How to try Windows Phone 7 right now

I’m not a huge fan of the gadget blogs, but Gizmodo has a nice how-to article about testing a recent build of Windows Phone 7 by utilizing the recently-released Windows Phone 7 Development Kit and a leaked ROM that provides access to much of the phone OS, including, in this build, the Mobile Office apps. I’ve configured my development machine with this ROM will use this to get some of the writing done, which takes a bit of the stress off, given the ever-shortening schedule and my current lack of access to a physical device.

Anyway, if you’re interested in checking out Windows Phone 7, this is a time consuming but worthwhile way to do so, all from the comfort of your PC.

The Windows Phone 7 developer kit is a suite of software used to create apps for the new OS, which, in hopes of having a healthy catalog of apps available for the platform by the time it launches, Microsoft has released for free. Bundled with the SDK is a device emulator, which lets you run Windows Phone 7 in a windows on your desktop. It’s fun to play with in the stripped-down version Microsoft includes with the development kit, but with a little tweaking, we can unlock a much fuller version of the OS to fiddle around with. So! Here’s what you need:

• A Windows PC (Or a virtual machine, running Windows)
• The Windows Phone 7 Development Kit
• This custom Windows Phone 7 ROM [Download, Torrent]

I recommend the torrent download by the way; use uTorrent or similar.

Here’s a basic shot of the UI. I think I’ll post a little UI walkthrough on the SuperSite a bit later. But I’ve got some writing to do first. :)


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4 Responses to How to try Windows Phone 7 right now

  1. interframe says:

    A tip with this emulator: If you have a Windows 7 multi-touch PC, I believe you can use the multi-touch capabilities of the emulator. Not sure about the rest of the emulator using touch, though.

  2. interframe says:

    Edit: Yes, you can use the emulator the same way you would with an actual device using a multi-touch Windows 7 PC.

    Pretty cool! And lucky for you Paul!

  3. gpsarakis says:

    Other than the office hub and apps working (a bit, i’m sure there’s way more coming) there’s not much else that’s changed. Still it’s a nice sign of how fast MS is working/updating this. The new OS build is 6176, while the first one from MIX was 6077, so it seems they’re doing quite a few builds per day since it’s been a bit over a month? Unless adding the office apps jumped build numbers, who knows for sure.

    If this sorta rate keeps up post-release that’d be great.

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