Who wants a Windows Phone 7 t-shirt?

Here’s the deal. Microsoft sent me this shirt.

Windows Phone 7 Series t-shirt

As you can see, it’s, uh. Well, it’s a white t-shirt. Size Adult L/G/G. Which is odd, since I asked for a 2XL. :) It’s also got the suddenly wrong “Series” on the end of the name. So maybe it will be a collectible some day. :) Probably not.

Anyway. If you would like it, and live in the US, please comment here with a “Yes” or similar positive vote. I’ll tally them up in two hours–so this little contest ends at 5:30 pm ET today–and randomly select a winner.

Good luck. :)

UPDATE: The contest is closed, of course. Thanks to everyone for entering. I’ll post the winner’s name as soon as possible…

UPDATE 2: The winner is jschwartz1. But I don’t see an easy way for me to contact him. Hmm..

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91 Responses to Who wants a Windows Phone 7 t-shirt?

  1. aliensix says:

    Yes I would love the t-shirt

  2. palavering2u says:

    Yes, sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. claytontlewis says:

    Yes! Looks like armor for iPhone wars to me!

  4. mageuzi says:

    Yes please :)

  5. arrangoffe says:

    yes please – you rock Paul!

  6. dsimione says:

    Yes! Windows Phone 7 Series shirts, gotta collect them all!

  7. reiderator says:

    Yes!! I’m an Android user but own Zune HD so really looking forward to WP7, releasing as my T-Mobile contract expires.

  8. sakmaniac says:

    Yes!!! Paul rocks!

  9. Navarr says:

    Oh yes please お願いします!!! ^^;;;

  10. psudoc64 says:

    Yes please – that’d be great!

  11. Lee A. says:

    Yes please. I’d love an incorrect shirt.

  12. jeimages says:

    Sweetness! Yes, I would like to get in on this…

  13. reelfiles says:

    Yes, love the shirt, especially since it has the “Series” on it.

  14. newsphotog85 says:

    Yes, I would love that shirt!

  15. kevinbae says:


  16. John says:


  17. shayaanf says:

    Yes, I would :)

  18. sqfreak says:

    Yes. This sounds…interesting.

  19. eduardoveliz says:


  20. heaphus says:

    Yes, please.

  21. travisgreuel says:

    Yes, please.

  22. argenisfernandez says:

    Yes please?

  23. cheetos1 says:

    Yes, I totally want that shirt :v.
    Keep up the good work.

  24. cptraddict says:

    Yes! I would love the shirt.

  25. graboskyc says:

    Yes, would love to have one.

  26. jusgra98 says:

    Yes, please. It will go nicely with my MS Store shirt :)

  27. pir0zhki says:

    yes, totally.

    (i’m planetarian on the supersite blog)

  28. fregtk says:

    Insert positive comment here!

  29. timshadler says:

    Yes sir. 30 years from now this will be worth 75 million dollars. Due to inflation that is like 4 dollars in today’s money.

  30. gv2k says:

    Yes! I would love the shirt. I listen to your podcast and your better than Leo

  31. gundofro says:

    I’m in! I’m just nerdy enough to wear it.

  32. jeremiads82 says:


    I want to pick up ladies in it.

  33. digixter says:

    yes, i’d love a windows mobile 7 t-shirt :)

    and large might even BE my size! :D

  34. allisan says:

    Would I ever! The kids I teach would get a kick out of it.

  35. nateb2 says:

    Yes, please!

  36. Not a chance to international viewers to participate? You have viewers from Chile mr. thurrott :)

  37. cosmictrucker says:

    I would love to have that shirt, (or one like it), Thanks Paul.

  38. tcooper185 says:

    Yes, I positively would wear the shirt. You gotta cut the grass, right? :)

  39. theprogrammerguy says:

    yes, thank you.

  40. superscotsman says:

    Yes please.

  41. aviar says:

    Yes. Thank you!

  42. jjvolk says:

    Yes! Yes! Twenty Billion times YES! I am a MicroSoftie. I own Zune, All version of WIndows, however I have a Blackberry Curve phone — Whats wrong with me??? YES Please.

  43. jvillegas74 says:

    I’d like to wear that t-shirt !!!

  44. magicwin31 says:

    Yes sir.

  45. gduncan411 says:

    “Positive Comment” * 2 (XL… ;)

  46. jvillegas74 says:

    Yes :)

  47. wilsongl15 says:

    Sure I would love one, Thank You

  48. jaycook777 says:

    Yes. Good to see they are shortening the name, the print would have been too small otherwise :-)

  49. fsammut says:

    OK Paul, I’ll take the leap to take it off your hands.


  50. lotak says:


  51. bongobenny says:

    Yes, please

  52. catsndawgs says:


  53. brianj2010 says:

    Yes i’d love one Paul!!! But I live in Canada!! But willing to pay for shipping!! Love this WordPress site!

  54. zunderscore says:

    Yes, absolutely! Besides, this could be my way of encouraging myself to get in better shape. ;)

  55. jkimrey says:

    So I Kin win this shirt just by posting a comment? Yes, please. :)

  56. Yes, Thanks for the offer.

  57. guano989 says:

    Yes, please. Thank you for sharing.

  58. cooleyconnection says:


  59. ceegeew says:

    Yes. The promo code is “windows”.

  60. ortizma00 says:

    Yes, Yes I would like that very much.

  61. jctierney says:


  62. jschwartz1 says:

    Yes, please!

  63. kmbrown90 says:


  64. naterocks84 says:

    Yes, I’m Game :)

  65. BDizzel says:

    oh oh pick me pick me

  66. smalltowngeeks says:

    Yes I would love that shirt :)

  67. duckie133 says:


  68. Well, YES of course I would love the shirt!

  69. drshaw says:

    Yes, I would love it.

  70. dragtech says:

    congratz to the winner some have all the luck

  71. lunalocolobo says:

    Reminds me of the swag they used to give away and the shirt was like a dried sponge/brick. You had to soak it for it you show up and you didn’t know what size or shape it would be. Now that’s effective advertising.

  72. Ken Tangen says:

    Thank you for limiting the poll to those who wanted it. The number not wanting it, including you, could be staggering. :)

  73. wingdisk says:

    Can we get some goodies in the UK sometime?

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