Book cover, first pass

Wiley sent me a first pass at the book’s cover design today. I had a surprising number of corrections, and they actually want my real signature for the cover too, presumably for easier identity theft purposes. :)


They’ll send a second version once they’ve implemented the changes I’ve requested, which apply mostly to the text on the back cover. I guess this is technically part of the final PDF review stage, which is still underway.

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13 Responses to Book cover, first pass

  1. Visually it’s quite striking…must be getting excited for the birth now! That reminds me, I need to visit Amazon and reserve my copy.

  2. I don’t get it? What’s up with the green ectoplasm cover. Is there a reason behind this? My guess might be the trail of a finger drag across the keyboard to write words, but that’s a stretch.
    Also, does the book contain only 7 secrets to Windows Phone, I was hoping for at least 10.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      This is part of the new “Secrets” look. All of the books in the series will have similar covers, with a different color scheme.

  3. swarnock2525 says:

    I like the cover especially over the Windows 7 Secrets cover.

    What is witht he wispy smoke? It is supposed to be like a unveiling? It would be cool if the smoke had a embedded “7” in it somewhere.

  4. 1800PocketPC says:

    I was expecting something along the lines of metro ( signs and what not ) on the cover. This does not look like it has anything to do with WP7. :(

  5. Looks awesome! Will this book be available to buy in Australia? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Windows 7 Secrets in the local bookstores in my area.

  6. timshadler says:

    Any particular place we should order this from Paul where you somehow make a little money on it?

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      Thanks… I’ll make a sponsored Amazon link at some point, but one thing I’ll be posting soon is a “you don’t need this book”-type post. :) Not because the book’s not any good; I think it’s pretty damn good, actually, especially given the timing and schedule. But rather because it’s early days on this platform and if you’ve been following along here and on the site you will, over time, get most of the book’s subject matter (but not “content”; I won’t simply be cutting and pasting between the book and the web). If that makes sense.

      Put another way, I think the book will be most valuable, ultimately, to those that simply have no idea what’s going on with Windows Phone, and are approaching it from where it’s just brand new to them. I assume people have at least some feature phone/smart phone experience, I guess.

      • Dude, are you trying to send your book to the remainders section before it even comes out? Lol! As honorable as your intentions may be, they’re not exactly bacon makin’.

        Damn you! I’m buying a copy anyway (:

  7. flanakin says:

    My first thought is that the cover should bring in some of the metro concepts, like 1800PocketPC mentioned. Some of those tweaks would be simple, like using the same font and maybe having the word “secrets” run off the cover, as if the reader is expected to pan right to get to more content. Perhaps a few hints of images on the inside cover. If you have a chance, have fun with it! This could be a good way to spark even more interest in the experience. It would also help equate WP7 directly to the one book that actually looks and feels like a real WP7 device. Just a thought.

  8. oceanstate65 says:

    My thoughts on the proposed book cover: “Windows Phone 7… up in smoke,” which is something akin to the Kin. I may switch from my iPhone3GS to Windows Phone 7, but your cover has to entice us by using graphics that are more (dare I say it) Apple-ish. How about a photo of the product, showing one of its more compelling screens?

  9. hsclater says:

    Will there be a Kindle edition?

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