Monday, Monday

Mondays are almost always my busiest day of the week, but I’d still like to get some book work done today. Before I can do that, however, I have my usual early Monday stuff–WinInfo (done) and my UPDATE commentary (next)–as well as some other things, including a 2000-word print magazine article that’s due Wednesday and an hour-long Microsoft briefing this afternoon. That iPad review isn’t going to write itself either. I wrote a few pages of that last night. I’m struggling not to be overly negative. The device is just very disappointing to me.

Meanwhile, my office looks like the Sanford & Son set, and that doesn’t help since I want to fix it. And we spent an hour on the phone with Verizon this morning trying to figure out why my wired connection wasn’t working but the wireless ones were. (Resolution: It’s not the router, it’s not the cable, it’s the … Ethernet port on the PC?? Huh. So it is.) We get FIOS here, and it’s 25 Mb down and 18 Mb up. Usually. Not today.

(“We”? Yes, I asked my wife to make the call. I prefer for Verizon to deal with a non-techie, as I expected this would yield a quicker on-site visit. That didn’t happen, but at least we figured it out.)

I’d like to complete the rest of the Metro background stuff today if I can. This seems unlikely but that’s the goal, and if it happens it will be late in the day. Looking over the next three chapters I’ve already specced out, I suppose I could move on to the opening chapter text for any of them, plus perhaps some work on the Music+Video chapter next. We’ll see.

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  1. zunderscore says:

    Hey, what’s the status of all the stuff you’re clearing out of the office? You gonna just toss most of it, or are you going to sell any to the highest bidder? I might want to take an item or two off your hands. I’m… “technologically sentimental” in that sort of way.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      I’ll be doing another “Everything Must Go” event, yes. I plan to dig very deep for this one. It’s been too long, there’s too much stuff here, and I need to get it out of here. Doing so is time consuming and difficult, but it will happen this spring.

      • zunderscore says:

        I understand. I was kinda forced to do that myself a couple years ago, going from (essentially) a 5-bedroom house to a studio apartment. I still miss my VIC-20.

        Well, as you go through it, let me know what you’re looking to offload, and I’ll see if I can find a new home for it.

  2. palavering2u says:

    In my view, Paul, it’s always better to have too much on your plate, rather than too little. The latter makes us dull and boring. On another note, I find it fascinating that we have such parallax views about the iPad. We are usually like-minded. Perhaps it’s because I don’t think of the iPad as a computer, but rather an electronic tool to make life easier for me. I just see this latest device as being in a class by itself. Moreover, I find it visually stunning, this coming from a guy who has macular degeneration in BOTH eyes.
    I am looking forward to Microsoft’s entrance into the cell phone market. I hope it’s a hit.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      So on the positive side, the iPad display is nice, vivid and colorful. The performance is first rate, quite snappy.

      I sort of like the way they’ve moved the iPhone UI to a bigger display, though I feel that Metro is better suited for that kind of thing. It’s a natural.

      Some of the built-in apps are nice, like Mail. And the store apps.

      I don’t know. There’s not much else. It’s exactly what it seems to be. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been using tablets for 10 years.

      My wife, however, hits on something kind of interesting. She just emailed me and a friend about this iPad observation: “On the iPad–I have to say I was surprised that at least six 8- to 12-year-olds saw it over the weekend and not one asked if they could try it. They usually can’t keep their hands off new stuff. Also, $500 [is a lot of money].” I don’t think my wife even understands that that’s the cheap one.

      Well, that’s enough about that. :)

  3. pmolblog says:

    Hi Paul,

    Since you are not busy enough :-), let me bother you a little bit, do you know what is going to happen in San Francisco on April 12? Take a look at this article from engadget:

    Since you are talking to the softies today, ask them, probably has something to do with Phone 7.

    See you.

    Pedro Lopes from Portugal.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      This is the Pink phone announcement. I have not been invited to this specifically, but they are gearing up to launch this new side business, basically a texting/social networking phone platform for teenagers (“Pink”). It is not Courier.

      • pmolblog says:

        Pity, courier seems to be a pretty nice device.

        Apparently you have to reserve a couple of pages in your book for Pink.

        Thanks for giving us this inside look to the creation of your next book, pretty interesting.

        See you.

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        So … Looks like I’ll be traveling on the 12th now. Ahem. :)

        On that note, I have no further comment about this topic. :)

      • pmolblog says:

        Just noticed that engadget catched your reply here, sorry if that caused you any nda problem.

        So… if you are traveling something is going on then, anyway good trip, it seems that the book will have another delay.

        See you.

  4. Ken Tangen says:

    If you think of the IPad as a tablet (Leo Laporte is now calling it a TV), what is its main competition? Which tablet would you pick?

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      There are NO good tablets. Actually, that’s not fair. The iPad is a good tablet. The problem is that it’s not a great tablet. But at these prices, it’s just not worth it. It’s a giant PDA, not a PC.

      • zunderscore says:

        I’ve gotta agree with you. As much as I can’t stand HP right now (long story, don’t ask), I’m eager to see what they do with the Slate. It looks promising, and I would love to see the iPad-like form-factor with a full OS, especially Windows 7, considering all the touch improvements it has built-in.

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  6. palavering2u says:

    People: Make up your minds. You can’t claim that the iPad is a tablet, and at the same time claim that it’s expensive. If it’s a tablet, then it’s the cheapest I’ve seen. But I don’t think it’s a tablet, but rather in a category of its own and priced fairly. I’m making phone calls on it using Skype, but it’s not a phone, either (the clarity is impressive; as good or better than my iPhone). I write this still claiming that I love my Windows 7 PC and Windows Home Server, the latter a masterful piece of software construction.

    • Paul Thurrott says:

      Well. It’s a tablet form factor. It’s not a tablet Mac. It’s a tablet-sized iPod touch, which runs a PDA OS. There are limitations to this. But there are also advantages.

      Your logic will win you nothing but ire from the Apple fanatic crowd. :)

      • teemark1 says:

        …but according to Gizmodo people hate their computers, and the ipad is all they’ve ever wanted. Supposedly people want their UI dumbed down as much as possible, and very soon all computers will be ipads or ipad clones. The guy has a few valid points in saying that the average person (whatever that is….) doesn’t want to figure out a file manager, all they want are shiny apps and all the inner workings completely obfuscated and hidden from view. If that’s true, I feel sad, as it means we are now designing computing devices in reverse – taking freedom and tools away from users instead of adding them.

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        And really, who would know average people better than the gadget-of-the-minute folks at Gizmodo? :)

        I do agree that the simplification stuff is great. But the iPad, as it stands now, is just a consumption device, not a computer. That could change over time. But we could all be using flying cars someday too. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The iPad is making people stupid.

      • zunderscore says:

        Apple is making people stupid. They have been for years. And just because their OS is built on Unix (or rather, BSD) now and has a terminal doesn’t mean a whole lot. Apple isn’t just cashing in on sheep – they’re trying to create them. I mean, who better to sell something to than someone who doesn’t know better?

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        It’s a great market if you can get it. This is a crowd that will buy millions of products regardless of utility and the utter disregard that Apple has for its customers. I’m sure business schools will study Apple under Steve Jobs in the future, and that other CEOs pine for that kind of hold over customers. It’s really kind of breathtaking. And easy to mock: When you look at Apple’s old “1984” and “Lemmings” commercials, how can you not think of today’s Apple fanatics? Anyway… Let’s move on. This is obviously off-topic. But there will be books written on this topic, no doubt about it. Just not by me.

      • zunderscore says:

        Fair enough. :) Speaking on things on topic, how happy are you with your FiOS service? I had a really bad experience with Verizon’s wire department a couple years back, and I refuse to even deal with them (unlike the wireless division, for whom I have the utmost respect).

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        It’s been absolutely spectacular. I can’t speak to customer service per se, but we’ve only had the need to call them maybe 2-3 times over the years. When we run speed ratings on the Internet connection, we get exactly what we pay for. It’s expensive, actually, and something we need to assess, with regards to all the stuff we get (Internet, two land lines, cell phones, TV) but high quality.

      • zunderscore says:

        Who services cable TV in your area?

      • Paul Thurrott says:

        Do you mean, who else provides cable TV? Comcast and RCN at least, I haven’t looked around in a while.

      • roteague says:

        Too bad we don’t have that option here … I guess it’s what they call “the price of living in paradise” (Hawaii).

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  9. palavering2u says:

    Thanks, Paul. I can suffer the wrath of Apple fanatics. Perhaps some of them will learn that the word which means free of ambiguity or unquestionable is spelled definite, not definate! This last ought to invite some ire!

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