Windows Phone 7: near-final screenshots

As promised, I’ve posted a ton of screenshots from this week’s leaked “RC1 escrow” build of Windows Phone 7 to the SuperSite for Windows.

The happy surprise is that I was able to connect to the document repository on my SharePoint 2010-based site, and access the Word documents and PowerPoint presentations there on the emulator. Pretty cool.

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13 Responses to Windows Phone 7: near-final screenshots

  1. pir0zhki says:

    this did not get “leaked”. it’s just an unlocked version of the emulator image that came with the April CTP Refresh devtools.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      I see what you’re saying, but let’s not get bogged down in semantics. Microsoft delivered a locked version of the ROM.

      • pir0zhki says:

        Just makes it sound like bigger news than it really is. Being tagged RC1 Escrow is interesting, but more in a “they consider THIS to be release candidate quality?” way than anything.

      • gpsarakis says:

        You’re going to meet with the WP team later this month right Paul? I’m sure you’ll ask them about this but I belive we’re still looking at an already pretty old build.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another refresh/emulator build later this month with the final version of Expression Blend 4 and so on. Unless those RTM in early June which could also be the case.

  2. pir0zhki says:

    “may be considering” rather.

    • gpsarakis says:

      I don’t think they considered this build RC1, I just believe they pulled it out from the RC1 branch at the time and didn’t change the tag.

  3. The screenshots are nice, but what is lost, as you mentioned, is the seamless flow through pages and menus and how everything transitions. The UI and menu transitions really make the otherwise-dull black and white typography menus something very unique and pleasing to look at and finger through. I think users will really have to see videos and an actual device to appreciate the experience that the metro UI provides.

  4. rwalrond says:

    Hey Paul, forgive me if you’ve covered this before, but without cut-copy-paste how will you work with cells in excel on windows phone 7?

    • gpsarakis says:

      I think to start off with the Office apps will have C/P but it just won’t be system wide yet. That will come in the first update I think.

  5. Damn that’s one nice GUI. Theses phones with a 1GHZ Snapdragon will be hot. Android looks like a cheap imitation to the iPhone to me, this looks like innovation.

  6. This is the first time I’ve seen a screenshot of the actual “Phone” hub of Windows Phone 7. I’m suprised nobody has posted one earlier. I would think that the phone screen (recent calls, dialer etc) would be one of the more important ones, since this thing still is a phone!

    Looks good though.

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  8. crball says:

    Please tell me that they didn’t pull an Apple and leave out tasks & notes from Exchange syncing? Where are tasks & notes?

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