populated with a good strong starting number of apps.

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