Software update

I’m not seeing a new software update on Windows Phone this week for some reason. (Germany?) But I did see one previously. This is what it looked like on the phone:


The update I got was for testing purposes only. That is, it didn’t add any new features but was rather designed to just test the updating functionality. The OS version number didn’t increment, etc.

I’m not sure if this applies to Microsoft-delivered software updates, but there is a 20 MB limit for over-the-air updates for application developers. Anything bigger than that has to go through the Zune PC software instead. Regardless of what the actual limit is for Microsoft’s updates, there is some dividing line between OTA updates and those that require you to connect via USB. This particular update exceeded that limit.

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4 Responses to Software update

  1. gpsarakis says:

    I think having a limit on OTA update sizes makes sense since those will probably get data charged if over 3G? Also, they can’t be sure that you’ll stay in wifi or 3G range/connection till a big update finishes. It just seems to make more sense, stabilty wise and all that, that big updates require you to connect to the PC and then go do something else so the update doesn’t break.

  2. fearthedonut73 says:

    One possibility is that Microsoft has made deals with telecom to not charge the end users for data transfers of system updates.

    Long shot, but not outside the realm of possibility..

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