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Microsoft KIN: Notes from the launch

Here are some (live) thoughts from the Microsoft KIN (formerly “Pink”) launch event. I’ll update this as it goes… First up, the KIN web site is live. There are two models, the KIN ONE (“Turtle”) and the KIN TWO (“Pure”), … Continue reading

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The Windows Phone 7 target audience … and the Pink target audience!

A lot has been made about how Windows Phone 7 is supposedly abandoning the IT worker crowd that makes up most of the audience for Microsoft’s current smart phone platform, Windows Mobile. This is not the case at all. I … Continue reading

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Microsoft confirms plan to evolve Windows Phone over time

Well, you had to know it was too good to be true. In recent comments to a Dutch web site of all places, Microsoft tech evangelist Charlie Kindel has revealed some important new information about Windows Phone: It’s not going … Continue reading

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That other Microsoft phone

I’m heading to New York City today to take part in the Pink event, which you’ve heard about. As I write this, I’m amused to still see stories appearing like, “Microsoft may unveil new phones today.” Yeah. They may. :) … Continue reading

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